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What's the worst job you've had?

Do you ever get that feeling at the end of the day that if it wasn't for you your boss would probably have to get a trained monkey to do your job?

I just finished a month of working on a mine site 1000's of k's from home where I was lifting heavy things 12 hrs 7 days a week. I trained as a teacher but I can make more money doing this kind of monkey work. This wasn't a bad job. The money was really good. This one doesn't even reach the top 20 list of bad jobs for me.

I once showed up for a job where they expected me to measure and cut lengths of fishing line. That was the whole job. Two arm movements. Measure and cut, measure and cut, all day. I didn't last out the day on that one.

I once had a job shovelling fly bait (a smelly powder used to trap flies). You had to stand in a huge vat of the stuff and shovel it into drums. This stuff smelt like rotting meat and it got into your mouth, your nose, your hair. Dogs used to follow me home.

Then there was the job as a plant operator at a brickyard. That basically consisted of sitting in a control room and pushing a button. Not so bad you might think at least you could catch up on sleep but every once in a while there would be a crash in the kiln and you had to suit up in head to toe leather and run into the red hot kiln for 30 seconds at a time trying to find and clear the blockage. Any more than 30 seconds and the few thousand degrees could cause you to pass out in which case you'd be as good as dead.

The fishing line job still rates as my worst. Can anyone beat it?
The worst job I ever had. Well, in college I worked in a factory/warehouse for a major personal hygene/shaving cream/baby products manufacturer and worked the second shift (3-midnite). I would come home stinking of all the different deodorants and baby oils. My parents told me one day that I smelled like a diaper. :-&
Highschool Janitor. Like school lunches smell bad enough... then you had hundreds of wasps flocking around every single trash can at the end of the day. I never got stung though.
I once washed dishes in a fast-food restaurant and got paid $7.20/hour Crying or Very sad Rolling Eyes . Glad im not there anymore Laughing
Haven't had no job yet...

So i guess it will be a few years before i give details about it..

Hope this thread lasts that long Laughing
i haven't got a real job yet but if you accept to say student...It may be really bad..
Those jobs are terrible!. Razz

Well i doubt i can top the jobs posted by the topic starter and i sure never smelled like a diaper..

Guess the job i had where we usually spent the day drilling holes in small metal hinges tops my personal list. That was terrible. Was only there for 3 weeks. Then i got another job.

Then theres the time when i cleaned out lakes in december.

Damn cold standing around in water up to your chest shoviling up weed. Some times it even snowed haha. But hey!. It could be worse.. You could be selling your organs Razz
I could hardly come close to some of the disastrous job experiences that a couple of users have already posted on this thread, but "what the heck?!" (I thought), I should just add my 45 cents to this conversation and tell you about a rather forgettable experience I had.

I was employed by our local gas company, called Metrogas. My job consisted, mainly, in going around doing gas meter readings and noting any kind of anomalies or faulty mechanisms in the meters and the like. Not bad stuff at all you'd say. Well, I agree, up to a certain point. With a template weather, and moderately dry weather, all is right with the world. Although, that is not often the case. 40 degrees centigrades temperatures in the summer and below zero in the winter, coupled with the ever present rains ... and some of those charismatic thunderstorms that are so soothing and neat ... when you're inside your house.

But I guess that's not enough to consider it a crappy job. Maybe the fact that they didn't give us any tools for the job, or the fact that we only got paid for 24 hours of the 40 we worked every week, or even perhaps that they intended to give us work to do at home (yeah, there was some work not involving the whole walking around routine).

Pretty much, I guess, it all came down to the people. The "oh so friendly" people that insisted in planting trees in front of the gas meters, or intend me to go into their darkened and flooded cellars, decorated with light cables hanging close enough to the watery floor. And of course those, ever candid, people that always think it's too damn early for you to be knocking on the door. Almost if too damn early was actually a definition based on the fact that you're sleepy and not on more banal things like it being almost noon. But I guess, all in all, it was pretty good while it lasted ...

Ok, it wasn't.
I also had a meter-reading job. That totally blew! But the worst I can think of was doing residence security in college. Basically I had to check people's id's when they came into the dorms. my shift was from midnight to 7 in the morning. By 1:30am i am already sleepy. it sucked. I once got drunk thinking it would help - you know so I can at least laugh at elevators. I just passed out and woke up hungover. But i guess that doesn't compare to some of the horror stories above.
Gotto tell you of a friends job, wich is the worst I've heard about.

