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What do most of you do when you are online?

How do u spend ur time on the net?
Explicit Picture/Movies
 0%  [ 0 ]
Waiting 4 the stupid page to load
 2%  [ 1 ]
Surfing the web
 17%  [ 6 ]
Looking at forums
 11%  [ 4 ]
Playing games
 11%  [ 4 ]
Working on ur site
 14%  [ 5 ]
All the above
 41%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 34

Personally what I do is to chat on MSN and post testimonies on friendsters. Sometimes search for nice pictures in Yahoo or from Forum avatars all over the internet. I also look for nice flash productions to learn from their ideas and concept. I'm learning how to make my own too... Please share about what are the things you do while onlinE~ =D
Guess I've reached my 5 posts... Hahas !!! Please wish me luck !

Happy Postings !
God Bless !
Well I'm posting and modding here obviously. am also active on many other forums and Rpg's and stuff. Then I naturally have to work on my site updating and expanding but also learning and creating scripts for my usage Laughing
I seem to spend a lot of time replying to emails not due to size but my lack of what to say in the reply. If i really cant think of anything good I can literally be replying one line back!
I spend very little time on msn, well im logged on most of the time but actually speak to people rarely Smile
im workin on my site from photoshop u can checkout the layout
Usually i checking my emails, posting on several forums, searching for mp3, mangascan, doujinshi, reading fanfic, and many other.
I do search always on anything i can use to widen my knowledge in programming.. its fun!.. checking emails.. my friendster of course.. listen to music, chat... whatever i think to do so.. and of course participating in anywhere here in the forum..

I'm coding my forum Smile. And other my sites with php Smile
1. check email
2. go to my dailies forum (teentalk, khq, witchmag)
3. go to hosting related forums (freewebspace, frihost etc.)
4. adds another entry for my blog
5. download anime episodes
6. check misc. sites Razz
Mod this forum and set up accounts
Chat on msn
Listen to music
Play BF2 and CS:S and GTA:SA
Mod my site, mod on some other forums
Add things to my site and learn new stuff
Check emails
Check my frequent sites I visit
Download new programs and test them out
Update programs
Most of the time while I am online I am building my website, posting in LiveJournal, checking my GMail and just generally surfing about the Internet idly for hours on end.

My ambition of late was to find a decent theme for my PHPBB, I think I found one.

If you want, take a look here and tell me what you think.

The AdInfinitum theme just goes with the content of the forum I think.
Working on my site, posting on 3 different forums, write in my blog (Occasionaly), sometimes I'm trying to develop a video game, looking up guitar tabs.

Stuff like that.
i mostly talk on aim ..and get on myspace..but thats jus m e!
gmail and myspace. I look for new brushes for photoshop since I do a lot of that...
I'm usually listening to music while working on my site. Other times I just chat for hours, or I could do nothing for hours too... it really depend how the day...

While in school, most of the time is school work related... huff Rolling Eyes
I generally play some Online games, chat with my friends at MSN and do some useless research on the web.
online with MSN and ICQ, go to and here Laughing

But while at school, I often spend 5 hours stay online on average, unless the exam comes Laughing Laughing Laughing
I most of the time played online games and surf net Wink
i play online games like FFXI or counter strike c&c zero hour

or go to paltalk or msn massanger and i do alot of thinf like checking news on abc site
moderate my forums
Play game involving mindless violence e.g. Tac ops, GTA SA or talk on MSN or even check my e-mail
I moderate and administrate other forums.
I design and code websites.
I create multiplayer games and beta test others.
I just use MSN, hotmail and sites like and of course frihost Laughing

Im not really a fan of online gaming or using the internet for educational reasons
First of all, I open msn and watch who are online, then I'm opening my hotmail box and see what mails I got and read...
Then, I'm watching if theres some new updates for antivirus Cool
After this, if I dont have work to do on computer, I play games or edit my sites / forums...

The games I love to play are : Counter-strike 1.6 (I prefear the 1.03 but heh... cant now) and Condition-Zero
GTA vice city (Should I buy San Andreas ?)
And Diablo 2 (I know, it's a old game, but I always have fun on it Razz )

Before quit, I look e-mails again and...

I clean disc and sometimes scan pc from viruse's and spy's
Most time I do business on the internet.
Some time I download some software which I want to use.

and read some technic news about computer and cell phone.

Little time to do some others.
Most of the time I do posting at forums or just look at for fun.
Xcessing U
I usually visit some forums..specialy the forums which are paying us for posting in their forum. So I spend a lot of time over there. and in rest time i chat with my friends and family. I surf sometime on browsing.
ohh one more thing, i usally eat something during that. Smile
What forums are paying you to post?

