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blu-ray VS hd-dvd

some introductions first. We have the cd-rom which is dying out and the DVD which is new. But the developers have improved the dvd so much they have made 'High Definition DVD' or hd-dvd.
stats: 120 mm diameter
405 nm wavelength blue laser
promoted by Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, and, most recently, Microsoft, HP, and Intel. HD DVD may be non-exclusively backed by three major studios: Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.
15 gb of storage
cheap to produce

the blu-ray is 'optical disc format meant for storage of high-definition video and high-density data'. It has 25gb of storage butis expensive perhaps because it is new. Supporters: apple, dell, panasonic, sony and a few more.

The last time we had such huge competion was between the VHS and some other thing. The vhs won obviously.

What are your views?

(sources: wikipedia and google)
My view is both of them will coexist, and eventually, one will take precidence over the other one. May be BlueRay taking the scene in Entertainment indestry, while HD DVD becoming the favorite of home users. Just like Dual layer and single layer DVDs. It will be a complicated coexistence but softwares like Nero will amke it simpler for home users. While in Movie area, My view is BlueRay taking the ledership
but unlike single and duel layer dvds, blueray will need a different player from hd-dvd.

If you look at it from game terms playstation 3 uses blueray and xbox360 may MAY use hd-dvd. currently ps out sells xboxes. by about 14%
Personally, I like Blu-ray better simply because it stores more (and hey, more is always better.) Double layers can hold 50 gb, so that's great. Unfortunately, I think HD-DVD will win simply because it is more manufacturer friendly as well as more compatible.
i just got a dvd player. im tired of buying equipment man
In case you were wondering, VHS beat out betamax for dominance. I think blu-ray will win out in the long run. The infrastructure set up is costly, but over the long run the additional storage capabillites over red-laser technology will make the move unavoidable over the long term unless a third more powerful technique comes out during the current competition.
i think both will survive
though i think blu-ry has a bigger chance
somesay sony will use it for their PS3 media right?
25 gigs, imagine what kind of game you might have inside those disc ..
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
I personally think that Sony's Blu-ray will win the battle, as Warner Brothers just pulled out from HD-DVD. I'm only 17 and I know that the competitor to VHS was the Betamax. The technology in the betamax was better that VHS, but Betamax lost the marketing war. Stupid, stupid consumers!
HD-DVD is 50% cheaper than Blu-Ray.
Price drive the market. Unless you have an awesome marketing strategy.

One example of price driving the market: RAMBUS memory for computers. It was so expensive that it was not even worth it.
I believe that the Blu-Ray technology will win, as it is supported by a lot more home entertainment companies, instead of the computer industry. Also due to the fact that the storage is much higher and the fact that now warner brothers are in support of blu-way, according to the blu-ray promotional phamplet. With the added space movies will be able to be made at a higher quality, and allow much more interactivity as well as a large amount of special features, currently not avaliable on current DVD. Also Blu-ray, having that space, should enable manafactuers of PS3 games to create games way beyond current graphics and interactivity.

My final word, I think its going to be tough for HD-DVD but it may be able to beat out Bluray, but its going to take alot of work. But i personally am backing Blu-ray.
My question is this

Is it playable on playstation 2 or computer dvd rom?
Both are not playable on PS2 or DVD ROMs

BluRay is playable on PS3

Your require a Bluray or HD DVD reader for reading the stuff

Of course till now the only commercial ventures exist for PS3s only

I support Bluray though

Has more capacity and the name is cool though
I think that HD DVD will come out on top.

if we look back to the Betamax vs VHS war we see that price over quality/quantity/size matters. We see that both formats have big backers and benefits. Blue ray might pull it off as the PS3 will support the format and if as many PS3's sell as did PS2's then there will be alot of blue ray users.

Again on the other hand the HD DVD has price on its side. the consumer is price driven and will not shell out hard earned pennies when something can be gotten cheaper.

If Blueray could be cheaper then i think it will take the gold in this contest.
I think that we should all sit back and wait and see what happens to the final specs. I am rooting for HD Disk cos it seems much more fair to the user. I heard some very worrying concerns over Blu Rays monitoring of its users, strict region codes, possibilities of future restrictions on the type of signal that will be outputed to your HD set... So only time will tell.
I don't think two standards can co-exist, especially when taken to the market, sure to start off with, both "companies" will test the market but this can't last long,
Firstly, the consumer is to foot the costs, of companies producing double copies of the same thing, driving up production costs and eventually, the cost of getting it home.
Secondly, a player for these things aren't free, those who rush out to buy a player for one format might see it redundant very soon. =P

I think a way to win this war will be through the players. Sony plans it's PS3 as a trump card for Blu-Ray, by providing consumers with a player. HD-DVD on the other hand has lost this opportunity with Microsoft not including a player built in with it's Xbox 360.

Whatever the case, Microsoft is in an bad position with it's new xbox, releasing it with no next generation disk drive, and announcing it will supply an extra. If HD-DVD loses, Microsoft risk having to support an entire format based on soley games or fall back severly behind Sony's PS3. Unless they switch sides when the tables turn Smile.

Overall, I'm with SONY and Blu-Ray

I like sony, but I like HD DVD so I havent decided yet. I like the whole idea of HD DVD better and I think it will pull through rather than blu-ray
I would say Blu-Ray all the way. It has more storage and it is more advanced. It uses a blue laser instead of the old red laser. The blue laser can read in more finer detail, why would we want to stick with old technology that cannot read in finer detail?

And with the issue of buying a player that will be compatible. You will have to buy one for either the HD-DVD or Blu-ray. It doesn't matter, it happens all the time, new equipment keeps coming out.

I think Blu-ray will be the future. At least I'm hoping. Smile
Well, HD DVD is supported by Microsoft ..... (it will be supported in XBox 360)

A recent report has found that HD DVD will outsell Blu-ray 2.5:1 in 2006

Another interesting acticle about Bluray being the new Betamax:
Blu-ray will win the overall battle simply based on market backing. Movies will come in any format that is decided upon they really wont care, the consumers will not heavily notice the difference in price so quite simply the fact that bluray stores more will take the market, think of its use in computer backups, ghosting my hard drive onto 2 DVD's im up for that.
if PS3 releases with bluray despite me disliking Playstations I do admit their dominance on the market that will drive the bluray format.
More is better, if people realise that they can fit double the stuff for under double the cost I think that they will fork out the bit extra get a bit more, advertsising does it all the time "Buy x item and get the second for half price" so you for out another half so you now have 2 of x item.
If only sony would hurry up and finalize, then release products on blu-ray. HD's only change is to take the market by storm up early. And I can't see that happening;).
Does anyone know, what is the last stand in this battle. I think, Sony start to manufacture and produce some sci-fi movies in Blue ray format, but I believe it is going to be died, if the pricing is bigger, and this thing comes with some sort of ****** protections. Low pricing of HD-DVD may most probably win the war ultimately.
{name here}
Even if blu-ray doesn't beat out the home market like the VHS, it may still end up like the Betamax and find legitimate uses elsewhere like professional recording. I'll bet HD-DVD will be the victor in this battle when HD TVs get popular.
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