It was for a company making parts for cell-phones. They got those little parts
shaped like a P. His job was to remove the part filling the hole in the P...
I guess it wouldn't be to far fetched thinking a machine ought to do that...
McDonalds crew! sighh... well this is actually my first job... on my 2nd week of workin now (juz got hired).. I love the job, i worked part time.. after school till closing (5-9pm) the only bad thing i can say is the fact that you have to do all the lifting, washroom cleaning... cleaning the lobby (esp. wen a cute girl is eating in the resto) do the cashier... clean the glass windows and all that...

Last week, a guy went back to the store to tell my manager i forgot to put his burger in the bag... and ther was this other time wen i a guy complain bout his fries being cold.. and i swear to God, i thought he was gona throw the fries in my face.. he looked so mad!... PLUS you had to deal with... "gangzter looking people, punkss, wierd looking people, crazy peple.. bums, hoookerzz, old people... stinky people with B.O.. and bad breath!?...

lolz.. thats it for now, I'm out
My worst job was cutting vegetables and wrapping them for shop n save (its a pittsburgh store similar to giant ealg eor such) It was horrible Now i work at circuit city selling computers and cameras and i make 9.25 an hour! not bad for a 17 year old.
About worst job from :
"No matter how awful your boss is, at least he doesn’t chop off your head when you do something wrong. Nor does he ask you to wade through the sewers, handle entrails and offal, or stick your arm into the warm, cavernous bowels of large farm animals.

You think you have a heavy workload? Try working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, in a poorly ventilated factory. You’re not allowed any bathroom breaks, and if you make a mistake, you get fired. Which won’t really affect your standard of living, because your pay cheque consists of half a loaf of burnt bread. (If you're really lucky).

Hate the fact that you spend so many hours on the road? Hey, at least you’re in a car. Not wandering dank forests on foot, constantly looking over your shoulder for traces of wild, hungry animals that want to devour you for dinner. And even though the office budgets mean that you have to fly economy, it’s still a heck of a lot better than the conditions of a sailing galley. You aren’t shackled to your seats, and no matter how bad the airline food is, at least it’s not infested with maggots. (Except of course on Karter Ultra-Budget Airlines - where they charge extra for the maggots).

Are you dealing with difficult co-workers, who refuse to follow your instructions and grumble when you ask them to meet deadlines? At least they’re not stoning you to death, feeding you to lions, or plotting with the people from the Accounting Department on how they can convince your boss to serve your head on a silver platter.

Retirement package not up to your standard? Be thankful you can even look forward to retirement. For some people, they’re lucky to be alive at the end of the day, what with charging bulls or the risk of falling four stories down a rickety chimney.

Your job isn’t as bad as you think. Not completely crap! There are many jobs out there that are much, much worse - and truly hold the distinction of being the world's most crap jobs. "
I recently work as a product presenter for short periods.
This month I work only Fri - Sat - Sun so I have 4 free days and there was one day, my friend called me and asked if I was free on the next two days or not as she got a job for me. I answered without thinking "Yes." that was a big mistake.

here's the worst job I've ever had...
what my friend told me was to be a company of a very riched 14-years-old boy whom was a very lonely type as he didn't study at any high school but home so he had no friend and he needed someone to be with him all the time but her friend who did that for full-time job being with him got long vacation so she needed someone to work instead of her. I was ok with it. but.....

when I was there, I realized it was kind of maid job as he didn't give me any respect and used me and looked down on me. he got me carried his handbag and all da shopping bags walking after him having no rights to say anything!!! and the awful worst thing was he told me to wear maid's custume he displayed in his bedroom like a psycho!!! not only that... he aslo told me to take off his shoes. is that what friends do for each other??? giving totally no respect on me!!!

Lucky me, I worked there for only 2 days. If it was longer than that I might kick him at his neck like they do in Thai boxing! Twisted Evil
The worst job I did was in the fast food restuarant. Cleaning all the trash is badd! At the end of day you smell like trash. Crying or Very sad

But oh well those days are gone! Razz Very Happy I dont have to deal with it anymore. Very Happy
The worst job I ever had was my first summer job as a freaking busboy, My back freaking hurted after a while. Manual labor was never meant for me. Too bad I am too young to go on disability (Just Joking). Thats when I realized I'm better off in a office.
The worst job i had was the one with lousy pay. The worst job a person will ever have is the one that they dont enjoy so the secrete is if you do not want to spend 8 hours of your life doing the job dont apply
Well, I don't think my jobs are as bad as yours by any means but they're still pretty awful! When I was about 12 I had a job as a paper boy. A pretty standard job really but I'd have to get up at half 6 on a tuesday and wednesday, deliver papers for most of the village and then go to school. Not much fun when you're 12, however, the worst part was the pay! £5 a week! Who knows why I ever worked there!

