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every gamer should know this game!!

diablo 2 and expansion.. lord of destruction...
i think all gamer should know this game of the year... 2000 and 2001..
i still mad and nut about it... till now.. uninstalled.. and reinstalled... how many time of that i forget already...??

well my flover charcter is the assasin...
i like fast and furios type of charcter...
the one thing i hated the game is that.. is hard to get what u want..
but playing tru ip is much better to me cause i am a slow connection( dial-up) user... connect tru bnet... killin me... but kind of FAST lvling..... and cool..
yes it's too old...i don't play it currently...But you are right no game can devolop as Diablo...So if we were in 2001 i would play it...
I used to be addicted to that game when it cae out, I never fully completed it though never had the determination or time, now when i play it it just seems so repetitive and corny.
i never liked diablo. i played it, but it makes us play the same game all the time. And it bores me. i hate people calling diablo "RPG".

Anyway, despite it not being RPG, it IS a good game, especially multiplayer.
I loved diablo from the moment i saw diablo I its so crule.
i think that diablo II is much better than Diablo I becouse the levels are better and you don't have the problem of going to the right level.
I haven't got to Diablo in I but in II i reched him but dont defeated him.
I hate the basterds who cheat on the internet, they are so cowerdly, i didn't have cheated and hav killed someone who has cheated.
than i was very proud of myself.

greets Peter
Phh, I prefer Neverwinter Nights, that was cool game. Just wait for Neverwinter Nights 2, it will beat Oblivion Wink
I don't play Diablo, at all really. I'm just posting that I like the fact that there are 2 people here with Half-Life avatars. Good work, Sebaci and Ammo!
I just love all Blizzard games! they all are awesome.
blizzard games really are awesome...
and as for d2 and d2exp THEY JUST OWN
just boosting up my sorca Razz
Well i still play the game... a bit boring... hav to kill and rekill the same monster all day long just to up a level...

but when playing tru battlenet or ip.. Multiplayer... the game became very nice.. just like lineage 1....

well last time... long long long time ago.. thousand of people mad about this game... but now.. warcraft.. and online game take over....sigh...
Blizzard is really good at making addictive games. DII was pretty fun, but it does get pretty boring and repetitive if you are playing online.

I was a Diablo II addict.. it's been a very long time since i played my very last character class to finish all quests, a barbarian, but you guys remind me again about the game and i missed it.. i'll reinstall the game tonight, I feel i have unfinish business.. Very Happy
The first diablo was mildly fun to me... I couldn't find a reason for me to pick up diablo 2.
Heard of it, never played it. Not really my style of game.
I played it one hell of a long time ago..

Certainly not any more
well playing diablo is one and the only game that i can play...
cause of the out-dated com.... brought it year 2000.....
so.. i i like the ... pretty much... since most of the afterward game are too high spec game...
well since than... i mad of diablo....
Code of Ruin
It is a classic all-right. But it is more than 5 years old. It would run on my older computers but it doesn't perform as good on high-end platforms. If it is not your genre there is a large chance you won't like it but if it is your genre then this is one game you have to see.
well i never liked diablo much from what i heared of it, and when i played it, i wasnt satisfied with the grafics neighter, i dont like much rpg because they take too much time to level up but when i saw oblivion then it really gave me what i wanted from an rpg, 3rd person and first person persective at the same time; its just ammasing !!!!
not counting the ammasing grafics and easy gameplay like playen an adventure game and at the same time an rpg. I all ways wanted a game like that, and Oblivion really hits the spot Smile
Cool Games thx Laughing
an old game...but undeniable it's been a great game.
I have spent my nights on it...the first few months I played at a local machine....
then I spent another 2 yrs for the multiplayer games....It was just a memorable history in my gaming lilfe Laughing
Yeah played diablo 1 alot.. but then.....

Its all just click click click click click click click click click Etc.

Then i got annoyed at all the cheats Razz

It became a game that in the end was all about having the latest cheats.

Bah characters on local machines never work out..
This was a very fun game, I enjoyed many many hours of it, and guesse what I have. DIABLO 1 WITH HELLFIRE EXPANSION!!!!! I pwn all yall. LOL. But I do for real have Diablo 1 and the very unknown expansion. It is quite fun. I suggest you track it down, it is VERY rare. Cool
Yeah, Its a great game. Unfortunately I am WAY too familiar with it. One too many years wasted away on it, but yet I still cant wait for Diablo 3.
Diablo 3... i heard that... a romour...
there will no more diablo..... sad to heard that...
well.. if those still play diablo 2 : lord of destruction... be patient... is just a rumour only...
i still hope that the new diablo wont need high-spec computer to play.....
I love the hack and slash RPG gameplay that the Diablo series offers. Makes me wonder how my mouse survives the massive clicks that it receives during those sleepless nights playing Diablo II and its expansion the Lord of Destruction. Very Happy
Ya Diablo 2 rocks, can't wait for Diablo 3 to come out, i think Blizzard is spending too much time on Warcraft 3, so they don't have the time to develope other games Sad And another problem is that people still play games like Diablo 2 and Starcraft too much, so basically they are waiting for people to get bored of them, then they'll probably make the next versions of these games.
well... till now no one know what do the diablo 3 have...
no one know how the diablo 3 look like... or any feature...
if some have any photo or acticle about it can share it here...
i will like to know more about it...
my pal at JP said that the diablo 3 will might follow other online game lead...
beacame a fPS atyle game... and will be totally in 3D....
and so does the warcarft 3... a new legion will rise... yet a rumour...
so much fake story today...
im still having these days a d2 - classic - hardcore - sessioon with friends from time to time ... the 'hack - and - slay - fealing' is just matched by the lovly gfx, mass of items and well designed gameplay and balance that can't be found in any actual title mmorpg or not.

hope one day diablo 3 can just match these qualeties ... that woud be enoug tho rock any other title in this genere Very Happy
i hope so too... one day... when the diablo 3 is out in the market... hopefully... it will make a huge impression to those who still yet now dont know what is DIABLO ...

a hardcore game which every gamer is waithin for... which hopefully worth for the long wait...
The only thing I ever really heard about this game was in the Best Buy circulars. Never actually knew what the heck the game was all about. Razz
I was a D2:LOD junkie forever! I had like 4 lvl 99's...Frost orb Sorc, Javazon, WW Barb, Corpse Necro(OMG cows go moo moo splat!). Favorite...or well...most played was the frost sorc. Most fun was prolly the Necro doin corpse explosion cow runs...boom...could pretty much solo cows. muhahaha
well ... i have 3 assassin charcter... one... the all good but not for pvp or player killing style. one is for hardcore and player killing. another is the most rich one... all those charcter only around level 70-80 only...
becoz of time and concentration too much on finding set item and good charm. the best charm i ever found was the assasin touch fire... all skill plus 3.... found in hell level.. after killin baal.....

i got other character too... but all level around 30-40 only... coz i think that assasin is much easy to train and hunting for money....

i wonder does.. warcraft 3 the frozen thorne custom map got diablo 2 style map or not...
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