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Future of Gaming In INDIA

What do you all think is the future of gaming in INDIA.

Will it be mobile gaming , console gaming or PC based games.

Post your opinions about it.

Whether piracy will be stopped or not.

And, whether the prices will go down.
I think with India entering the game market they will probably head to mobile gaming as they are pretty advanced in that stuff. I think starting new consoles to compete with ones already out there may be a bit hard. As the for prices, after India enters the market they will drop. They offer low-cost production and development like no one else. However, piracy will still be there, though it may decrease because of the lower prices so more people will be willing to buy the games. haha it sounds like my economics class
India? Pc games?
Sounds weird.
Do they even have PCs over there?..
they would have to update a lot of their knowledge I believe.
Who can beat UT2007 Very Happy..
But well.. Maybe they are capable of releasing some cool games. Who knows.
first whey should learn to read !!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
lol funny guys....!!

neways, i think that india has a bright future in LAN gaming meaning pc gaming!!

wrt piracy, i dont think it will stop until some drastic steps are taken and coz of that i dont think that many will care about the prices Smile

however i do hope that something is done for good to stop piracy
Timoses wrote:
Who can beat UT2007

lol, UT2007 is nothing to Crysis. UT is still DirectX 9, Crysis is one of the first games made in DirectX 10. The effects in the game are amazing.

I think that the future is GeForce 8, Shaders 4.0 Very Happy The next-gen games will be amazing
I don't only mean UT2007.
Also games better than UT2007. Maybe also Crysis..
Far Cry 2 will be a great game I believe..
So, we will see if those Indians can do better... maybe they release
an Indian version of Super Mario first of all o.o...
A Indian Super Mario...

I really dream of a new PC..
Currently I have a:
Amd Athlon XP 1700+
256 ddr ram
geforce 3 ti 200

Timoses wrote:

Maybe also Crysis..

Maybe? Have you seen the movies? It will be the best game, it's based on DirectX 10 so it will require GeForce 8 to run this game. It's amazing, the shadows, faces look so natural, good physics, motion blur and depth of field - it's all great Very Happy
At the moment I'm not at the latest news.. like..
I don't really wanna because it makes me spend money on a new PC...

/me runs outside to the next PC shop and buys a new HIGHEND PC!!!!!!
and runs back and preorders Crysis o.o...

better? :s
i think mobile gaming is already in a good state in india. lots of new developers coming up and some game are pretty good.

as for pc gaming, it the most popular and the most pirated. except for a few hundred hardcore gamers, the rest find it easier to get pirated games at just about 40 bux (thats less than one dollar!!). the only games whose original cd's sell are counter strike, quake, and other online games which require a genuine key to play online.

and console gaming is almost non existant except for the few gaming parlours. high cost of consoles and very high pricing of original dvd's are to be blamed for this..
india is developing now so i think its goin to be console gaming
hey man, we can't really be bias against those poor guys. There must also be talent there. And one thing: India is currently being developed towards IT. To be exact, is in the field of software.
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