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Kingdom Hearts II

Hey everyone ^_^ I didn't see a Kingdom Hearts II topic so I posted one of my own. I want to know if youve played it, want to play it, or anything else you want to say about the game I think its an awesome game and it was well worth my money ^^ Your turn xp
hey.. kingdom hearts is nice but i never play kingdom hearts 2 before.. is it really nice? well, i finished the first version Razz going to get the second soon.. juz a bit too busy nowdays ..
I'm really enjoying it. The opening movie was excellent (I like it better than the first), and it was also a pretty decent length. I haven't played more than 4 hours of it though but so far I'm quite happy with it. The gameplay has improved, and the menus etc are the same as the first's which I think is a good thing.

There is a topic for this btw (I think it might have just been KDH2, so a search might not have worked, I dunno)
I didn't like it at first, cause I'm such a n00b I never even played the first Kingdom Hearts. To be honest, I'm not a huge Disney fan (flame me), but then my friend made me play it for a little, and I started to like it. My only comment is: better graphics please =(
My daughter just started playing it tonight and she loves it. When you start there is much more watching then playing. But get ready for am awesome story, and a very interesting turn of events. I had to tear her away form the PS2 when bed time came.

Yes it is very good!
I've actually been disappointed with Kingdom Hearts II. I'm at the end of the game and neither my wife nor I have been able to muster up the interest to actually finish it. So we're selling it tonight.

The story begins with mystery, the mystery being "I see what's going on here, but there must be more to it." Well... there isn't. While there are more cinemas, almost 6 times as much in game cinemas as in KH1, there is actually less story. And most the action does seem to originate with the Disney characters being too depressed to do their jobs.


Beyond that, the level design is atrocious. While the levels do hold some visual interest, they are completely linear. I have made it all the way to the end of the game, and I have never had to choose between going left or going right. Not once.

I'd really much rather be playing the first one again. The bosses were better in the first one to.
i think i'm gonna pick it up pretty soon. I loved the first one
I've played the first one which was really great but i haven't play the 2nd one yet... ive seen many articles about it and my friend said that it's not better than the 1st one... so don't feel like buying it anymore
I Just bought the first one, the second ones out after my birthday so i'll get that ASAP
I haven't got play it yet, but I have seen and heard alot, and I really mean ALOT of stuff from friends. First off, I didn't play the first kingdom hearts for that long, hell, I never got off the island right in the beginning. I probably would have played it more if I had the time. I don't really know what to expect from KH2. But when I watched my friend Rob play, I felt kind of ripped off. Alot of the stuff I saw was of constant action sequences that were designed like cut scenes, but sadly, that's not what I got. What I saw was the same stuff I saw from the last game with special moves. Also, Square enix is pretty much the master of great graphics, so why are the graphics in this game so bad? Honestly, though, those are my only gripes. If I ever play and beat the first one again, I may pick this one up, but if they spent so long to make this game, why couldn't they make it better?
Ghost Face
My friend says that you get like dual keyblades in the end. Freakin sweet..
Whoaaa! Never heard of this game until now! Very Happy

Hmmm, well, gotta give it a try. I'm an RPG fan that is why I'm intrigued with how good this game is. I'll have to grab a copy and try it for myself! Smile
I heard it was really good but I am still kind of edgy on buying it. Its 50$
Utada's Passion is far better then Simple & Clean in my own words.
But Passion sucks in English compared to Japanese...

anyways I hate it and love it, and beat it.
Just a quick overview:
*Froms are sexy
*Camera is soooo much better
*Level Design sucks
*Really sucks
*Story slows down for way too long after Twilight Town
*Then again after Hollow Bastion
*Ending = </3
*Still just hit the X button...but now sometimes you hit triangle
*Summons are still useless
*Magic is still somewhat useless
*I love how they did Seifer
*Gummi Ship battleing inmproved
*Gummi Ship making confuses me
*other junk...
Is KH II the game with lots of characters in it(I mean, all kinds of character)? I know only of Sora, as I keep seeing images and picture of Sora on the internet Wink
OK it has been a three weeks now now since my kids got Kingdom Hearts 2. What I see is they they are playing it. A lot. They are 12 and 9 and for as much game play as it gets I would give it a thumbs up.

Here is how I gauge the value of a game. Take the cost and divide ti by the hours spent on it. Anything they is at a dollar and hour or better is a good game in my book. I count that as entertainment costs, and like all of you see games that never make the grade before they are shelved.

One other thing that seem better then most games is the story. Walking past and watching them play I sometimes see story elements that very unique.

Kingdom Hears 2 is still OK in my book.
Not out in the uk yet Mad
I'm about 22 hours in and loving it so far. "Sanctuary" (the English opening theme) is a gorgeous song, and is actually as good IMHO as the Japanese version of the song ("Passion"). "Simple and Clean" from KH wasn't as good as "Hikari," the Japanese opening song.

