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The Saga Of Linae - Part 1

Here is a Story...

She wasn't a woman. She hadn't ever been a woman. She had all the fine features that such a thing possessed. She had curves in all the right places to make eyes turn if she wished them to. She had eyes men did not want to take their eyes off of and a walk that attracted eyes to her like flies to the web.

In truth, she was as far from a woman that she could have been. She was a Potentate, also called a Power by those scholars who kept track of such things. Among her hierarchy she was placed 6th. Above her were beings of such magnificence that the mortal mind could not contain them. Her duties were to fight off darkness that showed itself as demonic possession of the humans. The leader of her order was Camael, an being of Darkness that, while serving God as he should, oft took the matters of protection to a level that the other choirs looked down upon.

She had a single job in her existence, a job which required not only the gifts she was granted by God at her creation, but skill that she alone possessed through eons of trial and error.

She was Linae, Mistress of Preparation, called The Cleaner by those who had the nerve and the power to say a thing about her without fear.

When man dies, he leaves a mess that is never seen. He leaves stains, not only of blood and body, but of a psychological and spiritual nature. Her duties were to clean these messes before the human world was adversely affected by the death of the individual. In truth, in her rested a responsibility that was far greater than her station. there were whispers that God himself was looking after her, possibly thinking of recreating her at a higher choir to serve his needs more directly. The Seraphim themselves, The Guardians and Attendants of God, even these beings feared what she could do if her mind was set to evil. In her was the power of Fate. She could make all humans believe a though that she herself created at the moment of death. To do so would be to plunge the world into the chaos that the ethereal plane had narrowly escaped at the beginning of time.

She was attended by an Angel of the lowest choir. His name is Ricaern, and he follows her with blind obedience that is as close to his worship of God as he can get without committing blasphemy in the sight of the Throne. Ricaern is her messenger, her enforcer, and, since time immemorial, her lover of extreme tenderness.

Together they walk the world each night to see the deaths of Man and to clean the mess that each death brings with it. They have control over time so that they are able to take care of the business that they must have done each day. As the time grew long, the deaths came faster and more plentiful. They remembered each war and each death that mankind had ever experienced. She could call to mind every face that she had ever seen, and even those of souls not yet in her dominion of power.

All was normal in Linae's sphere, until the evening where she first saw Him. He was a power unlike any other she had ever seen, and she had known them all, or so she had thought in her naivety. It only occurred to her that long night that there are things which exist that even she cannot see without permission.

The other parts are on my site at
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