Eating while on the computer will lead to tooth decay. Razz
I think he means the Points and Cash you get when you post.
Rolling Eyes
use qq. and also visit my web
What is qq? I need to learn this net slang.
Well, I check my e-mail, and usuly chat with whichever friends of mine are online.

Latley, I have been looking into web templates that i might be interested in.
read, learn, listen, and do.
toying with my nigerian pets

checking email, sending email, checking voicemail, downloading things, blogging, getting maps
Listen to music
Do Magic Tricks
Watch David Blaine
Making videos with my freind
Check out random sites
Crank call my freind with this program I have on my computer
Play Wolfenstein ET
Play Counter Strike
Mainly visit forums, check email, check my favorite sites, etc.

And I am online most of the time I am on the computer also.
- Looking what already have been downloaded by BitSpirit (my BitTorrent client),
- Checking my mailbox,
- Posting at my favourite forums,
- Working out html&php&mySQL stuff (with mass FTP transfer;]),
- Chatting with my friends by gadu-gadu (ICQ-kind communication app),
- Playing some online games if there is some time
Hoogeveense RAT
When I am online: I at forums of a lot of sites. I also making my website and I'm chatting to my friends at MSN. Sometimes I play Football Manager.
Programming, IRC, frihost xD, photoshop flash & image ready, and during all that i'm listening to music.
Before I have been addicted to Chat...mIRC. But it sucks as of now. Well, as of now, i just surf the web and need to gather much information on some things that I am interested with, like, guitar tabs, free softwares, free music, etc. I usually check my email of course. Wink
I usually play online poker, Never use instant mess. at all......
I bloq and chat. Razz
Check my sites to see that they're still up and running. Check my site stats. Check my affiliate earnings. Check my email. Download raw logs. Upload updates and new pages. Post to design forums and to free host forums (heh heh...). And last but not least... Google, Google, Google!!!
Well I check my to people on aim and the web... register and sell on serveral forums...listen to music thats all I have time to post right now but thats all the main stuff.
hmm let see,i am an admin and mod over quite a few forums so i try to be active on them,sometimes talk on msn or yahoo but rarely,listen to music,play some online games right now its only UT un-installed the rest,hmm check my mail,mess around on myspace,visit braingell cool online radio,thats about it i suppose when im not online i mess with PS
I do, i play WOW i do photoshop.. man.. you name it.. i do everything pretty much...
Search the web, improve my website, piss my friends off, Play Doom, yup pretty typical for a teenager
I spend alot of time reading and posting in various forums. Otherwise I might play an online game like battlefield 2 or talk with some overseas friends on msn.
Working on a site. or posting on messageboard. Iming online, and tinkering with photoshop. If not i watch movies, ive gotten subscitions to some streams.
Hmmm Im always busy coding or working on webistes....Making sigs for people talking to friends on myspace Smile... and thats pretty much it =)
chatting, posting in forums, listening to music, download/uploading are the usual things ^^sometimes i play online games, especially yahoo or msn games.
Glad you asked. I am a member of other message boards too. Because I love them. Other than that I write/send/recieve emails every morning, download music from imesh and listen/burn music. If I get bored I go to or... *gasp* get offline.
personally i'm always working on my site,the most of my time
or making art/graphics for blend contest or others
i check normal thing like email... forum stuff... talk to friend on aim..

get on BF2 n kill some people...
acquire TV episodes I missed to watch commercial free
i usually just talk to people on aim... sometimes look for shows to go to.
Almost every day I go on and sign into my MSN and I usually go on GunboundWC. I also like to check out some anime-related art. Smile
I check my mailies, chat a bit on mIRC and MSN, if I'm at work, I start
scripting PHP cuz I never have nething to do in there. When I'm home, I usually play some Diablo II or RTCW:Enemy Territory.
Also Photoshop from time to time but I'm quite into PHP & MySQL atm.
Firstly, I go on Msn. Reasons are Because I have friends and i go chat to them when Im bored and you never know what you may find out. And then i go surf the net. I sometimes play this online game called Gunbound. Its a cool game. Some times I make those dollz or sometimes I just do this, write in forums Rolling Eyes and thats what I do ma friends.

