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Heartcore Gfx


Hi all. I recently changed my domain and created a graphics site. I offer a bit of free services, if you're a regular member in my forum and you're in a band I will create a free layout for you(I'm in a band and I love music that's why, in case you wondered). Also free graphics request such as sigs and avatars, that only requires 10 posts.

Apart from that I also make wallpaper (I will mostly stick to vector from now on). They're mostly for myspace, a few friends are already using my backgrounds.

I almost forgot to mention the tutorials in the forum section. I need a graphics team to help me out, if interested post in the forum.

So if you're into music and/or graphics sign up for my forums! I'm currently looking for mods. (proud of be hosted by so I kept that domain)

EDIT: My layout is pretty simple so it loads fast for everyone.
very nice. the colors are great and everything works well. the graphics are really cool, you should post on purevolume that you'll make websites for bands for free I'm sure a lot of people there would greatly appreciate it.
I have yet to check out your site, but dude, your sig is so blurred. How many times did you save that at 50% quality, or is that the effect you wanted? Oh, and you should link your sig instead of putting the link next to it. It looks cleaner and such.

Now, off to visit your site which I think will be cool!

*Heroic flying music*


edit: Nice site. Simple is always good. I aimed for something more simple with my site, straight lines and such. I think it's better.

(and if you dont think it's simple, you should see what my previous sites were like...)
Lol yea I barely noticed. I made it in my old computer with my old monitor and you couldn't tell actually. But now I have this lcd and I realized how horrible it is.

Thanks for the website reviews. Nice idea about posting in purevolume, I should post in myspace as well.
Your sites logo reminds me of the logo used in state of emergency
I like it

The main problem with your site though it is begging for a color other than blue, add some green or red in there, but the blue is killing your site
I've decided to create a completely new layout, a bit less simple so I'll update that when I'm finished.

EDIT: It's coming out nicely, and with color. Smile
Sorry for the double post. The 'design' is done, so you can criticise it. Can someone tell me if it looks messed up on IE? Just a bit, but it does look messed up on mine and I can't fix it. It looks good on firefox though. Until then I shall add content but I really want it to be IE friendly.

Don't mind the current splash page, another one is in progress.
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