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Re-done for the 6th time skateboarding website!

Http:// has dropped the iframe system! check out the new look!
the style is there, put the layout is sloppy with things not lining up and what not, the log in system is imressive though.
Yah i know, i need to fix some alignment and whatnot.
It looks really nice. I joined. I think it needs a forum. That would give it a place for your members to talk about tricks and all. If you decide to do that let me know i would be happy to join and if you need a moderator i would do that if you needed it.

I refferd some friends to the site.

Is it ok to use google video to put up the movies?
i agree with blaster. also, make it a tad bit more IE friendly. Lots of users still use IE>
Isn't i against frihosts terms to have phpbb's installed?
If its not i will install a forum, and i will need mod's Smile
Yes, I accept google vidoe uploads! I will be putting up a forum so you can submit your link from the upload page. Oh yes, please keep the vidoes "clean" NO adult themes at all!!!
I see that you have the potential. Its always better to have your web page to be flexible to considering the resolution that your users would be using...I would recommend you looking at some books or tutorials for have good functions on the website but you can do so much with your site. (ps. I don't think you can put up a forum on site...according to the FriHost rules). All the best Very Happy
Actually, the way I read the rules is that setting up forums like phpBB is fine, as long as you don't use forum software that you have to pay for, like Invision, for isntance. I might be wrong on that one though.
Here is what i pulled out,
A) The following is strictly forbidden on our servers

1. Any type of IRC.
2. Pornography, racism, violence and other offensive content, images or movies or the promotion of these.
3. Copyrighted material without the permission of the owner. (content, images, music, software, ...)
4. Hosting, linking and content related to warez, mp3's and all other illegal files.
5. vBulletin, IPB and other paid forums/software.
6. Sending unsolicited email messages otherwise known as SPAM.
7. Content related to hacking, torrents, peer to peer, cracking and serial numbers.
8. Spamming our forum or any other abuse towards this website.
9. Starting your own (free) webhost or image host on our servers.
10. Any other action related to illegal activities.

Any kind of the practices mentioned above, will result in an immediate cancellation of your account and/or legal actions towards you.

I am agreeing with the above post
I like the design, but some pages are hard to read...
What whould you guys suggest the text color be on the gradient content boxes. I am using black, which is ok untill the backround fades to black, what color should i use???????
I went ahead and put up a forum, but it is remotly hosted so i am not breaking frihost TOS Smile
Forums are alloud on frihost. phpBB is fine. What they mean is things like IPB and Vbulitens becase these reaquire licences. So you can set up phpbb on your site. If you need help with that i can refer people to you.

The forums you got now won't let people sign up. So just install phpBB on frihost.
I didnt activate signup yet. I still need 2, but eventually i will host my own phbpb
I really need you guys to referr your friends, PLZ!!!! I have put so much work into this site, yet i only have like three memebers, and they are all from this forum topic!!!!
Ok, I have done a TOTAL re-design, feel free to play with all the links, also, the video page is mucho nicer bro! Plz check it out, no registration is reqired!!!!!! All free, awsome skateboarding videos!
Nice web dude, great work Wink
I liked the other one better. It still looks cool though. Very Happy
yah, i liked the other one, but i couldnt get it to be friendly in all screen resoutions, it only worked in 1. Plus i though it was kinda dark. No one wuz using the video page cuz they had to sign up.

Any sugestion to improve, also, check out the totally re-done video page. The load page (before the video page) is still incomplete, i'm waiting for someone to finish up a script for me. BUT it does work. Now the fun part, getting into decent search enginez Laughing
Looks neat. I've tried to watch one of your videos, but it takes forever to load... I waited 5 minutes after the loading bar hit 100% until I just closed the window.
hmm. are you on dialup??? Also, the godaddy server may be alittle slow today, sorry for any inconvienances
One quick suggestion... drive people to your content. Your content is videos, and discussing them. Drive people to the videos and the forum, and make all the other menu options (about/news/contact/partners) seperate and of lesser value.

My advice, add a shortcut to the videos section right on the header logo. Maybe a corner graphic that drives people to it.

Or between the header and the menu/content boxes, add a vertical bar... with "See Videos" "Discuss Viedos" ...

Drive people to your unique content.

Mouse-over changing mouse cursor... kinda tacky.. geocities like.. but do what works for you.

In the "feel" category, I would call it cramped. Free it from the frames. The video section is completely overrun by scroll bars (and in a new color scheme).

The visual style is good, but all your content is locked inside small frames.
hmmm. i will take some into consideration. In the video page i only see one scroll bar. The only reason i have the shoutbox, is becuase its hard to style the script cuz it is dynamicly created. In other words, it changes evertime i upload. What color would you suggest for the video page backround???
I like the new watch shortcut up on the header.. that is very functional. Dancing

[Mods: Could we please use attachments... I wanna post a screenshot... without ftp'ing around Crying or Very sad ]
I would change the shoutbox and video's pages to match the site's color (monochrome) scheme. Also, try to make the video page redirect automatic, vice 'click here'.

And if you really get going, free your content from frames.
warallthetm wrote:
Isn't i against frihosts terms to have phpbb's installed?
If its not i will install a forum, and i will need mod's Smile

man now arent you the dumest... Wink ....

Frihst itself uses phpBB so why wud it not allow its users to install it... think bout it....
cuz in the tos, it says NO IPB, i didnt no if that included phpbb 2.
Change the font in CSS to something like below, times-new roman is overused.

font-family:   Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
Thats very true, Dooughnuty, i will change it in a bit!.
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