Peace Smile
I chat with my friends and cyber-friends on MSN, check my e-mails at Hotmail and GMail, play Jedi Knight 2 Online, post in my rock forum (if it's not down), download music and some videos (Ares, Limewire) or simply enter Google and search for pics Very Happy
i like chatting with my friends often.
Well, when I'm online, I usually work on my website, do some graphic work, surf around my friends' blogs and chat on MSN. Laughing
when i was online ,i usually work on my website, and chating on qq
Personnaly I have created a routin since I connect to the internet till I go out. First, I check the mos important economic news in the tabloids, than I check for updates in statistical data in NGO´s, then I check my email and finally any other things. Having a routin might soun boring but, believe me, it help you stay organized and take the fullest advantage of your time!


Mostly check email, chat and visit forums. Sometimes I work on my website
Im surfing here and there. checks webmail, come here and posts, checks my site, reading photoshop tutorials... etc
I usually talk to my friends on instant messenger programs, post in forums, visit various sites, play games, just keep myself entertained, basically. I keep up with my personal site, visit my friend's, and update my fan site.
i post in forums & play sc:bw multiplayer.
nowadays I spent most of my time in online game.
hai tu
eh, im pretty geeky, i just play video games and chat. 40% of my whole life is prob internet
.... I get on Yahoo and AIM.... Check if anything's new... Edit my AIM
profile- And then come here and Post ^^ After I update my website
Browsing :
When I'm online I usually just waste time; I procrastinate. Just today I was about to do an english essay for school when I decided to see what was going on online, now here I am thying to make my own website, having wasted about three hours of my life. Don't you sometimes just feel a little bit strange at the end of a net session, knowing that you just wasted three hours you will never get back? Anyway, would have to be the worst time waster for me.

EDIT: Oh, such spelling! oh well
When I'm online I basically play games and talk on AIM, Yahoo, and MSN that's really what i basically do online lol
reseach, emailing, anything and everything
seems to be very similar for most people. then again, surprisingly there is very little to do on the net. Still fun though Laughing
I work on flash games. Sometimes I visit other forums as well.
This is what I do:

1) Check my e-mails
2) Visit Some websites
3) Post on some forums (FriHost etc.)
4) Talk to people on MSN
5) Visit my webspace
-check my mails, and carrer webpage
-check my friends flogs (and my own flog)
-send or upload pics to my friends
-Search in google information about anything
-Clicks in pages to donate
-post in forums
well there's always scam baiting. I took that hobby up about a month ago. Essentially you waste scammers times or annoy them into a frothing rage or both. Recently I've been trying to get my first death threat. I don't actually want to die in a dark alley in nigeria, but I would like to push enough buttons to make them think it was possible. Twisted Evil
I work on my RPG and I play games. Somehow I manage to stay online doing that all day...weird.
i am usually chat on the MSN , serving in the net, working in the photoshop
I play trivia Very Happy . Usually for php, there are few sites very nice of this.

But most of my time, I am answering forums, I am an administrator now of a new oscommerce site forum (it's in, and now I am trying to help as much as I can those people.
Lots and lots of instant messaging and site building and graphics programming.
I use msn!! YAY!!1 Very Happy Check my email. omg soo many. I also go on Sites such as Nexopia, Xanga, AsianAvenue....BLAH BLAH! I also work on my sites lol. I unno just hang aroung! Smile
I all time in msn when i connect, not talking, only connect.

I see my favourite soccer news (Real Madrid)
MOst of the time I AIM and exchange graffix with other and my friend will teach each other how to use programs and how to build stuff.or I talk to fs from school.
gaming, check email, chat
Well what i personly do is:

Create Websites
Create Webdesigns
Chat on Msn
Play GTA 1 - 4
Play other games!

Chat on Forums
Make Games
Make Programs

Much more, hope that answered your question!
chat on AIM and sometimes in chatrooms and do updates on my website
Play onlien games, chat, check email. Do homework, downloading stuff..
playing onlione games ,unreal tournament 2004 ,original quake 3 return to castle wolfenstein ,cod medal of honor spearhead ,like shooters:p
uaually, ipaid a lot of time on visiting websites, i like visiting some webs i have not visited before, it show me a fresh world, sometimes i talk with friends on google talk or msn, the last part is sending emails and post blogs, 4 emails per day, i think, little time i put on maintaining my personal websites.
yeah..same here...maintaining websites, surf, read blogs, write blogs, and look for scripts to download =)
look at my computer, trying to think of something to do. Most of the time you'll find me chatting on MSN, downloading musics and animes, mangas as well, checking mail, and shopping online, that's really fun. Laughing
Chatting and surfing Smile))
My routin is..Usualy at my pc by 6:30am...with coffee...checking several emails...sending out replys...gathering info for journaling/writing...
checking news sites...checking frihost forum...back to searching for more information...doing some on line on website...

