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world series

I was just wondering what your predictions are for the World Series this year. I'd have to go with the Yankees and Cardinals. Go Yanks!
Well you picked such safe picks...

They yankees are on a downfall. They are old and their pitching is still a problem as it was last year. From the AL, if the whitesox do the same with their pitching they will be hard to beat again. The Jays will make the playoffs and may be a surprise as well, and don't forget about Boston. Oakland will be tough too. If I had to pick I would go with Boston with Oakland or the Twins as the sleeper.

The Cardinals have f not one of the best staffs in baseball and will be tough again. I like the mets, they have been trying for a few years to improve and I think this is the year. I would also watch out for the Cubs.
The Yankees didn't do enough in the off season to remedy their middle relief problems. There is really no proven entity. Farnsworth was a one shot deal last year, Sturtze? who knows. But someone will have to step up if they want to make it to the show this year.

The Mets actually look pretty good, with their new acquisitions. Plus they have someone this year who actually will be able to close out games.

My pick to win it all would be St. Louis. They now realize what it takes to get to the big time. They have the seasoning and experience now from the previous 2 years. Plus they have Pujols Very Happy .

Really don't see anyone taking them out, Chicago? yeah maybe, but realistically nah. It was their time this year. Last year's Chicago team was special, seems like too much new blood this year. Will they mesh?

Stay tuned, that's why they play the games
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