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Computer game maker

Making games for a computer is pricey but is very fun , i really love my job , make a little money but nice to see a community that I have built up
what game are you making? care to share some screenshots and share some details? well, i do not have the ability to program games yet.. Sad
Yeh, What games are you working on? also what launguages have you learnt to code, ive always been very facinated to know what they code games in, C++?
In holland, they recently started the QANTM college (special school for gameproduction)
maybe if im in to it and if i have a lot of money, ill go to it...
The coding seems a bit dull though... im more into the graphical things
please tell us your experience with it...
I've always wanted to make a computer game, but I have never seen a course where I can learn the programming. Good career choice though.
Full Sail has a VERY extensive computer game design program. You learn from not having ANY knowledge of programing to being able to code fully 3d games. They even have some VR labs to play with. They teach everything from storyline to graphics to the language itself. And lots more. Dave Areous... I forget how to spell his name but He's one of the Co-Creators of D&D the original and he teaches the storylining / character developement sort of class. I had a good friend who took this degree program and went from not knowing much about computers in general to making some very cool games. Most of them were very simple and not much too them but they were school projects not retail.

EDIT: oops you can find them on the web at
It is getting harder and harder to make games independently in the modern entertainment market - the big studios have such high production budgets, the consumer has extremely high expectation levels of sound, graphics, playability, and testing - making it almost impossible for the little guy.

So much for progress!
Well if you want to make a good game there is a lot of hard work to do. I rather play games that programme them. Razz
I have just started as a Student In an Interactive and Graphic Arts program. This means I wish to become a game designer too. I just got through generals and now i have some intresting classes. I generally love video games, and I have artistic abilities so this field sounds like it would be for me.
I was wondering what awaits me on the other end of schooling. Does anyone else design games on the graphic side of things? What should i be looking for employment wise?

Me I want to know something. After the GCA Level, which studies should we choose to continue if we want to be a game coder?
wow this got to be interesting Smile
but I think making a game require a team !!
you know ... music , graphics , story .. etc
am I right ? Wink
I can agree that is fun, I am currently getting my degree in Multimedia/Game Design and I use to work for a gaming company in the area for a few months as an intern. They went bankrupt long after I had to quit do to school though. At the internship I was working on making textures for the models and landscapes they created. It was great work! I can't wait to get a serious job doing this stuff!
The coding seems a bit dull though... im more into the graphical things
please tell us your experience with it...
actually coding is quite fun if you like problem solving. i recomend starting to code with a basic program eg. gamemaker which is found at but can teach you alot of the basics and patterns in coding provided that you use code functions insteadof drag'n'drop. afterthat move on to c++ which uses most of the same patterns and basics but can teach you some bad code habits. this is why i first recomend gamemaker. a great one for games is python.

[quote=ahmad] but I think making a game require a team !!
you know ... music , graphics , story .. etc
am I right ?[/quote] no your not right go here and check out the creations and wip sections much of these are created without a team but commercial development like squaresoft does require a team for peak quailty not to mention meeting a deadline for release.
lol, GM forum got hacked last week... Anyway, yeah, the GM community, a lot of people help out.
i like playing computer games
makeing com[uter game i think is a good job
When you'll become angry you'll not see it funny anymore! don't get it bad...
Program for the Apple //e. It's great joy.

Making games for a computer is pricey but is very fun , i really love my job , make a little money but nice to see a community that I have built up

I thought that programming was a high paying field. Maybe I was wrong.... That would be cool to work for Microsoft or somebody like that, my brother's friend does and he gets tons of discounts and free stuff.
I'm going to go to AI to learn how to do it and join a studio or something Smile
Game making is really exciting profession. I'm studying it's fields and currently getting information about implementing AI in games. My number one book in this field is Programming game AI by example by Mat Buckland. I hope you'll enjoy it as I did.
actually,game making is not very hard to do if you are willing to learn C++ or maybe more easier use delphi

but,if you wanted to made some 2d game,I think GM is a great tool...
i like also editing games
you know red alert 2 YR
that is a great game to mod
check me website Very Happy
With the forthcoming release of the Playstation 3 and the seemingly successfull launch of the XBOX 360 i can only see computer games being drawn away from the standard PC platform. I only role i see for PC's in the decades ahead in to facilitate online gaming. World of Warcraft has shown the success a massive, well run, playable mulitnational game can have.
Therfore i suggest that anyone looking to go into the computer games industry to either aim for Sony or Microsoft, or get well versed in online communication protocols.
I think Surreal offer many decent places in game developement and Blizzard have just opened many, posts for their MMORPG world of warcraft.
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