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please help i just need people to visit a page

please help i am trying to get a .com domain so i just need people to VIEW my site at
it may be crap at the moment but when i get it up and running it will be great .
please help

ps i never ever tried html or php before so it is really crap so i am a begginer and i AM finding it hard
So, you like martial arts! huh! Laughing Very Happy

I do too! Idea Laughing
There isn't really a site to it. It is only a couple of pictures. I would wait untill the site is done' before you do anything.
well there is more to it,
it is just in the members area and it is all password protected but yeah ok i will as i am changing it soon any way as that was my first attempt .
i just want the domain name if you know what i mean.
thanks any way sorry for the inconvience

ps i love martial arts
Yes I do too!
But I think you could do abita work on your layout ^^
thanks well i am fully open to suggestions so please help ps i changed it an hour ago so please give me suggestions on how to make it better and also thanks for visiting the page please continue
i dont wanna be mean but the site is a litte wacko jacko. Its like not a website really. Its hard to say. Keep up the work though!
Very odd......very odd...........Any way, the free .com thing is a scam, i triead it myself.
oh ok yeah i suppose it is a scam well i was waiting to get the .com before i started work on the thing as i never EVER tried html and php before so i am crap at it as all of you have said.
well it was my first try and i aint much good at it but ahh well cant do everything
so i would like if someone could help me at it of if they know any site to help as it is very hard otherwise.(well my opinion)
thanks for your replies.
Perhaps you should actually have your site running on a free host like this before considering a .com domain.

It's just a thought. If you arent good at coding and scripting, then get good through experience. Make the site, then worry about the domain, not the other way around.

Yah, html is very hard at first. Consider using a free online web page builder like the ones featured on bravenet, or use this one
It allows you to make a flash webpage for free, al you need is hosting (cough couh ,frihost). It may not be as flexible as a hand coded html, but i looks really nice, plus it has a tutorial mode. Keep up the good work, if you want truly stunning sites with out the heartache of handcoding consider getting your self a copy of DreamWeaver Mx 2004. That what i use and i think my site looks very good. Once you become better you may want to make your own web graffics, so get a copy of adobe photshop, there are also thousands of tutorials for that too. Laughing Laughing
see the problem is not the softrware as i have adobe photoshop cs2 and dreamweaver 8 but the problem is that i dont know how to use them properly and also as i said i dont know html or php.

but thanks very much for the sites and i will try them very soon.
thanks and please write if anyone knows any more.

ps nice site warallthetm
ps nice site warallthetm


If you need DreamWeaver tutorilas here are some links:

This is a whole site for webdesign with photoshop, i feature complete web designs in a step by step process.

Hope i helped, When your site is up and running ( wit a beautiful interface of course) It would be nice if you placed my banner (look at sig) on your link page or something.

Very Happy
I like where you put the ads, out of the way yet still easy to click. Supprized more sites dont take that approach
THANKS VERY much for the help sites and i am working on them now so thanks very much.
much appriciated.

ps yeah i thought i would keep them out of the way till i get some nice ones, do you have any good links likes with photos or just good sites DUSTIN so i can use them in my site when i learn how to make it better.

thanks again and please write if you have any more suggestions.
thanks for all your replies and this fourm is now *resolved* so could someone please close it thanks
Well i visited your site and its looking pretty good, at least your in the right place now to get all the help you need. I am a learner too and they are great on here so keep it up and good luck.
Thanks Harmony much appriciated thanks for your post
{name here}
If you're just going to use HTML, then just use dreamweaver. Monkey around in it for a while to see what the features are, and you'll know how to make a page. That's how I learned dreamweaver - not the best way, but I got up to create OS Advocacy without any pre-templated design. You should be able to do so also.
yeah i tried dreamweaver and it cool but i would like to learn html you know as it gives you new knowledge and a great feeling when your own work is on the web
I like the look of your site...its very clean Razz
thanks very much it better than it ever was
thanks all of yous who has posted replies thanks !!..

and could someone close this fourm thanks *resolved*
Awsome website, but please remove that "the samurai" picture, from "hello and welcome to my website".
The colors are nice, professional looking
what would u recomend i use instead ??????
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