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The Godfather - New Game, Amazing, My Review.

I recently purchased the game, "The Godfather," (For Xbox) and played it for a while, saw some good and bad aspects of the game.

Bad: Starting with the worst first, so I can share the good things about the game later. First, It completely copies Grand Theft Auto, that could be a good thing because a lot of people like GTA. The Godfather has the same controls, you can hijack cars, lock on, view your map, buy clothing, just think of everything you can do in GTA but picture it in an earlier period of time and you have "The Godfather." There are definately not as many cars.

Good: This game is stunning, I'm not really a violent guy, but this game is really fun. You can execute people by pressing the black button and this will kill them with really sick moves. You can extort buisness' and purchase guns from the black market. There are a ton of guns like the, "Dillinger", "Saturday Night Special", Shotguns, Tommy guns, pistols, and everything you need for a fun gaming experience.

Hope this Review helps! =)
I'd like to add my opinions to the above(it will be short):

The graphics are horrible, the character is quite hard to handle and that they've tried to copy from another game(lack of originality).

What's good? Probably just the storyline, imo.
I enjoy mafia-like game/movies.
I've even got The Godfather theme as my ringtone Smile
Cheap rip off of Grand Theft Auto, But anyhow I've got the game, I'm playing it and its awesome.
I heard that this game is quite the same with GTA and mafia. I like both games. That's why I will be getting this game soon. Very Happy
the game is cool! I'm enjoying playing it!
It's cool to pressure the others to pay the money... or else... bang bang!
I think im going to get this game, the first film was pretty good, seems only fare I give the game a try Very Happy
i'll buy this game we'll see
oh my gosh. Mad I cannot play this game because I am using Nvidia Geforce 4MX. Really want to try this game out but I think i have to buy a new graphic card or wait until i buy a new computer with latest graphic card. Sad
The game is like GTA3? Pretty cool, its like GTA but Godfather style
This game rules!!! my favorite weopon is the "street sweeper" lol
I love The Godfather The Game. It has a very good story, a lot of weapons, a lot of stuff you can do and sure a lot more that I just don't remember.

I become mad at my computer when the girlfriend died. Three of the buttons felt of Razz I took all the compounds and I became a Underboss! I'm Don now, on good way to become Don of NYC!
hmm pretty nice game...but it's just a copy of GTA serial...but it has some specific details...
I heard it was a good game and kind of like Grand Theft Auto but the only reason I might not like it is because its set back a while and have all of those old cars and things.
I have been looking forward to getting this game for a while now, I am just too damn poor. Stupid college tuition going up, stupid me for taking a low paying job. Sad
Like I said in the other topic, It's so tedious extorting buisnesses and crackin' safes, so much so I never got Don of NYC. Story missions were enjoyable though, but I still liked Mafia and GTA better.
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