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What is your computer related obsession?

I know my own would be networking, creating and configuring servers, setting up CMS's like the one in my own site.

Its addicting to me, I like the feeling of accomplishing something that you can be proud of. I also like the feeling of being younger than almost every tech specialist out there, and still being able to do the same, and more, and recieve the same amount of respect and recognition as the more accomplished techie's.

Does anyone else have anything they would like to share?
Something similar or something else that you like to do with computers?

programming. definately. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I like making games and helping other people make games. I also like to play some of the games other amateurs like me make and see if I could make it.

I also like to listen to the radio a lot. There are a lot of good radio online that can get me busy for a while.
Michael B
Me, my obsession would be tweaking my computer an programs to how I wan't them, I also love playing with code. When I first installed windows on this computer is took 35 sconds to start up. Now with a Firewall and AntiVirus and piles of tweak, it teak only 28 sconds, witch is not great, I had it down to 24 at one stage. But I don't let go of "visual bubble gum" I like flashing Icons, the reason I have changed lots of the windows default icons, and why I have the FireFox extention cute menus install. I have spent ages tweaking FireFox, I still have a long way to go, then I will move on to ThunderBird. :)
programming and building forum
mine would have to be COUNTER STRIKE it has been my obsession since i picted up a copy of source but before that i would have to be c++ and html
Free Software and GNU/Linux
well, programming is one of my obsessions.. however, i do get bored sometimes.. and when i get bored, i would experiment with hardware and tinkering with Windows.. it is because of all these experimentaling that allows me to learn lots of stuff bout computers..
silly enough, being as that i am a bit young in the world of computers related obsessions, mine are:


web design

typing quickly and accurately (this can expand outside of computers, though)

I love the sort of voyeurism that comes with all of these web profiles and blogs. I can't seem to make up my mind about whether I want to consistently use capital letters or not. I alternate.
I could spend hours coordinating colors.
I guess, HTML. That is as far as it goes. I know some *very* basic HTML, but with creativity I do what I want. (I don't want that much.)
I feel triumphant when I can make my webpages looks just how I want. I am still experimenting with successfully using tables. I'll improve, especically if this free webhosting here allows me to get out of the world of MySpace and Livejournal. :)

Yay for computers! Yay for instant messengers! Yay for global accessibility!
yes typing quickly is very important and comes in handy but so does being able to type without looking at keyboard which is something I am trying to do now nearly have it
Looking how the graphics in the games changes. Playing some games, reading about processors and graphics cards, programming, etc
i think i am addicted here(FRihost) and my website...i like programing and drawing something but i haven't do these currently...i always post here and pay attention for my website...
Once I started to design and actually make my site a reality, It bacame my obsession, I have to get everything perfect, all the spacing, the positions of sidebars, and other add-ins to configure.

I also like to help people with their computers, outside the internet I am a computer/network/server specialist. I just like working with computers in general, building, repairing, upgrading, configuring, networking, wiring, and it's even now extending to phone systems over Cat5e (general-grade network cable).

No matter where I go I cant seem to get away from it, lol, everything I see, like stores, libraries, schools, I have to look at all the technical aspects and see how they do it and compare it to what I would have done.

Its just what I do
I used to run a site called Mudpuppy's Celebrity Links and I gotta say, I got pretty obsessed with updating it. Every f*ing day I was up at 5AM and would spend 2 hours working on it before going to my real job. After 5 or so years, I finally had to force myself to take it down. Even went through withdrawal
Laughing I'd find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking I should put it back up for just a little longer...

There should be a 12 step program for programmers!
1: Forums
2: Tweaking the linux graphical system
3: Helping people

That works nicely for me. In fact, I've on rare occasions done all three at the same time. (helping someone with their linux graphics system on a forum)
Playing Joint operations, has definitely become an obsession. I’ve also started making maps for it. I can see that turning into a time sapping obsession as well.
mine would difently be web design i cant stop udating my website Confused
Thundr n Lightning
Playing SIM game I never thought I could possibly be so addicted to anything Laughing
I have several obsessions. I like to program, troubleshoot/do tech support, and build computers from scratch. I think that these are the most satisfying. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing that your program compiled cleanly, you solved a problem that stumped everyone else, or listening to the whirr and beep of a computer that just POST-ed successfully for the first time. :D
Graphics design is pretty much my life on the computer. I run it raw with photoshop, iTunes, email, MS Word and games all open at the same time. [my compuetr and I have a love hate relationship]. I have never built a computer before [sounds like too much hard work for me]. My other major obsession is livejournal and forums. I love that I'm not just stuck talking to the same narrow minded people that I go to school with evey day. I can talk to people from everywhere who do amazing things and who i admire. PLus livejournal is the bets place for me to rant. Razz
^Molly! My cohort! I see you ahve arrived. ANyway, back on topic. I am obsessive with talking on forums, and after that grpahic design.

And maybe making layouts comes next.

