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What's the best news site?

i want you to say what is your opinion about news sites...

i think that yahoo is the best one but also there is and others..

what do you think about this?
what is the best one?

answer please
I use, it's the only one I know, it provides lots of articles and you can easily adapt the frontpage to suit your desires.
i use BBC World generaly and i also look net portals(a lot of kind of portal)...and i think i should change my opinions about BBC...
CNN is better? I really dont know~
The best for up-to-date, global coverage:

Click "international version".

Also available in Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and many third-world languages:
soulman wrote:
CNN is better? I really dont know~

i don't like CNN it works like a agent...They don't want to televise something which are bad for Americans.So we can't learn the truths absolutely....
I think CNN is too biased. BBC is more balanced. The BBC reports news critical of the British government, but CNN seems much more circumspect in reporting what the US government does.
If I can't find any story on Fark, then it's probably not worth reading. Otherwise, I'd just use New York
it's so depends on the language. for english language im using yahoo and bbc as reference. they have nice hot news every time i access them. for indonesian language i'd prefer use detik and kompas cyber media as the place to get informations. everyone have their own taste Smile .
For tech news I think I would go to but thats just me.
mtoni ... for the dutch ppl....
and for the techinfo... (also dutch)

but I still prefer to read the good old fashioned newspaper
{name here}
I catch most of my news on TV, but I like to use and Slashdot sometimes.
I'd say MSN cos that's where I get most of my news from!
News? Like world news, reality news, or just news?, has some good news, I look there most times.
I look at a lot of news sites,

My favorites are

1. CNN
2. BBC
3. Reuters
4. Google
5. Yahoo!
All of the sites mentions ar egnerated on the fly....they do no exist. They are producded accourding to what your individule input happens to be at the the time. Do you really think they make pages just for you?

get Real.
I like MSNBC because they have bigger headlines on the front page of I sometimes go to to see what the different categories of news contain, which is commonly interesting. When I'm at work (this is on Saturdays and Sundays only), I turn on NBC (coincidentially, MSNBC too), and they have a pretty interesting show in the morning (The Today Show). When there's nothing else on TV to watch, I'll flip through the channels and might go and watch CBS or FOX news to see what they are reporting.

- Mike.

If you like weird news with humorous headlines, that is.
I would say CNN!
oneightwo wrote:

If we're talking about specialized news topics, it becomes very subjective. I like, which is about the art world, and is very critical and cynical.

What else ? Its my homepage and gets me all the news ! It's just too good!

99% of the web use it! Smile

I use Yahoooooooooo! primarily, But I prefer Forums for my news since it's really the members that go to hundreds of sources to get news you surely will miss if it wasnt for them.
There is no "best" site for news anywhere in my opinion, it's always influenced by governments, lobby groups, business, and even the personal feelings of individual journalists to some extent.
For local news I choose local papers/radio/websites; for entertainment/quircky stories just pick any site and the result is about the same - this also applies to sci/tech stories that can be proved and questioned by academics etc.
The problem with "news" comes when it relates to government policy and politics. There is no answer to this in any quest for a reliable story apart from investigating a topic from different countries news sites - BBC, CBSnews,, etc etc, all give vastly different slants on the same stories depending on who's pulling the strings.
It gets even more confusing when (as has happened in the not too distant past) the UK government pull/restrict a story from newspapers/ISP's etc but all the details are available on news servers off these islands!
News is less reliable, the more important and closer to national governments it gets - it's not right, but it's better than it ever has been for the world through media such as we're all using now.
Search many sources, keep an open mind, and remember that a story always has a number of different sides, and the only people who "know" whats true are the people who are directly involved in whatever situation it may be.
Blue Skies n Wide Smiles to all comrades!
There are many sites to offer news in the internet.
So it is very difficult to choose only one for the best.
I think it depends on people's circumstance.

I live in Korea. Yahoo is one of famous sites but not no.1
in my country, Naver is the best one of potal sites. also news is the best.
I normally google the news I need. Otherwise, if I want to know the headlines and stuff, Reuters seem to be the best source. Highly reliable. But the loading speed sucks sometimes.
I'd recommend you can choose the subjects tha you want to keep an eye on.

*Ive got to keep my posts up some how*
Well being as I live in Australia, I tend to visit: (very local news)
I really like the international edition of CNN. and yahoo!'s awesome news portal available at
My favourites are Google News,BBC, The Hindu,Times of India, Hindustan Times and Guardian.
Fox News! Twisted Evil
as has already been said I think the
Ahahaha Fox News. Come on guys.

I really gather my news from a mix of different sources.

Some sources like CNN and Fox, some liberal blogs/websites, huffington post, newser are my usual destinations.
It's been mentioned several times before, but

My husband spends hours on the internet reading the news from a ton of different sources, many of which have already been mentioned in this thread. BBC is the one he most prefers.
After google reader closed, I transfer to the old reader.
However it's not able to serve new comer, and decided to delete those new accounts.

Now I switched to

Hope this one last long.
I don't believe there are any great news sites as they are too commercial and tailoring to too many likes or dislikes, however have to agree, compared with what is available BBC is the better one for me.
I think that there is no single news source that can be called to said as the best news site. I do prefer as it aggregates news from a variety of news sources and the global and local headlines are displayed.

But if I had to visit one original news site for all my news it would be the website of BBC. It is a pretty good source, I hear.

Besides the BBC, I also like the news site Al Jazeera English. This site has headlines that other news site would not or delays in publishing.
When I look for international news, I access NYTIMES, its my favorite (L)
I like read news from,, and All of them are news website with bahasa indonesia.
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