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George Hagi

Do you know Hagi?
He was super player. He is like Maradona.
Have you ever heard about him?
I think everyone loves him too much.

I wish he played football again.

His play was so nice. He always makes show with ball. He is unusual person.His football is spectacular.If you dont know who Hagi is, you miss so many things.
His photos:



Gheorghe Hagi, known as "the Maradona of the Carpathians" is a genius on the field, and his ability to score from free kicks using his deadly left foot is legendary. In his hometown of Constanta, the stadium was re-named in his honor.

He began playing for his local side, Farul Constanta in 1982. He later joined Sportul Studentesc, in while at Sportul he was the leading scorer in the Divizia A in the 1985-86 season. He was immediately signed by Steaua Bucharest, where he went on to win the European supercup. With Steaua, Hagi led the team to three league and cup doubles.

After the 1990 World Cup, he went to Real Madrid, and in 1992 joined Brescia in the Serie A. In 1994 he played for Barcelona with Gica Popescu, and he left Barcelona for Galatasaray in '96.

Hagi made his debut for the national side at the age of 18 in 1983. Since then he was been, literally, the cause of the rise of Romanian soccer in the 1990s. His playing style revolutionized the Romanian game - his speed and creativity made those famous counter-attacks possible.

At 5'8" tall, wearing size five boots, Hagi is one of the more diminutive players on the field, but in terms of his impact on the game, and the status of Romanian soccer, he is larger than life. By bringing so much respect to Romanian soccer, Hagi opened up opportunities for future players, as clubs from all over Europe come to scout talent in Romania.

Hagi, deservedly, was named Romanian player of the century.
i know hagi.but do you know galatasaray?
huggur07 wrote:
i know hagi.but do you know galatasaray?

yea man he is a Turkish

he must be know Galatasaray
he was a very good player
but now hes a good trainer too in galatasaray:D
errrrrrrrrrr, if i'm not wrong, hagi is a romanian. Everyone who watches soccer should know this guy man. He's awesome! A great play-maker, midfield general, intelligient tactician with great vision, sublime ball skills and extremely talented. His absense in the romanian team after his retirement greatly affected the strength of the romanian national team. I really missed the days where he lit up the fields with his wit and skills especially in the world cups that he played in. A greta player to be remembered!!!! Cheers! Smile
untouchable wrote:
he was a very good player
but now hes a good trainer too in galatasaray:D

He was a trainer of Galatasaray he left there 2 years ago but we love him still i'm a Galatasaray Fan so i think he was a King and we celebrieted Return Of The King In Ataturk Olympic Stadium(2004 Champions Cup Fianl has played here...)
he was a very very good player
do u rem world cup 94 at USA
Romania led by Hagi
and beat Argentina by 3 goals
this was a very great match to Romania & Hagi Very Happy
i know hagi.Everybody know hagi but Turkish people know hagi very well because he was playing football in galatasaray fc. He is very good player. Galatasaray won UEFA cup with hagi.
HAGI is one of the greatest players of the century for sure and everybody knows him. He litterally made romanian ootball famous, and with their 1994 WC team they amazed everybody, I was 11 then and he really amzed me by the way he played. I"d have to say he is one of my most prefereta eplayers ever. But I prefer MARADONA a lot more Very Happy
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