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Revoltution Again

Just bouncing back to The Nintendo Revolution.

Does anyone else think this could possibly be an awesome console. The thing they are getting screwd on though is the controller, i personally love it. I think it wil be so mental playing Golden Eye with a the NUnchuku style controller. How can it fail?

Even Swinging the sword in Zelda, or shooting dots on the screen, i think that this be one of the best controllers yet.
The Rev is gonna rock. Heck, I think it rocks so much I made a website about it. Razz

Has anybody here seen the screenshots of Red Steel? Anybody who thinks that the Rev will be underpowered needs to see these screens. It looks awesome! Smile
I think revolution will be a big Hit! And I will definately buy it, I am one of those strictly Nintendo guys! Laughing I don't buy any other games and consoles than Nintendo! The controler is the thing that will make it the best, XBOX 360 and PS3 both have a usual control where as Nintendo is offering something new Again! Nintendo's crew are real geniouses! Love Nintedo! Laughing Laughing Exclamation Idea Nintendo Rocks, so does Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Pokemon!!!!
I could beg to differ on Pokemon as can be seen in the picture I made here. Razz
I'm definetly getting it with it's supposed price tag of only $100.
linkman2004 wrote:
I could beg to differ on Pokemon as can be seen in the picture I made here. Razz

Man, Some lunatic has made that, some people have tastles thoughts, or a weird sense of taste! Evil or Very Mad Mad Exclamation

I guess it's ment to be a joke, but it isn't funny!!!

Not for me at least! Shocked Mad
You'de have to read the article I posted it in to get why I made it. it was meant to be a joke. Here's what I put down.

"Well, I was looking at Pokemon(I mean pokecrud ) on Wikipedia and saw that several protestent groups thought of the games as Satanic. They said that “summoning” the pokecrud was like summoning Satan. So in honor of this stupid find I created the following image, it’s a pic… oh, just look at it!"

That was my reason. But anyways, anybody here looking forward to Smash Bros Wi-Fi? Very Happy
linkman2004 wrote:
But anyways, anybody here looking forward to Smash Bros Wi-Fi? Very Happy

You bet, thats gonna be another blockbuster!!!

Wow man, Nintendo know to do the things! Laughing
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