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Election systems

What is your opinion about different election systems? Does a "perfect" system exist what is good for all countries or sytems are only used for historical reasons and all of them "good"? Which is better, personal candidates, candidate lists or a mixture of them? What is more important: to form a stable goverment or a proportinate exchange of votes to mandates?
I think some sort of equal numbers in a coalition could be tried with some sort of outside, non-political group to decide deadlocks.

Or even a totaly non-political government made up of various groups called upon when their particular field of expertise is required.
Proportionate the people in the goverment to the votes they had should be the best way... and all the parties, big and small ones, should be there until the end.

I think it is not fair that just the two most voted (always the same parties) can share the responsability of ruling the country... and at the one just one!! I think this happens in some countries like USA and Italia.

I prefer the way is used in countries like Spain: all the parties, huge and small ones can be voted. At the end, they divide the total number of votes per the number of people in the goverment and we will have number "x". So every "x" people that have voted any party, no matter which one, this party will have one person in the goverment.

At the end, of course, if one party have majority in the goverment they will rule their way, but if it's not the case they will have to agree each policy with the rest of the goverment since they have a majority to acept it.

This is a fair way to rule a country, don't you think?
Elections in the US are a joke. A candidate can win the popular vote (meaning the majority of the voters voted for him) but still lose the election because he didn't have enough electorial college votes. Can anyone expalin to me how this is fair and just??

The people apparently wanted that candidate in office, but politics ruled out that possibility.
The entire electoral system needs an overhaul, in my opinion. And I like the whole idea of "one person from every party in government." While they may not have the same beliefs or views, they all can contribute something to make something better... if that makes any sense at all.
Soulfire wrote:
... And I like the whole idea of "one person from every party in government."

Soulfire, I'm not familiar with what you are refering to. can you give me a brief on that?
I don't think a perfect system exists. But I am a huge advocate of proportional representation - where people actually have to fight for their place in parliament or congress. Some systems have the leader of the winning party automatically becoming president. That's crap. Presidential candidates should duke out and not lead the country by default.

Politics, will always have its share of...politcs, so as voters we just need to chose the lesser of two evils. A perfect system to me would be a democratic communist system where everyone is equal and all that good stuff. But that can and will never work on this planet. so we have to make the most of what we have. But as youngsters we really need to get involved in the politics of our countries. We should know what the issues are and where our politicians stand on those issues so that when its time to vote we are informed and can vote for someone who will represent our views in parliament. don't just be like, "Screw that! Politics sucks, and politicians suck even more, so I am not voting!" That's retarded and doesn't help anyone.
there really can not be any "perfect" election system...each person would want what they would want from any [possible] standpoint at any given time, and it would create [potential] havoc in the end run. I am not saying that a possible dictatorship is is possible, eventual, or even wished...just that some form of control system should be established, what that may be....I do not know.

I just have to fight the wars, not agree with them.
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