5 to 6 hours a day on pc...
By no means checking email. read news, posting here Embarassed
I'm usally always on MSN/AIM(I loves chating Razz ),I download stuff,post on tons of forums(this one,mine,Epiphany Gaming etc...),play Inklink and Zoo Keeper,read up on news,and mess around with my site.
Everytime I think about what I do it really makes me sad because I'm always on and thats all I do >.>
checking mails..checking my blog and blog hoppin! Smile i check my friendster account too., Smile
I buggerize around on the net, post here, post at RL Coulter Lounge, moderate at MediaSpy, chat on MSN, check emails, check other forums...
I increase my collection of MP3; read the world news at BBC or Routers; chat using MSN; search for funny things; make something in photoshop and 3D SMax; Study things of my interest like literature, arts and phiilosophy and technology.
But mostly I just chill out... Cool
I usually check a lot of mail, get rid of a lot of spam, and after that i am maintaining my site and im.
check my email
go to my forum and post
and chat,listen mp3
I'm usually playing counterstrike or reading/posting to various forums, i used to spend alot of time msn, but haven't been on much lately.
Check GMail, news (multiple sites), some days my other email accounts, check (woo), listen to my music (while doing other stuff online).
Chatting in IRC and YM, playing online games, if not posting in forums or updating my site
i usually get my massenger trillian that it has all the messangers in it early all
then i chek my mail
after that i c if im going to play online or chat then if im goig to chat i swtich on the downloads else i leave chat on and go play
thats what di i dop usually
then there r other exeption like replies to my post etc
i play a lot lol
all of the above
1. check my mails
2. write my blogs
3. play CS
wow u people spend 2 much time in this forum coz there r 6 pages in this topic and i just made itlast night
playing Medal of honor:allied assault is proximetly 80% of my time on net....freaky
well thats alot of people doing alot of differint things
I usually surf the web to get news and spend some time. I love knowledge and I always like to know new things. Very Happy

I also visit many types of forums, mailing-lists, check the e-mail and last, but not least, download files... Wink
alot of the time im on msn chatting up a storm, but a good majority of the time is spent on my website:D.
definatly download various type of info. + searching data , play games ....
Surfing + listening to music, hell yea.
When I'm online, the first thing I do is go the to web hosting forums for the web hosts I use (,, I'm also usually programming scripts in either Visual Basic or PHP, or working on some websites.

Last night I remembered I had Unreal Tournament (the original one, GOTY edition) so I installed it and played online (there's some good Australian servers, where my ping is only 10-20ms Very Happy)

EDIT:Another thing that I usually do is watch Flash Movies Very Happy
MSN, Music, games, work on my website etc...
All of above besides the waiting thing.
ICQ, reading interesting articles, downloading mp3 and warez Very Happy
I am looking for good blogs, new interesing design forums. Working on my site. Blogging. Playing americas army. Chatting msn. Listeing Winamp.Baeking new ideas at my pc, writeing stories....etc.
I don't think people are being honest here...
i made this topic so y does it say some1 else is the auther?
trickjumping in the game enemy territory and going onto teamspeak and also play on Gaia online
I work on my site alot, buit lately I haven't had the time to do so. And I like looking at games and gaming news and music videos on MTV Smile
Mostly, I spend my time downloading ROMS, and working on Aquastrike's Realm, V.2. Stay tuned, as this site will rock, if I ever get it done! Stupid HTML nazis....

Also, Final Fantasy Eleven rocks, but I don't have the time or money to play it. If anyone would like a link to their site from mine, let me know, as I need partners!!! The rest of my computer usage is spent on Game Maker 6.1, available from Audios!
mostly reading stuff, preparing for my holidays (which are a pain in the but actually because when I'm off a certain amount of days I'm always afraid to see my frihost points go below zero - maybe I have to buy myself a monkey and train him to do quality posts every single day before he can have his banana),

I don't download, I tried out lots of the freeware softwares around but in the end all they do is garantee that you will have to reinstall your OS some point in time because your registry looks like a graveyard.

I listen a lot to internet radios, i even watch some internet tv from time to time, not too much thogh since my provider limits the bandwith I can use every month and 10 gig is not a lot to spent on a monthly basis.