My next job was working at my dads place, filing. Now you may not appreciate this but filing is possibly the most boring activity on this earth. However, cos it was my dad, the pay wasn't as bad.

Third bad job was washing up. Not much to say for this one...
i worked in a small factory that made baskets and other things by welding wire together, bending it, grinding it down, etc, etc. the job itself wasn't all that bad, other than the fact that you were smelling burning metal and having sparks shot at you all day (all my shirts had holes around the stomach). there was porn in the dirty, small bathroom, and the owner wasn't the nicest of all people to put it lightly. for example one day he came into work just wearing sweatpants, exposing his huge, greasy belly and the first thing he said to me was "what the f*** is this?!"

i quit after two weeks.
The worst job I have done is turkey plucking..... I am not sure what went on in the "backroom" but the birds came out from a hole in the wall on a track upsidedown secured by there feet and heads , pre boiled and with there throats cut , you grab a bird (hopefully its not one of the ones that's not quite dead Shocked ) and take it to your peg where you precede to pluck as fast as you can before the bird gets cold as its harder to pluck a cold bird then you take the bird to another hole in the wall where its weighed and you have a chit marked it was 75p for a small bird and £1.00 for a large bird.....if you got a good peg ( which usually involes either (a) beating up a mustash wearing ,muscle bound,tattooed lady with arms like Popeye or (b) promising the said lady a romantic liason at the pub where she is going to spend her days pay on 20+ pints ) you could earn good money for the one week's work (thats all it was) and it was cash in hand but being on a death production line was not very nice.
My worst job was working in a restaurant as a waiter.

super busy from morning till the everning

no time to take a seat ..... except lunch hour

everyday ........ went home with terrible pain


Now .... working in IT ..... sit all the time :>
My worst jobe ever was as a concrete lasted 3 days...
and all i heard from my boss was.."swing that purse pee-wee!"..what a bunch of crap...
Ah I'm not alone.
The worst job, I do now. it's machine operator in soft drink factory. I hate this job, but it is only for holidays to get some more money. So I stay alive. After that never again that kind of jobs. Bleeee
I dont have experienced many jobs, but the one i hate the most was the job in the supermarket where I had to fill the stacks of vegetables etc...
something with dead chickens all day long, NEVER again I tell ya
Selling candy at a stadium. Kids stole from me, and I just wasn't good at it. New guys sold more than twice as much as I did. We sold out of these giant trays strapped to our backs as we walked around and up & down stairways, so it was tiring too.
Making plastic connectors when I worked as a temp. Did it for five hours and vowed never to go back, luckily they didn't ask me. A machine could have done it 100 times faster.
Cleaning the Mcdonalds Restaurant Confused You have to clean everything and when you worked 1 day in the Kitchen and you come home.. You smell like the Mcdonalds and even if you take a shower the bad smell still is there Confused
The worst job that I have ever had was when I went to work at a Farmer's Market owned by a husband and wife plus some of the husbands brothers. It was soooo stressful. The guy hired me to work in the plants area taking care of the plants and told me that I might have to train to work the cash register also. Apparently he failed to tell his WIFE what he had hired me for and she thought I was just goofing off in the plants area but would never tell me that she wanted me to come train on the cash registers! The whole thing was one BIG mess! I will NEVER do anything like that again! Mad
The worst Job was in a factory of industrial bread, physically hard to stay in the same position in front of fire or in the freeser...
The most humiliated Jobs was Sandwich Man for Shoes publicity...
I ve also had more interesting Jobs like Web Designer or stressfull like It helpdesk...
The worst job I ever had was working as a maintenance cat for my school system when I was 15. I basically roasted outside under the summer sun all day in coveralls and protective goggles wacking weeds, or digging with a shovel, or painting lines in the parking lot, etc. I worked with the most rediculous hicks ever, for below minimum wage, and to top it all off, I had to ride my bike to and from work (it was about 3-4 miles away). That was always a nice way to end my work day.
The worst job I ever had was being a paper delievery boy. Waking up early in the morning, wrapping the paper, then going in the designated route to throw the paper house to house avoiding different obsticles. Obsticles like dogs cars and even strange people. The worst part about the job is you have to collect your money door to door. First you pay the paper cpmpany theircut first then you get the leftovers which are smal because that includes the people who dont pay. You still have to deliver the paper to the none payers to. Bummer Confused
Salesman in a shop. My boss was gay, and he sat on my lap Sad
when i was in high school i worked in the school canteen once a week. it was annoying and embarrassing, they didnt pay us and took away your mid-day break, but they gave us free lunch! Smile
Man, this is a great thread... Believe me I'll be able to contribute.

