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A new game im making...E.s.c.a.p.e

Do you like the storyline?
 53%  [ 7 ]
 46%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 13


thats some lighting in 3rd lvl

maybe this isnt a normal mental institute?

look at those beutiful textures

BTW sorry for the size of those pics ill give a couple more in a second

heres the building story

| |
| |
| E.S.C.A.P.E |
| |

Okay here goes

your a cartaker at a local mental asylum
downsyndrome people is what i mean
And lately youve noticed that many of your patients have been disapearing
and well youve gone out to find whats up

you slowly realize that....this is more complicated thn what you can handle
heres your new mission all costs
if it means killing mentally challanged people for need to get out to save them.

Like i said its a building storyline
im building on it...
ill be opening a site for it soon
and I HOPE NO ONE TAKES OFFENSE TO MY STORYLINE since its about down-syndrome people.

MMM blood
mutated down syndrome people
and pentagrams...yay
sorry but you have to scroll side to see all the screenies

and uhm

i forgot to say

i really want some comments good or bad!
You have to escape from a netal hospital... and suddenly theres zombies, pentograms, and army dudes? Huh?
Pretty sweet. Are you making the game in a team or solely by yourself? Using OpenGL? Who is designing the texture and models? It's pretty impressive so far I must say. Cool
pretty nice. although...zombie Downies? lol.
welll. what must I say, I'm a bit dissapointed when hear.. Zombie = slow. and you had a Gun.... XD seems like it'll be too easy.

Oh yeah, about the graphic, It's nice, Hope the frame rate will not too slow and make headache if played too much time Smile, yap of course, smooth movement is better Smile
this game like counter strike....
hey, where's E.T. and Honeypots and n0obie?
n0obie4life wrote:
hey, where's E.T. and Honeypots and n0obie?
yeah Enemy Territory FTW w00t
I like the storyline: desperation, recklesness, a clear goal.
I like the story line and everything. What program do you use to make the games that you make. I saw the other game you were making and is it done? and where can I download it last time you just had the Demo to download.
hmm looks interesting Very Happy
me likey, me likey lots.

The storyline does need some work. 1st person shooters can't really be carried on gfx alone anymore.

These are my ideas:
i think there should be optional alternate storylines, like save the hot chick, or find the treasure of the tards or somethin'.

You also should have to have a clock or something to work against, not like in prince of persia, that's a little dated. maybe a tard army is on your tail and you have to complete certain challenges to slow them down.
e.g, shoot the targets to drop a bunch of jellybeans from the ceiling or some other tard humour.

to get 100% you should have to complete all the alt. storylines before the downies infect you with their extra chromosome.

i would definetly buy that game.
Ummm, interesting storyline. I am not offended by Down Syndrome people in it or anything, but I think my girlfriend would be. She has a brother with Down Syndrome, so I don't really think she would like that.

Also, shouldn't this be in the games forum somewhere? And even if nobody else thinks it's...not quite spam, but something like that, that you keep making consecutive posts with more than a reasonable amout of pics. It took quite some time for the page to load, so I come to find out that its contents is mostly pictures, that I need to horizontally scroll to see. Pretty frustrating.

If you want to have soooo many pictures here, wouldn't it be best to simply link to the larger ones?
personally..... i kinda like your story line. Simple and interesting. kinda looks like resident evil. Laughing
i suggest, to make it that much more SUPER AWESOME, each frihost forum member could make a cameo appearance Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy . then i'd be famous!
sorry for my absence

here we go now

1. it wasnt ment to scroll to the side
i said i didnt mean to

now ill post links...i dont normally cause people like me are too lazy to go to them
2. in the storyline...the "caretakers" are tamporing with experiments mutating them and what not.... im trying not to give it all away

and sorry if you think its spam with all the screenies but i dont think it is... cause coding it to a link is like the same thing
3. im not using open gl or w/e im using the simplest game creator ever
it is so easy
4. im doing it alone
5. random people from fpsc forums have donated models plus im buying a "special people" model pack some time soon to let the demo go on release
6. my frame rate has dropped down to 21 at the lowest in 1 spot
and my cp sucks
7. i would do alternative quests and what not
but Dbp is really hard for me to learn since i dont have a manual for it or anything

Noobie this is for you
hey, where's E.T. and Honeypots and n0obie?...
okay this i will do but youll have to help me
make an et model
animate it
texture it in one texture
and uv map it
and ill put it in the game just for you

8. ill be willing to put everyones face on a "special person" if you guys want me to...but ill need to give you the .dds file if you can open it
and youll need to put your face on it by yourself Smile
9. my game is very challanging because you have 300 health...that 1 zombie you saw
has 500 and it hits for 20damage everyone 1 and 1/2 second
and there are two gaurds gaurding it which also have 500 health but they have guns
and you cant tell when your about do die because ive elimiated huds
i need script that effects the vision when your about to die but thats hard to get.

9. of course the army is is always somewhere where there is a conspiracy going on cause the army is trying to cover it up...thats strictly MY OPINION

if anyone has questions
or wants to help out
or anything of that sort
email me
The graphics are really good. I want to go and play it now!!!
wow!! the screenies really look good!! very neat work for a one man game i would say Smile

but as others have pointed out, maybe the story line needs a little more work. of course, in fps, story is almost non existant. but still it needs to be tightly weaved with the gameplay

so if at all you are releasing a beta, maybe i can hep you test it :0
Lol its good but that spcreenie of the green zombie cracked me up lol, it look like it was boogeying down to music lol
Awesome graphics man. Dont feel like reading but Im sure its a good storyline. Did you do this yourself? or with a team of programmers?
Wow, you're good at that! But tbe graphics need more work, I think, not trying to be offensive or negative, but it needs work! Unless the screens are just testings... Very Happy
Much better than I could ever do. The story sounds fun too. How long would the game be? Seems like it is similar to Half-Life in that you have to escape from zombies and what not. Gives it that nice Resident Evil feeling.
Looks good, a friend of mine is making a similar game that I am helping with (SFX, Music, maybe some 3d support). Be sure to post it when your done.

a long time at this rate

unless you people can model and get objects fpsc ready fast...
or work with dbp to get me save and load

maybe this weekend ill have the demo out...

but its gonna be short 5 lvls at the most
but it will be hard

and im by myself
cept for modelling...i cant model all too well if anyone is willing to help email me at

wow it seems wonderful for a person...You don't have chance against Sierra but i think you are a real gamemaker and i like storyline...Good chance...
What does E.S.C.A.P.E stand for?
looks good. you making this yourself??thats amazing. What modelling program do you use?
This game seems to be nice !

Personaly, the shoots game are those who have a very very very very long durability.... I hope ur too .
Escape stands for...well actually i dont know yet....
but i thought it looked cooler than just "escape"
so ya

im still working on the title

im using mutiple modeling programs
from the 3000$ ones to the 25$ ones it just depends on the model im making
Im in need of Dire modelling and texturing help!!!! if youd like to see this project done then i need some help ie

i need someone to make hospitial patients
and include a texture of them uv wrapped
and animated with fpsc standard animations
ill send them to you if you need.
email me
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