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Flash: How do I do this...

I want to make this in flash:
Click on the cupboard things and they open. There is a delay between the two and thats not cool seeing how Im just using image maps. If theres a better way in flash thats good too. Im willing to pay if someone teaches me and I get the hang of it.
Here is another example:
Once again with image maps, I just need to learn how to do that in Flash 8. If not that, I have Koolmoves. Thanks.
No problem. First you get the different images and import them to library. To do this go to file->import->import to library. Once all the files are in the library make a number of frames equal to the number of pictures. To do this push the f6 key until enough keyframes are made. Push the f11 key if you cannot see the library. Then drag one picture on to each keyframe so that every keyframe has a picture.

The next thing to do is make a button to press. We will reuse the same button but tell it to do different things wherever we put it. Go to Insert->new symbol. In the dialog that comes up make sure the dot is on button and name it something like gobutton.

Now on the button design area make a circle. Click on the hit frame and push f6 to get the circle on all frames. now click on tScene 1 at the top of the document. Wherever on all the frames there is a clickable area drag an instance of the button on it and resize it so it covers the area completely. Everytime you place a button click on the color dropdown and go to alpha. Change the alpha to a very low amount to make the button transparent.

Now you need to define what each button should do. For each button go to the actions area. Click on the top right of the window option dropdown thing and click on expert mode. Type in on (release) {gotoAndStop( the frame number that has the picture you want to display );}. Do this for each button.

Click on frame 1 with the first picture on it and type in the actions Stop();

Feel free to post for any clarifications.

thanks this is really good but i got lost at the button part...and btw how do i like change the size to make it so that only the image is showing and not cut off etc?
anybody? help, please? if u cant explain can i at least get a link?
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