I had a job as a gravedigger for about 6 months. It was actually a pretty awesome job, but I did have to dig graves and bury people. My boss was awesome and a lot of the time was spent goofing off... it was working for the city, though, and that always sucks because of the politics. I got screwed out of pay sometimes.

I worked in a factory making plastic parts one time. These big sheets of PVC would come out and I would have to grab them, turn and stack them as fast as I could for 8 hours. That was at night, too, so it really sucked. The smell of that place was horrible too. Like burning plastic al the time.

Then there was the time I worked at Wal*Mart at night on the floor crew. I spent 8+ hours a night buffing, mopping, sweeping, scraping... all the same stuff, over and over. It would feel like you could never get ahead because you'd make it spotless and then the next night it would be filthy again. My crew leader was cool, but the boss was a douchebag. Total politics bullshit too.

Let's see.... I worked for the highway department. That shit SUCKED. I stood on hot pavement on a road with a sign as a flager half the time for 10 hours a day... That wasn't so bad if there were cars, but the rest of the time you just stood there doing nothing. Standing for 10 hours a day in the hot arkansas humidity on pavement SUCKS. Even worse was when I'd have to shovel "hot mix" which is hot asphalt mix as it's being laid out onto the road at 300+ degrees. I remember spitting on it and it would sizzle like a frying pan. This is all in 110 degree weather. if you touch it you get burned.. oh, and this is while walking next to a machine that has a flamethrower blowing underneath it to keep it hot. and it's heavy to shovel it around as well, and surrounded by two bosses that hate me.

I worked in a bingo warehouse for two weeks before I got fired. I basically lifted heavy ass boxes of bingo supplies and filled orders/restocked parts. I got fired because the warehouse manager wasn't doing his job and I got blamed... even though I was busting my ass.

I was a busboy, and that really sucked... people expect you to work faster, you get screwed on pay (and I mean SCREWED) because most waitresses don't declare their tips. Why would they? That means they have to share it with you "when they did the work" so it's just easier for them to stick the tips in their pocket instead of sharing.

I was a tree planter for a while. I would spend about 10 hours walking in a grid, planting a pine tree every 8 feet. I had to stab this big metal rod into the ground, and pick out a sapling out of the 50 pound bag of them I had strapped around my waist, bend down and plant it, then move on to the next. It really sucked when there was rocky soil because it's like hitting a rock with a metal bat over and over and over. I would come home and my hands would look like balloons from the swelling.

I worked for Jerry's kids once as a telemarketer. I basically had to call business people and try to get them signed up for our fundraisers all day. Out of about 300 calls a day our "goal" was to get 10 people signed up. Usually I got 1-3. That means I called 297 people that had absolutely no interest in talking to me and weren't very nice about letting me know it.

I also worked as a telemarketer for about a day for a vaccuume company. The whole marketing scheme was really dishonest, where they'd say that if you let this salesman come and do a demonstration you'll get a free vacation, etc. Bullshit.

I've had a lot of jobs.... a whole lot. I've had more than that, but that's a few of the highlights.
my worst job ever was on McDonalds when I was working in the kichen!!
Every day after work I smelled food everywhere! :S
i worked a month at the SAF security.. and duh my job was to walk walk and walk around the whole mall .. so after like 8 hours of my work.. lol i usedta nap in my car Very Happy damn those days earning money was like earning for myself so i could spend them drinking at the bars here with my friends ..
I was sixteen, and worked for a month in a butchers shop.
It was there I discovered how weak my stomach really is.
I couldn't cope with the smell, the blood, and the fat. I wanted to vomit every day.
I was horrified to the first time the meat delivery arrived and I saw the carcasses being unloaded. Sausage making was disgusting, seeing what went into them.
Thankfully we agreed to a mutual parting of the ways at the end of my months trial. It was ages before I could handle raw meat again though.
he worst job I ever had. It is in a supermarket, when tape-worm 16 years works there a summer, god nothing worse of 6 am at 2 a.m. with a minimal salary, and my chief was mad not neither tape-worm nor idea of nothing. I do not recommend it.
I guess my worst job was mushroom picking!!!!!

