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D12 Rapper Proof shot and killed

D-12 member Proof was shot and killed in Detroit this morning (April 11) at an after hours club on Eight Mile Road.
Proof, born Deshaun Hotlon, was murdered at the Triple C club around 4:30 am.
Local 4 initially reported the second victim also died but has learned the 35-year-old man remains hospitalized in critical condition at St. John Hospital, according to police. The second man shot may have been fellow D-12 group member Bizarre, but police have not released the victims identity as of press time.
One witness was being questioned by the police, who are still seeking suspects.
The rapper was signed to superstar rapper Eminem’s Shady Records as a member of the platinum selling group, D-12.
The group, which features members Eminem, Kon Artis, Proof, Swift , Bizarre and Kuniva, released their debut album Devil’s Night in 2001. The group followed with D12 World in 2004, which produced the hit single “My Band.”
Proof followed with a solo album titled Searching for Jerry Garcia in 2005, released on his own label, Iron Fist Recordings.
Proof was an influential figure on the Detroit rap scene, hosting legendary battles at the Hip Hop Shop.
In the movie 8 Mile, Mekhi Phifer was chosen to embody Proof as the character “Lil Tic.”

Source: Every hiphop site u can find on the net.

Never expected this, RIP Proof

That is pretty shocking. Detroit is definately not getting a better reputation these days.
Damn, can't believe its Proof. Not that I was hoping it would be, but I was expecting it to be one of the other member like Kuniva. Not friggin' Proof. He was my favourite in the group (apart from Em). I remember this one freestyle he did with Em. That thing was like 7 minutes long, them just going back forth finishing each others lines. It was the best freestyle I had ever heard!!

Its really sad. just shows that anyone can go at anytime. I just hope the coppers find out who was responsible. (Hmm, maybe it was 50).

wonder if people will actually give damn. Does anyone remember ODB??? See what I mean. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

noway.. thats bs.. he couldnt have died. but how.. whats the site ?
Didn't really know much about Proof, but damn that's bad. RIP man
1 down....
ehh Rip Proof. I Very sad i Like Proof this is my Idol ehh

Rip Proof
cant do anythgin he died he died.. Sad pretty sad,,,,

Rest In Peace Homie !
i cried when i found out he was my favorite in d12 Crying or Very sad
Mr. McCoy
RIP ... Sad

He was a great man!
thats sad..
i didnt really listen to himbut a little to d12 and i loved hes parts...
RIP Proof
he was definately one of the best in D12.
it's probably Murder inc or Benzino who did it..
that's pretty sad.
if it's not the ones who did it, f*** Ja rule and Benzino anyways.
they don't deserve to be in music industry anyways.
they're the ones to blame anyways.
it's a big loss for D12.. wish it didn't have to happen that way.
One thing that's definite, Bizarre is useless in D12....
It is sad that he left. He was my favorite of D12, but police say that he did shoot first. His shooter surrendured though.
What's sad is that he thought he could solve problems with guns. What's even sadder is that part of that message was preached through his music.

This guy isn't really the sort of guy you want people idolising or pretending he's a martyr for a cause.
Its not the fact that he died ecause of guns, I think that is pretty dumb, but it's just the fact that a talented person died.
this sort of thing happens in cities across the U.S. all the time. The only reason I am writing about it right now is because they guy involved was some-what famous. Otherwise who would care really? This is not an issue of rappers being violent. Its about the amount of violence amongst disadvantaged young black males (forgive the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson in me!). Until issues of poverty and inequality are fully addressed in that hypocrisy of a society, people are going to keep senselessly blowing each other off this planet. Land of the Free where anyone can make it - YEAH RIGHT!
Proof was my favorite d12 member. I do find the IRONY, that on Eminems 'Toy Soldiers' video, Proof is the one that gets gunned down and dies. I believe Mtvnews metioned that already. But that is a sad thing for Detroit Hip-Hop
D12 sucks.

Listen to real rap like Eazy-E, Lil Eazy-E, NWA, M.C. Ren, or Tupac Shakur.

Screw that Eminem bullshit.
Marston wrote:
D12 sucks.

Listen to real rap like Eazy-E, Lil Eazy-E, NWA, M.C. Ren, or Tupac Shakur.

Screw that Eminem bullshit.

I aggree, while its sad that someone dies, he shouldnt get caught up in gangs and things so he deserved it. Thats all im saying
ja rule killed proof you ****** asses. d12, dre, 50, aftermath VS the source, benzino, and ja rule
they had a huge beef with each othe and ja killed proof. that ****** pussy.
This stuff shouldn't happen, but it happens more often than we think...
Eventhough D12, sad to hear.
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