I use the net mainly for information, so I would hate if I had to pay for all the information currently available
I mostly pick All of the Above. I'm obsessed with using the computer and it's only one of the things that's worth using in my house. But i mainly update my other website because it's fansite and obviously i will need to post news and updates. I don't play games that much. I use to, ALOT. But i got bored. And i spend a lot of times reading and posting in different forums. It's fun to interact with other people. And my computer is real slow ever since my mom changed it to the LOWEST speed internet ever. It really sucks, but it's still worth using it.
When I am using the internet
I just keep on chatting and chatting and then See Cool scripts in the web and find Free Wbhosting Server and Check me email and Play Games in and then see for new Jokes at and again I see Good Quotes and Pictures form My MSN chat name and Display Picture. Hey Guys If u have a website of Your then Please Email me.

i think It is being too Long So shall write again later

Ha Ha
Avk :-)
Visit my brute at, check for updates and news, browse wikipedia for some nice article preferably on history, check my personal and business emails, go to, check on yahoo sports and read the fans' comments on some articles - this is the funniest part.
i research alot, catch up with freinds, chat some more. get general information. send information and receive information. its great. i find alot of help on the internet.
my previous answer would have been looking at forums. but I'm no longer as active as I was before so now, most of what I do is surf the Internet for whatever interesting stuff there is and whatever thing comes to mind, especially updates about my favorite things.
I mostly spend my time on forums, but I also do some research (both for school and for my interests). Whenever there's a new interesting game posted on the indiegames blog I try it out. Then there's also an occasional porn site every now and then.
I can tell you my activity may be

30% chating
20% googling for new scripts and ideas
40% downloading in mean while music, software,...
10% restarting my machine, due to overload + reconnecting my dialup connection

but when i am in cafe, my work will be strictly sheduled

i will be doing what i want with out any lazy moments
tsurugi wrote:
Personally what I do is to chat on MSN and post testimonies on friendsters. Sometimes search for nice pictures in Yahoo or from Forum avatars all over the internet. I also look for nice flash productions to learn from their ideas and concept. I'm learning how to make my own too... Please share about what are the things you do while onlinE~ =D
Guess I've reached my 5 posts... Hahas !!! Please wish me luck !

Happy Postings !
God Bless !

I mostly do a lot of searching and reading. I save so many pages that I need to go back through them more and catalog what I have better; pdf 'printers' are great Smile And there's always the occasional game that is used for relaxing and letting go of the worries of that day.
1. Check my email
2. Upload photos to deviant art
3. Check my facebook Acount
4. Check my myspace
5. Check Myspace
6. Login to Frihost
7. Check out Photography websites
Lately, I just check my email, chat with some of my friends that don’t live close and that I can’t see live… And I go through different articles, tutorials or forums to find some help in thing I currently work on. I have friends who are never bored when on internet; they always find something (interesting?) to look for.
I can’t imagine using computer without internet but I’m kind of bored with surfing... I don’t have any ideas what to do online. Rolling Eyes
I love how the "All of the Above" option automatically makes you interested in porn, or else you can't have done more than one of the above Razz.

Webmastering, software engineering, teaching... thats what I use the 'net for during summer school season.
ProfessorY91 wrote:
I love how the "All of the Above" option automatically makes you interested in porn, or else you can't have done more than one of the above Razz.

Webmastering, software engineering, teaching... thats what I use the 'net for during summer school season.

I agree. I propose the choice should allow multiple checkboxes. When you have more than one to click, you are tempted to use "all of the above" although not all are certain.

Can this be chenged?
Latlest it has been visiting the forum and posting. Though I check out the news on Groklaw and see what Linux distribution has came out or got updated on Distrowatch. Also chat with my friends online and check my work schedule. But of course like I said, most of my time is spent here.
darthrevan wrote:
Latlest it has been visiting the forum and posting. Though I check out the news on Groklaw and see what Linux distribution has came out or got updated on Distrowatch. Also chat with my friends online and check my work schedule. But of course like I said, most of my time is spent here.

Me too!
Mostly Forum posting and research on forum topics as well as personal need-to-know topics. When I buy equipment, etc. I also like to check out art and nice photographs.
Right now I only have time to update my websites
I always check my email first. Pretty quick since I don't get many important emails, just a bunch of updates from websites I have accounts on and even those are rare. Depending on the time I might check my work email, but I tend to stay away from that. Then there's Facebook. I spend hours on Facebook helping my friend (who helps me in turn) with games. We hop from game to game when we get bored or find the game rather annoying when you have to have about 50 friends playing or face spending real money to buy stuff (which we are far from interested in doing). Other than that I'm watching episodes of Star Trek, occasionally checking on MSN and doing the occasional update on my site (I've been slacking). Randomly I will browse around for sheet music to play.
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