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which is better

which is better Centos, Fedora Core or Ubuntu..?
It would be better if you just try them all and decide for yourself. Smile
It really depends on you...
djclue917 wrote:
It would be better if you just try them all and decide for yourself. Smile
It really depends on you...

Heh, you stole my answer. Yeah what djclue917 said. It all really depends on your needs and what you expect from a Linux distro. That's why there are so many of them.

Maybe if you expand on your question a bit we could give you a clearer answer and maybe there is a distro that might work better for you that you haven't even considered. Things like what kind of computer you have and how new to Linux you are make a big difference.

As for Ubuntu, that one was right for me. It comes way striped down. Only the more popular programs that you need to get things working right away and only one desk top enviroment (Gnome). Once you get everything up and configured though you have access to all of Ubuntu's software library via APT or Synaptic. It may take a while to get all the programs you want but it really keeps down the bloat and the entire basics of the OS comes on one cd which you can request for free from Ubuntu if you don't feel like downloading the ISO and burning it to cd.
I think out of the three linux disrtos you have listed, the Ubuntu distro is the best. Till now, I've tried many distros, about 20 to be precise, and have found that atleast for me, Ubuntu fits the best. It is easy to install, the installation is hastle free, and you'll certainly like the interface. But in the end, it depends on you if you want to choose from a KDE or a GNOME desktop OS. Red Hat Fedora and Ubuntu both are GNOME based. Fedora is preferred for developers, while on the other hand, Ubuntu being more suitable for a decent private home PC. Do try Ubuntu. You'll know the difference. You may try it either from the traditional install CD or its full-featured live CD. It's available for free shipment. To know more, go to : Very Happy
{name here}
Forget all three. CentOS is more of a server thing. Fedora is bloated and slow. Ubuntu comes with GNOME, which is not very attractive nor as fast as Windows.

Xubuntu is ubuntu with XFCE instead of GNOME, which is more aesthetically pleasing, simpler, and loads much faster.
FreeBSD is a jack of all trades, not using a window manager by default and allowing you to download or install from CD the one that is right for you. Good for server use.
YellowTAB Zeta may cost you $99.00 but it is worth it. It is very light and loads fast on even the slowest computers. It is optimized for multimedia too. Its predecessor, BeOS is free.

How many topics do there need to be on favourite Linux distros???

Please search before posting:

There are many more threads on this topic.

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