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RollerCoaster Tycoon

Hiya people,

RCT is by far my favourite game because the possibilities are endless and i'm adicted to themem parks. I am currently creating a website for RCT, more on that when it's ready!!

William Jenkinson
That's nice!! Even I like RCT.. had been addicted to it for some time..
Ya I still play Roller Coster Tycoon sometimes, I just dont like the new one they came out with it looks dumb but all of the other ones are good I like how you could manage your park and everything.
Yeah, I also didn't like the 3D version either, I guess the gameplay was less fun. The original RCT was the best (and the 1st extension pack).
I love RCT3, I liked all the games. I am a real amusement park junkie, so it is just my cup of tea. We'll see if Philosopher Princess has anything to say about that cliche, but I'm only kidding!
I LOVE Rollercoaster Tycoon, it's one of the best games ever, the first on that is, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 is bad, just not the same feeling..
I know what you guys meen the feeling in RCT3 just isn't the same as you get in the other games. The whole reason i like RCT is because it's a real challenge managing your park and everything. It's supposed to be a stratedgy game, not action like RCT3 is.
I like roller coaster tycoon (A long time ago.) I started playing version 1 and couldnt wait for version 2 to be released. Like most games I get sick of them after a while. I got version 2 and absolutly loved it.

I dont have version 3 dut think tht it has gone down hill with then new 3d effects. I think its ony because my computer doesnt surport it.

Any game that you need to buy a top quality computer just to run it is stupid, But thats just what I think
Five years ago, this game whas interestening but now it is borring and it is for childrens. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Cool
RCT - i very like this game, and it's my "best" from tycoons. I have played RCT on my old pc and I playing RCT on my "new" pc Very Happy

I prefer first part, because second isn't good to me and third part are worst than others....
btw. Did you played on addons to first part of series?
yes i played all of the game's i like them very mutch. But rct3 was very hard to play on story mode. Sad
i am a great fan of rct all versions, its really fun completing the missions or the challenges
i used to play that game for hours on stretch without getting tired.....just a wonderful gameplay!
RCT never gets old. I've had it for ever it seems, and I still play it. Making the rollercoasters is the best part.
That's my absoulote favorite. wish it worked on all computers (it only works on some of mine). my uncle is addicted he's completed no#1 he's more than half way through the second (including one of the expasions) and he has got and is about to do the third and i love it shame i don't have all the time to play it. but anyway it's good to mention this in the forums. I congratulate you.

Cya again. Arrow
ive got to say that aside from WoW, this has been one of the most addicting and fun games ive ever played lol.

Although now im more of an FPS person, it is always nice and reminisce by playing a game of tycoon lol


RCT can be the first tycoon game I ever bought, so I have links to the game. And yeah, its absolutely incredible.
Finally they made it for mac. its not as good as he windows version but o whell. i cant blame aspyr for not trying.
I have RCT and RCT3. When it comes to actually managing the park, I like using RCT. My primary reason for buying RCT3 was for riding your own ride Cool. I only wished that RCT3 could build tunnels like the original game.

RCT is, in my opinion, much better to manage the park than RCT3, partly because RCT3 is too complex for me Laughing. I'm too distracted by being able to ride the rides and making them as badass as I can. In RCT I tried to actually beat the game so I can get the big empty park to use. RCT3 already gives me the huge park, so no motivation to play the game as it should be played.

Both these games are fun to play, but depending on how I fell, I'll play one or the other.
I only have the original Roller Coaster Tycoon (Gold Edition, meaning it also came with the two expansion packs). I've seen ads for RCT3, but I'm not sure, at least from above posts, that it retains the same quality from the first game. To this day I have not finished even half of the available theme parks with their objectives (maybe I'm just not too good at the game Smile ), but I still love RCT.

One thing that was especially fun with the expansion packs was putting a "No entry" banner right in front of the entrance so the people could never leave! Eventually a thousand "I'm lost" messages would come up every second and absolutely nobody in the park was having fun. Twisted Evil
RCT is one of those games I appreciate for what they are, but can't play it for more than a half hour. IT's one of those games (much like regular turn based strategy games) that I can't sink my teeth into. It just bores me a little too much. No personal connection. Give me a game with fast pace, or interesting story, or a really neat engine... not a custom theme park.

This game, much like the Sims, gives me some enjoyment, and I can see how it is addictive... but I'll stick with the more fast-paced games for now.
yea i love Roller Coast Tycoon. I like to make a map with unlimited money and let my imagination go crazy. I have version 1 and 2.
djpupeikis wrote:
Five years ago, this game whas interestening but now it is borring and it is for childrens. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Cool

Yeah, i think so too... but my stupid computer is very old and sometimes i haven't another choice and it is necessary to play to that kind of old games Crying or Very sad
It's an old game, but it still posesses a lot of fun. Part 2 is great too, only to bad that part 2 has the same visuals like part 1. Part 3 is visualy a lot better. I mean the 3-D thing and stuff...
old game? No, not exactly, with the new expansion of RCT3, the game was definitely getting more interesting then before.
Love the game, The 3d version is all right but I rather play the 2nd version over the 3rd anytime.
lol, i remember playing this game. it was alright - does get a bit dry after a while. but i love watching the people get off and being sick hahaha.
Surprised i have some many memories of being addicted to this game! i remember that my mom also got addicted to this game hehe. i guess theres just something about it that makes you keep playing.

i guess im going to have to go find my game. i feel in the mood to play it now. clean off all the dust hehe Laughing
rct1 is the best game ever made.
only i find ther must be more atractions.
al the other games of rollercoaster tycoon go to slow on my computer.
i have found also a trainer for money and extra guests.
wen you react i can give the url of the trainer.
by my version of the trainer ther was not any viruses on the trainer.

sorry for my bad inglesh
Yep, RollerCoaster Tycoon has got a space on my computer too Smile

I like it, just the building of attractions. Sometimes it's very hard because it's unexplainable but that's not bad Smile
I play RCT 1 and 2...3 is real downhill from the first 2...
i love the graphics of both 1 and 2. taking it 3d is just unneccessary IMHO. the gameplay is can have multiple ways to kill still remember back in the days when RCTs just came out there were fansites discussing the various ways to personal favorite is drowning or crashing the vehicles...
Played the first one for ages. Love the game and I wasn't disapointed at the vast expanse of features in the 3rd one (I missed the 2nd one... was playing other games). Sandbox mode is the best thing they've ever done to that game... so much freedom. People used to do unlimited cash with the super park but I remember the dodgy hack... I don't think you could save.
I love this game!!! I so want to see your site when it is done. This and sim city are like my two favorite games Very Happy
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