I think what I notice the most is that they fixed the camera problems-- they drove me nuts in KH, but now they're gone! The battle system is different, somewhat faster paced, and I like that. Plus you actually have to hit something other than X sometimes, though it's still a button masher. ^.^

Great thing about the opening video sequence is that it summarises KH: Chain of Memories, which I couldn't stand to play long enough to finish. The story was good in CoM, but I can't abide that stupid card battle system. Evil or Very Mad I think my brain would have exploded after the beginning of KH2 if the opening FMV handed summarised CoM, since CoM is important to understanding certain points things.
I've finally played it and have to say it was incredibly easy for the most part. The Organization XIII guys can get ridiculously hard.
Yeah, the story line doesn't take that long, but the game play and actual story is way cool. Not to mention the new gameplay, with mini-gumi ships, new disney charcters, transform modes (Secret Shadow Sora), and New keyblades (Two even). It is by far the best game I have ever played for the PS2. Well worth anyones money. Go out and buy one of your own.
well. sure Good Very Happy it's absolutely good Very Happy

I'va played the first Kingdom Hearts, and if you've done it and see the Best Ending, You'll se Nobody [Kindom Hearts 2] there Smile sure cool, that's what makes me play Kingdom Hearts 2.

Eventough i'm not a Disney Fans, but this Kingdom Hearts Project is awesome

for they who haven/t play it and wants to play it, I recommended you to play the "Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memory" first [It's GBA games] and you'll be understand more about the story.
Yeah, if you don't know anything about what goes on in KH: Chain of Memories then you're going to be incredibly lost. A lot of the important stuff in KH2, especially in the beginning, hinges on events from CoM.
Kingdom Hearts II is an awesome game but I am slightly disapointed in it. Playing the original Kingdom Hearts was an experience. The level of difficulty was fairly high and the storyline was awesome. Kingdom Hearts II is a great sequel but it is too easy and the storyline is almost too confusing. Even if you played Chain of Memories the storyline is still hard to understand. Everyone has a nobody and it just gets caught up in itself.
The elements I liked about the game is that it is more Final Fantasy-esque. Organization XIII feels like it is directly from a FF game.
hey, but sora looks better on 2, everybody would agree.

sure, every games are best on their first release. but it's the fans that actually pursuade gaming companies to make sequels.
I like this games unique and you can see all disney character on this games just like the previous Kingdom Heart.
clip wrote:
hey, but sora looks better on 2, everybody would agree.

sure, every games are best on their first release. but it's the fans that actually pursuade gaming companies to make sequels.

yap.. his new clothes is better than in the first one...
anyway.. one quote from this game :

Nobody is perfect
but I'm Nobody
so I'm perfect

The gummi ship editor is possibly the most unintuitive feature I've seen. It's a solid game, I'm enjoying it, but the plot feels even more convoluted (at the beginning) and childish. I though Sora and the game got older? It's a fun but incredibly unchallenging play.

Linear and easy doesn't even cut it. Hell, they give you a list of treasures in order of when you encounter them, so if you miss one, you know it (and know roughly where it was). I didn't think the graphics were bad though...
I liked the gummi feature, it reminds me of galaga, anyways KH-2 is easily on the top of my favourite games for PS2. The killer app of PS2: devil may cry, jak, KH, Final Fantasy, Ratchet and Clank. Socom.
I haven't played it yet, but I really want to, since I loved the first one. As soon as KH2 becomes a greatest hit and the price goes down, I'll buy it. The only thing I was disappointed with involving the original was the abruptness of the ending. Can anyone tell me if the second one has a better ending? (Please no spoilers! A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice)
Still, even if the game sucks at some parts it probably one of the best on the PS2.
Along with KH ofc.

so, a gamer should have at least tested this game to call theirself a gamer Wink
The official pictures for Kingdom Hearts II is just amazing! The simplest shirt has amazing details that no one really notices!

I haven't beaten the first game yet though, but I'm trying.. I have also heard that Kingdom Hearts II is alot shorter than Kingdom Hearts I [is taking forever to finish!- or it's just me..]
Last time i played. It got stuck. I remembered there was a deep scratch... $$$ wasted

It was fun while it lasted. I think it is really fun, my brother and I were competing to see who ends it first, but in the end I figured we went the same place and it became very very very boring. I stopped playing then. Last month however, I tried to play... There was a scratch.

rating: 4/5 (maybe because all the other games I had were all lousy)

I hope they had a pc version, like in FF8. But if it did make one... I guess PS2 would be obselete Rolling Eyes
I always liked the actual concept of fusing disney characters with characters created by squaresoft (Final fantasy style characters) but I did find that kindom hearts 1 was a little too 'action adventure' and not enough RPG for my liking. Maybe I expected it to be something that it wasnt.
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