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Love: Understanding as time passes?

Adults/parents often say that teenagers are too young to understand what love is, and should just concentrate on their studies..

1. 'too young to understand what love is'

Will a person naturally understand what love is as he grows? How can a person know and understand what true love is, if he has not even experienced what he thinks is 'true love'?

Its just like you have never saw a tiger in your life, and at most heard descriptions of it. One day, you see something that fit the descriptions, and you assume that its a tiger. Is that how it is supposed to be?

2. 'concentrate on their studies'

Why do people always condemn students before they even try? does entering a relationship equate to neglecting the studies? im 100% certain that its not necessary the case..then why are teens 'condemned' even before anything begins?
well there are parents' who are very strict when it comes to their children's relationships. They do not want their child to be distracted and the like.. maybe its also a matter of trust between the child and the parent..
Most parents who give this advice may seem to be cruel, but if you look at the track record of most teens who fall in love, it's not a very pretty one. Without doubt, the feelings surrounding a relationship at that age are very intense, probably the most intense they'll ever be... however, many young people, when answering these feelings, get themselves into terrible jams. Just look at the alarming rate of Teen AIDS /unwanted pregnancy/other STDs, and you know what I mean.

However, all that said, why is it most people dwell on their very first kiss? Because, in terms of pure passion, it's probably the most meaningful of their lives.

So, my advice in the end is to allow yourself to be passionate while young, but if you do, please be mindful of the consequences of your actions, and protect yourself against them...

If your feelings ARE manageable, though, you should just tend to your studies... (I'm a dad myself, can you tell???) Very Happy
Parents have to be overprotective, or kids would freely run amok and (potentially) ruin their lives in the process.

I agree with thiamshui about knowing what love is; if not learned by experience how will it be learned?
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