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How to make a Website....

Note that this tutorial will be updated regularly

An example is represented in Green Text

An Action is represented in blue Text

What Programme to use to make a WebPage

It is important that if you decide to make a website/page on your computer that you only do it in a plain-text editor like NotePad or equivalent. I would suggest to stay clear of WordPad, Word, etc, due to the fact that they add on code which isn't needed (and that can sometimes mess up the website completely) and weird formatting happens when opened in another editor.
If I were to create a webpage in wordpad and i then edited it in notepad then the formatting would be all wrong. Because of all of this I strongly suggest using NotePad.

Now lets create your First simple page

Before we get started Create a new folder on your desktop and name it website. This is just because it will be convenient for future use as it will be place where you store all of your website files.

Every website needs a couple of HTML tags for it to be displayed correctly. Note that just about all tags should have a closing tag for the opening tag to work properly - An opening tag is "<.....>", a closing tag is "<....../>"




All the contents of the webpage should go here



So, every website coded in HTML needs the above code. Please Open up NotePad and paste in all of the above code. Save the file in the website folder on your desktop (that you should have created earlier) as test.html - Make sure it has the extension of .html and the "file type" as all files, not Text Files ~ .txt
Now close the NotePad programme and double click on the test.html file that you saved on your desktop. Can you see how it looks just like a NotePad window except its been opened in your chosen browser (whether it be IE, FireFox, Opera, etc).
Close the broswer. Right-Click on the test.html file and go to...

Open With ..... NotePad

This Tutorial is not to be copied without permission from me, WuMingsDen. You can PM me here
notepad is cool, but notepad++ is even better, try it! Very Happy
Its easy and simple use html language for website making...

Free Website Maker
for that user which does not has sufficient knowledge of html can use dreamweaver tool to make a website is drag and drop it is not necessary to learn html code.for every html tags (lime html table, div tag) there is a link you can drop it directly in your website save your times.
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