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Disaster Movies

Hey everyone,

I think I'm a bit of a fan of disaster films, but I don't know of that many to be honest. Here's a very short list of the ones that I seen and liked (which coincidentially happens to be all of them), but I would like suggestions on other similar films to buy and to watch.

I'm giving descriptions of the movies for others reading to suggest me what I should watch next. If you haven't seen them, this could be a spoiler of each of the plots.

- Deep Impact - A comet is going to hit the Earth, it is discovered by a student when he was in a club, and sent to a scientist. The government prepares the largest space ship ever constructed, "The Messiah", to blow up the comet. The crew (from several countries) go into space to go through with the mission to blow it up, and it fails. It blows the comet into one small piece and the other large one. They lose a man and they return home. The president of the United States announces to the citizens that the comet will collide with the earth in about a year and there will be no panic. They are preparing a huge underground cave to save several thousand doctors, teachers, and scientists, with a few hundred thousand citizens chosen by a national lottery. In the end of the movie, The Messiah crew sacrafice their lives and blow up the comet with the other nukes that they didn't use the first time around. The smaller of the 2 comets collide with the earth and wipe out the entire eastern shore of the United States, while the bigger one exploded into a million different pieces.
- Armageddon - Follows almost the exact same plot as Deep Impact, but the science used in it sounds much more convincing. The government recruits men in a huge oil drilling industry to go up into space to blow up the comet that will collide with the earth, yet things get messed up when they're in space. I forget some of the movie, but I think it splits in 2 somehow and goes around the earth instead of colliding with it.
- The Day After Tomorrow - A movie where Global Warming is a huge concern after a series of odd storms occurs around the world, like snowing in New Delhi, hailing chunks of ice about the size of a softball in Japan, etc. There is a huge amount of fresh water that is being dumped into the ocean that are melting the polar ice caps and is disrupting the North Atlantic currents. People freeze to death in the northern hemisphere, and a lot of people try to evacuate south to get to a warmer place.
- Independance Day - A movie where a space ship comes to the Earth to take advantage of the resources that we have to offer. The mother ship has several smaller ships, with smaller "soldier" ships inside of them. One crash landed in the 1950's at Area 51 and has been hidden from the public ever since. A worker from Seti@Home (which I am a proud volunteer of Very Happy) finds a way of killing the "protective shield" that are surrounding each of the ships. (He takes his Apple laptop and delivers a virus to the mother ship, where they go into space with the ship that crash landed on Earth in the 1950's). The world is saved by a man who said he was "abducted by aliens" 10 years before (or so, I forget) who finds that if you go inside of the ships lazer beams, it will create a negative field that uses the ships own power to destroy them.
- Mission To Mars - Set in the future (I think 2020), a group of astronauts are set on a mission to explore the planet of Mars. There is a huge storm that occurs on Mars and kills most of the crew, excluding one of them, who goes temporarily insane until a resue mission comes to save him to bring him back to Earth. The rescue mission fails slightly, and one of the crew members of the rescue mission dies. Everyone left from both missions try to solve what caused the storm, and found out that there is this huge dome underneath a bunch of dust that caused it somehow. When they go to investigate, they find out that one of the first life forms on Mars is left behind, and goes to Earth and starts life. It returns to Mars and stays in the dome. One of the crew members decides to stay behind on Mars to leave to where all of the other creatures from Mars left to go to, while the others return back to Earth. This is a bit of a disaster movie due to the storm, but it's mostly science from thereafter.

So, what other kinds of movies are there that are similar to the above when it comes to disaster ?

Thanks in advance.

- Mike.
I don't know if these fit in with your list, but I'm a pretty big fan of post-apocalyptic films which deal with the aftermath of a major world-wide disaster.

Here are some good ones I've seen:

The Stand is a Stephen King novel-turned-movie about a biological weapon that is accidentally released into the environment and wipes out 99.4% of the population in 19 days. The survivors then gather to rebuild society, but are divided into seperate coalitions of good and evil that inevitably must battle one another to determine the future of the Earth. The book especially is worth a read..

The Day After
portrays a fictional series of events that take place during the Cold War that eventually culminate into nuclear war. The movie is mainly about the days following the nuclear attacks and the struggles of the surviving characters to stay alive and maintain order.

Threads was a movie similar to the Day After, and also deals with a post-nuclear war scenario, this time in England. However I found this movie to be much more bleak, and the imagery more haunting (often graphic) than the Day After. Still worth a watch though.. interesting to watch how all society and civilized behavior just deteriorates into complete and utter chaos.

I forgot a good one.. Time of the Wolf by Michael Haneke. It's a french post-apocalyptic movie.. but the difference is, it doesn't specify what the disaster was, nor the time that it takes place. Instead it follows a family and focuses on their experience and the experience of other around them, and how things like hope and moral values break down within their group, as there are no more laws or government to enforce them. There's no extensive plot or anything, but I thought it was a really well-made movie and it made me feel like I was there, with the survivors.
Thanks, I'll definately give them a look. Smile

- Mike.
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