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Free hardware to review

Does anyone have any suggestions as to convincing corporations to send you hardware to review? I run a review site (, and I am looking for both hardware and software to review. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. And if there are any fledgling corporations floating around here, I'd be glad to review your product!

Besides, if Mike from Mike Tech Show can get random stuff to review without trying, then I certainly have a shot! Also, I have big plans for my page, and if anyone is interested in writing articles for it, please let me know!


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i guess it isn't easy to get corporations to send you hardware/software for review.. usually, they do so if they can benefit from it.. (hey, which company doesn't put profit as one of the most important points? Very Happy)

Your site has to be reputable, popular and should have lots of visitors from all over the world.. this way, they can get 'advertising' for their product when u review their product.. Of course, your site has to look professional too..

i guess it isn't easy.. perhaps u should start off by reviewing some of the hardware and software u already have, build up your number of reviews slowly.. software-wise, if you do not want to burn a hole in your wallet, you can start off by reviewing free software.. nowadays, lots of software are free.. u can do reviews on them and judge which free software is the best out of their own categories..

u may want to refer to this thread, a 'small' list of free apps:

Good luck!
If you want manufacturers to send you stuff to review you have to convince them that it will be worth their time and money. I used to do my own magazine which reviewed books. First I bouhgt the books I wanted to review and then sent copies of the magazine to all the book publishers I could find. A few of them actually sent me books to review. I then sent them copies of teh magazine plus extra pages with the reviews of their books. Also a covering letter thanking them for the books and telling them about the reviews. You are not going to get something for nothing, you have to show them that you are putting in a fair bit of work AND that people are reading your reviews (and hopefully buying the profucts).
yeah like david said. im guessing your best bet would be to contact some companies of certain products you'd like to review. let them know what exactly you are doing, and tell them that they will recieve spots on your page for advertisements. im sure there are other ways that you can go about this, but that seems the most logical to me.
The most important aspect into convincing is giving them the bigger piece of the pie. Remember you end up winning at the end anyway, But when these people see your pratically giving away the pie, They will jump on the next train to la la land.

First, Send a profesional letter explaining who you are, How big is your site, How much exposure can they get ect. This is the first step, To get their attention. This in turn will result in a letter of rejection or acceptance. But remember, Dont write the letter as it seems you only want the product, Make it look like you are serious and you intend to fairly review the product and not just pick a random mark out of a hat.

If they dont send it, Try someone else, Go for smaller companies, They are the ones more willing to send you the item for a guarantee review, Just because Big Companies dont need your review, They got the big magazine and extravagant advertisind budget and exposure.

If they do send you the item, Obviously keep them up to date on the review, Dont just say, Hey look here the reviews, Thanks and I hope youll send me the next version. Perhaps you should give them advance copies of the review.

When you finish the review and its posted, I highly recommend to not only thank them on the review but also send a letter.

And please, For your own sake, Dont get too desperate and give out free ad space. It may be a great gimmick but it also tells a diferrent story from a diferrent point.
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