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Asia vs. Europe

Asia vs. Europe
 60%  [ 17 ]
 32%  [ 9 ]
Can't decide
 7%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 28

I have a channel on my cable called the Travel Channel, and all day, it takes you to different places and experience different things. I've been watching that a lot lately, and it mainly goes to Europe and Asia. (I'm from Asia and I live in the United States.) Which one would you choose?

I would actually choose Europe because its richer. Both continents have very good views, but Europe, of course, makes it a tourist spot, and it just seems better. On the other hand, Asia is just so poor and there doesn't really seem to be as much to see as Europe, but there are very interestingly bizare foods.
I don't understand the question. Why would you want to prefer one continent to another? Take both! Better still, take the best bits of both.
I'm one for Europe. The cultural history behind it fascinates me more than Asian history. I'm not sure why, just a personal preference. I also do like the fact that Europe is less crowded and wealthier.

Don't get me wrong, I'd visit Asia too.
Cooler people in europe, know more people in europe, more popular, better place, completely non-communist ( as far as I know ) and just cooler I guess. But yea why ask lol?
There are places in both I'd like to visit, and they both have places I'd rather not go. If I had to choose one though I'd pick Asia since it would be the most different from where I am now. There's something about each Asian country that would make me want to go there.
Asia or Europe? I prefer Eurasia!
First world or third world...
It just depends on wether you value antiquity or novelty.
By Asian vs. Europe, what do you exactly mean? Which one is better? I choose Asia! Possibly because I'm FROM Asia, lol. Yeah Asians rock!
i think both of them are good but i want to say Asia...Because i'm from Asia and i also have been in Europo and i choose here...Because Europe's culture is too new...I mean it hasn't located yet and still not devoloped yet...So before 1796 Europe was too bad about Democrachy...
well i would pick Asia for the Nature, And Europe for the Girls !! hehe
Asia is much better Europe because of the spices and the villages. The culture of the place is still there unlike Europe where the culture is very "westernised"
I preffer Asia for its rich culture. Europe is new developed continent, thus poor in culture. Europe does not have any of its own religion survived.

Asian people are more friendly than Euoropeans. All of the world religions originated in Asia.
I'd live in the south pole if it wasn't so cold there Wink
nam_siddharth wrote:
I preffer Asia for its rich culture. Europe is new developed continent, thus poor in culture. Europe does not have any of its own religion survived.

Asian people are more friendly than Euoropeans. All of the world religions originated in Asia.

European culture is mainly Greco-Roman culture, which became mature in the 4th century BC, so it may be newer than some Asian culture, but it's not that new, and although the old religions of Europe have mainly been relplaced by Christianity, there are still strong traces of those old religions. For instance, the Catholic concept of the apotheosis of saints is a carry-over from the old Roman/Etruscan idea of apotheosizing heroes, some of the Popes titles are actually inherited from the Roman Empire, and most churches in England contain a carving of the Green Man, which is a pagan symbol. The Christmas Tree is a Germanic pagan symbol, and so are harvest festivals.

When it comes to beautiful old buildings and works of art, there are probably more in Europe than in Asia, even though Europe is much smaller, because so many things in Asia have been destroyed by time.

Anyway, Europe is not really a continent -- it is just a small part of Eurasia, about the same size as India.
I think Asia is better than Europe. Europe is small and Asia is Large. Asia has rich countries like Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates which are very rich, richer than European countries. Also there are countries like Japan, China and Taiwan which are more developed in Technology than Europe. BurjKhaleefa is the tallest building in the world located in Dubai,Asia. China has lots of skyscraper cities. And India's film industry Bollywood is a huge film industry. Asia also has cultural centers and religious places unlike Europe.
WIK123 wrote:
...The culture of the place is still there [Asia] unlike Europe where the culture is very "westernised"

This made me chuckle.
European culture is Western culture. It is "the West" in "westernized".

EDIT - Gah, this is a resurrected thread... didn't notice the dates. Still, I find that complaint utterly hilarious Razz
Davidgr1200 wrote:
I don't understand the question. Why would you want to prefer one continent to another? Take both! Better still, take the best bits of both.

Yeah! Whack some cities together! Shove huge chunks of land around with catastrophic global consequences! Create your suuper-continent and watch it live! You only want your beloveds across the world to all live within walking distance. I think we've just discovered our next evil genius.
Can we take both?

You eat well both in europe and asia.
Landscapes are amazing both in europe and asia.
People are kind both in europe and asia.
Beautiful cities are both in europe and asia.

It's difficult to decide!
i choose Asia there a lot of history in Asia im sure you will enjoy traveling in Asia is a journey and adventure encompassing a wide range of countries, nightlife, restaurants, places of interest due to their historical value, and cultures. From China and Japan to countries such as Vietnam, India, Burma, Uzbekistan, and more, Asia is a place where a visitor can experience many different cultures and countries, each with it's own history, own background, unique values and regulations, and it's own opportunities for exciting, new escapades. The first thing for a person who plans to be a guest of Asia to do is to decide on which country or countries to visit; and, with the number of choices to pick from as far as the continent goes, picking just one or a few, though a pleasurable task, isn't a thing many would find easy to do.
My vote for Asia.
Personally I would much rather go to europe because it just seems to me to have more things to see than asia, even though I wouldn;t mind going to a place like tokiyo or something in asia. I don;t know this is acually a really hard pick for me.
No bias, but I would really go for Asia. It's a wonderful continent filled with different cultures, religion and people. It is also home to breathtaking and beautiful sceneries, not to mention the vast number of ethnic groups.

Being the biggest continent in the world, land and water resources are plentiful. Thousands of species, both flora and fauna, are thriving in different ecosystems in this continent.

Yeah, I'm an Asian -- and a proud one.
I'd choose neither. They are too densely populated, seem to be susceptible to viruses and bacteria, they're probably OK for a short holiday, but for a long stay there are many better continents on the globe for me. For starters Africa and Australia and surrounding islands like New Zealand, Madagascar, Fidji Islands etc. and the Americas.
I like Europe.
I am white, married to a Chinese man, and I have come to love asia so much I travel there by myself. I think asia is more colorful and deeper, richer history. Japan is the shopping meca for all things. Also I would starve to death on Europe vacation, the food is aweful. The food is Asia is unmatched. There is more to do and see in any Asian country than any European country if you do your research. I am going for 3 weeks to Japan and it isnt enough to see all the sights and do all the shopping I want to do.
I'm from Europe, so I'd say Asia Very Happy But in terms of tourist attractions, Europe is the best place to go, mostly because the history of our civilization is largely a history of Europe and so generations after generations have left amazing churches, buildings, statues etc. The climate is a bit one-dimensional and the safety level is higher. There are Asian countries where you can go to jail for a long time for stuff that's legal (or illegal, but tolerated) in USA. On the other hand, it's good to check places you go to before visiting as they're not always as safe as you'd think. Cities like Malmo or Marseille are immigrant crime hubs which can be extremely dangerous to just wander around sightseeing during late hours.
Well, I am from Asia but I have not seen a lot of the content or travelled a lot. But I would pick Europe because it has been on my list of dream travels for quite some time now. I would love to travel there and rinse myself in the culture, food of the amazing countries and cities of Europe. But that doesn't mean I don't want to travel around Asia. I would love to see more of south east asia and the beautiful beaches. Also, China. I'd love to check out those major cities there and the great wall and other places.
Europe has problems with immigrants. Laws and prejudices, actions taken against them. Asians are a bit more accepting towards foreigners, even if you cannot reach a really equal-to-equal social level with them, it's a more welcoming environment.
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