Yes they grow in $%^&

yes its dark, my throat swelled up with the spores in the air,

And best of all when all of them had been picked we could go home,

people who where fully trained got paid full day, people who where training (yes training) only got hours worked!

Training lasted for 8 weeks, 8 weeks to learn how to pick mushrooms!

3 sizes 3 colors of boxes errrrrr there now your all trained.

I lasted a total of 2 days !!!!!

Lazy students eh Smile
Selling tickets at a drive-in movie theater
I paid for school while working as a Kmart portrait photographer. I got bit, stabbed with a plastic sword, yelled at spit on, etc... all for $6/hr
I worked as a nurses assistant, now that does not sound so bad until we get an english dictionary out and that job translates into 8 to 12 hr shifts of changing adult bed ridden patients diapers non stop. The old RN's laugh at you and clall you "fresh meat" when you first start. I have done some sick and twisted stuff since then, though I would rather clean out kennel's withouth a mask then go and change diapers again.
The worst job I ever had was when I was at college and working in a royal mail (main uk mail business) sorting factory part time, it must be one of the most repetitive jobs ever! The most mentally challenging part of the job was to look at the letter i.e. a,b,d,d,e, etc and match it to the letter on the cages Confused , the job got even worse when supervisors would come and split you up from the people you talked with.
Early morning janitor.
call center agent to sell something, that people do not need at all
Taking care of my brother's estate because my worthless parents would not do anything. Not due to the loss but rather uncaring and lazy.
It cost me my full time job and my sanity.
Sorry to hear about that Stand.
Must've been that one time when I stocked shelves from midnight 'till early morning. Not a soul in sight, can't talk with coworkers, can't listen to music, just stock 'em tiny shiny bottles 8 hours straight.

But damn, does it build character lol.
Busing table at a restaurant. Waitress always cheated us out of our part of the tips.
Worst job ? It was a job which I needed to exist actually, but i got fired for giving away software to customers. Stupid.. suppose you work as a programmer for a consulancy office. They're used to snatch money off the customer for every blink of their eye.. and I just wanted to help out Laughing Laughing in court I got 6000,- euros settlement.. and they said I was right. Great experience, but in hindsight: it WAS a lousy job.
My worst job ever is the one I am in right now. I am currently working as a part-time telephone survey interviewer and yes, it is exactly what is sounds like; I phone people to ask them for survey answers. It’s not so much as the complication of the surveys, the length, the translation of english to chinese off the top of my head and the low wage that is the problem. The main problem is the rude people, yelling, hanging up before I finish. I understand, you’re busy, and you think telemarketers are annoying. But before I could explain that I am not trying to sell, and just am honestly trying to make some living here, the endless rejection makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I have to work tomorrow, I should just call in sick…
To bad!
worst job ever !!!
i had to clean bathrooms
Worst job - working at wells fargo as a banker. Ever since my short stint at Wells, I've never been able to look at banks the same. Some of the things my boss and coworkers would push on people made me disgusted. Sad
Worst job - working at wells fargo as a banker. Ever since my short stint at Wells, I've never been able to look at banks the same. Some of the things my boss and coworkers would push on people made me disgusted. Sad
I got two for you - First I was a high rise construction trash shoot installer. On the side of highrise buildings when they are under construction they install trash shoots down the side that land the trash in big roll off trash beds. These shoots are 14 feet long and the top is 5 foot by 5 foot square, and the bottom is 4 feet 6 inches square so when you mount the top of the chute onto a floor the lower part fits into the top of the chute on the floor below it. Had to have the crane operator on site swing over and hook up to three chutes all slid up together on the back of the truck, he would hook up to the metal hoops on the top rim of the bottom of three chutes, while they were lying on their side on the trailer we hauled them on. Pick them up and swing them over to the building and I had to climb up to the first floor, bolt the lowest one in the set to the floor, have him release tension on the straps, unhook them from the lowest one to the next one up of the three, which sometimes was 6 to 7 feet in the air, so I would have to lean a ladder on them and climb up a few steps to hook the straps on the next one up, he would lift it up to the next floor, and go through it again, every three chutes I would have to run back down and hook him up to the next set on the trailer, and then run back up to the next floor we had to hang it on. Getting up to the 15th floor or higher, having to lean that ladder on the chutes and reach out to hook up the straps was scary to say the least, it paid $15.00 an hour, no time and a half for over time, just straight time, up on these high rises attaching these chutes, did it for three months one summer and walked off the job one day when he confessed to me that I had been doing the job the whole time and he wasn't insured. There were some damn scary moments in that job!!! Shocked
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