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NASA World Wind 1.3.4 Beta 3

its an amizing program just like google earth but i think its better
download it now for free

some pic:

For me it is good if it come with some magazines. I cant download the complete package. I hope some of my favorite magazines will host it soon.
Rolling Eyes
Google earth seems to have blown this software away.
I prefer Google Earth. At least it has hi-res imagery for Kuala Lumpur and the rest of Asia.
yea but world wind has been out a lot longer than google earth, and it has a lot more of different kinds of maps; rainfall etc...
Thank for sharing.I will download and try it. Very Happy
its strange that google offers (partly world wind is better) better map material than nasa ("some organisation that spend ton of billions to this kind of technologie")

but world wind is also top Razz
by the way, nasa offers cache packs. a feature google avoids to be able to sell google earth.. and there are (in google earth it would be possible too) a lot of animatios. so the nasa software offers some very very good features

(but temporally both of them eats memory, ram and proccessor time as hell ^^ Razz)
Anyway How big is the pachage?? coz google is only 15MB or so...

what will be picture diffrence and google has a pretty good area of covarage over us... how good is this software?? i mean can we see real picture of remote corners of the planet or do we need to stay with only few US cities??
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