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I'm stumped - What kind of memory is this ?

I'm quite fluent with computers, but this is stumping me. (I've built 3 of my own machines, I fix a lot of them, that's my hobby on my spare time).

Ok, my dad bought me this chip of memory a couple of weeks ago (used) and gave it to me to put into one of my computers.

I can read that it says "PC100", and "256" (which I'm assuming is 256MB) on the small sticker, but it's a bit odd as it looks like there are 2 128MB sticks soldered together to make only one, which is something I've never seen before. On the small chips they say "Infineon", I'm assuming that this is the manufacturer of it.

I tried to put this into regular desktop computers that take PC100 memory, but upon booting, they beep and error out.

Could this be server memory ? I do have a server that takes PC100 memory, but it's a hassle right now for me to dig it out of its corner, put it in, and see what it does. My server takes PC100 memory that has ECC (Error-Correcting-Code), is that why this chip won't work in regular desktop PC's that don't require ECC ?

I've taken this picture of this chip of memory for readers to get a better idea on to tell me what this is --

(Please take notice of the 2 layers of this chip).

And this is an image I found online awhile ago and saved, thinking this is the same sort of thing --

Does anyone have an idea what this might be for ? Thanks in advance to all.

- Mike.
Do you see an error before it shuts down? And are there any other simptoms, l can see you were rather thourough, but perhaps you left something out? Anything would help in a search.
I've tried the chip in a couple of desktop PC's that use PC100 memory, and neither of them work with it. When pressing the power button, I hear a couple of beeps (error codes I'm guessing), but nothing displays on the screen to tell me why. I'm a bit lazy to go and look up what the error codes mean, so that's why I'm assuming this chip is for servers.

- Mike.
It probably is server memory. Probably ECC. Many desktop motherboards don't accept ECC memory and produce an error beep. I had that problem once and it was resolved by putting in different RAM. The stick that caused the error was for some machines at work that we were trying.
Count the chips!
There's nine.
That means that this memory has parity, aka ECC.
It used to be common (when comuters were more prone to errors) but now, it's mainly used for servers in which an error would be catastrophic.

(basicly, this memory will only work in a nine bit system. eight bits for data and one for checking for errors.)
Thanks everyone, I finally got the motivation today to crack open my server and add the new memory chip (the one pictured) into it and it works just fine.

Apparantly it is Server memory, but I sorta figured that in the first place with the way that it's constructed.

The new chip is the 3rd one shown in this screenshot, from an output in Lavalys's Everest Home Edition :

Yes, if you're seeing the title of the page, my server is a little bit old. It's a Compaq ProLiant 800 (Dual P3 500MHz CPU's, 2 9GB hard drives, then the 575MB of RAM that it's showing, 256MB which I added today), but it serves my uses for now.

This is considered as solved, so Moderators, feel free to lock this topic to prevent spam if you'd like.

- Mike.
-close- as requested. Give me a shout if you want the topic re-opened.

Very Happy
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