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Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa (Season 2)

Well the second season of Ah, My Goddess TV series has aired in Japan and the raws are available now. However according to my source in AnimeYuki they will be waiting for the wide screen version to start fansubbing, so it might be 3-4 weeks before AnimeYuki and AonE will be releaseing their fan sub of this title.

This is one I'm looking forward to.
I didn't know they were doing a second season on Ah, My Goddess. Some of the best characters I have ever seen. It is not often that I get emtionaly tied to a Anime, but AMG was one of the few. Do you have any links with more infomation?
Actually I just got thrue watching the first episode of just this afternoon. AnimeOne and AnimeYuki are working together on this and went ahead and released the regular version (non-widescreen) just today. Look for it at your favorite bittorrent site (I think I got it from Anime-Source but AnimeSuki would probably have it as well).

It picks up right where the last season left off with Morisato learning that his contract with Belldandy has been lost and Beldandy will have to leave him to return to heaven..... yeah right like that would happen at the start of the season. Check it out.
Season 1 don't really good because the story of manga is short but the animation is too long... hope season 2 will be better...
wohoo... I'm really happy that they produced season 2.
season 1 was good (story wasn't that good though). It just gave me a happy feeling. I hope season 2 will give me that too.

I have just seen ep 1 btw Smile
Weel I've seen 4 episodes so far and not really having too many complaints. There are a couple of strange things about season 2. One: the kept the Celtic music opening theme idea going, this time with Beldandy playing bagpipes. Okay I really like Celtic music and I even like well played bagpipes but the Goddesses are Norse in origin not Celtic.

Two: Looks like Kiechi and Beldandy are back to a more platonic relationship, but then I guess you can't make a good show out of a guy kissing a Goddess al the time.

Oh and just one thing that is kinda weird. The second season started in April so why is there a Christmas story going on right now?
I have just seen Tsubasa all episode with season 1 and I think that was great.
I hope so that season 2 will give me that too.
Now I'm downloading season 2 ...
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