Programming has always been beyond me. Confused
Graphic design has always been another hobby of mine, but Im neither good enough at it nor in the right mood to be that creative a lot of the time, so I may be able to get one or two good banners or signature pictures out per month, if I am lucky. Razz

Would anyone like to create a signature or avatar image for me? Pwetty Please? lol
Computer programming is my hobby, I like to code C++ when I have time and it helps to relax me.
I like to go on games such as Counterstrike:CZ, Counterstrike:Source and Call of Duty 2. I also like to do some research on my favourite hobby, fishkeeping on a forum I go on, I don't want to post it here though as it's kind of advertising, if you would like the URL then just feel free to PM me. I also like to come on here and look at technical things and other peoples websites, I occasionaly like to make a website but usually give up when I get bored.
World of Warcraft.
It's like crack!
So addictive.
Other than that I'm constantly "dabbling" with programming and game design.
At work I get to be the office "tech guy" though I don't get paid for it, nor is it in my job description at all.
I find that people are too lazy to want to understand how to help themselves and so when they have a problem they ask someone else to fix it for them... that's where I come in.
Although I must say, if I have to click the "yes" button for someone when their document asks them if they want to save it one more time I'm going to freak out!
Come one people, learn to read!
Don't call me over because you don't know what to do when the instructions are written in English! (which I'm pretty sure is the primary language where I work...)
yeah counter strike source is a class waste of time but the more you play the better you get
Most of you are into programming and all that but what I love best is the Internet! Although I'm supposed to be working hard (I'm in my second last year of high school), I just never can't seem to get rid of my obsession to the Internet and MSN Messenger Razz
mine is computer making from parts... i find it fun and addicting.... just fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i also enjoy programing with java, i'm a n00b Sad very basic (cant even do gui's Sad ) o'well Razz
...webpage layouts.

I'm entirely obsessed with graphic design. I'm so vain that I like to be surrounded by pretty things too, right down to web pages. I even edit the CSS of "ugly" pages through firefox to look better while i'm looking at them.

MAN I love firefox plugins.
wow, I'm definitely not as smart as you people... I have absolutely no idea how to program (Although I am taking a programing class next year)... I just use my computer to read manga, watch anime, draw CG, watch k-drama, read fanfics, and do my homework.... I feel so stupid... d'oh!
My true passion is graphic design, i'm trying to get a degree so i can do 3d modeling and stuff like that. I also love building computers and modding them out. Yes a tipical nerd.
AlexNet wrote:

Does anyone else have anything they would like to share?
Something similar or something else that you like to do with computers?


Well I wouldn't call mine an obsession, but I like to edit video clips with my computer and then put them on my web page! I haven't put anything yet except a Bruce Lee clip that I edited a bit, just to make it look better!
I don't take any credits of editing it, check it out and tell how you like it Laughing
My obsession is playing computer games, but for now I don't have enought time, so I don't spend so much time like before. For now I working under SuSE linux.
Open source is the best software!
Right now, I'm obsessed with web designing. It will change sometimes depend on my mood... -_-
Game Fortress
I am obsessed with spriting/gamemaking/flash tooning... I RP fromt time to time as well.
well i started with programming and i still do it, i have earned a lot of money from it, but now i also do some web design.more money coming up and it's really fun.i also get a lot of knowlege from both of them about computers,networks and other staff.i do sum tuning too but not very extreme....
Oh I KEEP checking my emails 10 times a day, and checking the forums I'm active in!! Confused d'oh!

But also webdesigning and playing games at times (depends on my mood)
Video games and Photoshop.

I absolutley love a good, online RTS. I've been playing Age of Empires III like crazy lately after a pretty long break. As for Photoshop, it's nothing I really want to do professionally like some of those amazing graphic arts designers, but I'm a self-taught PS user and love to just sit down and create something...especially many signatures for the many forums that I frequent.

That's an addiction as well, I guess. Razz
I'm somewhat obsessed with finding ways to change the Windows operating system to fit my specific needs/wants. I'm constantly playing with the registry, .ini files, and altering the overall look of my OS.
well. Rolling Eyes
this might seem silly and stupid.but it's my obsession


blogging Exclamation Exclamation

web design is a plus+ Very Happy
Definetely agree with almost all of the posts so far.

Another one of my obsessions is knowledge of computers, always knowing that no matter how much I know, there is always something more to learn, and its this that always keeping me looking for more in the IT field. Im Always looking to attempt something I havent before, which is the reason why im very good at what I do, Im very diversified, and I believe this is why my services are in high demand in my area.

Ive tried my hand at programming, mostly C++, and I wrote some (very) small command-line programs such as a small blackjack game. But this was really as far as I could see myself going with it. I also tried programming in Visual, but that was too complex for how interested I was in it. It was difficult for me to associate the code with what I was doing.

I LOVE to build custom systems, from scratch, I taught a course at the local vocational school called "How to Build Your Own Computer" that focused on letting people get more out of their computer shopping, purchasing products for computers and actually knowing the difference between "SCSI" and "PATA". I like to take used computers, find the good parts out of them, and build refurbished PCs for people to use.

Im actually going to be looking soon for (if interested) people to write how-to articles along with me for my site, for a new knowledgebase section of my site. If you are interested PM me! Laughing

I enjoy trying to web design and it seems my computer is on as long as i am at home. I love to chat and make friends and if i am learning something new then thats a bonus.

I try to learn at least one new thing a day, all i have to do now is try to find out how to use all this tech stuff i am learning.
I'd have to say, programming in Java, website building, and Graphic Designs. I enjoy some PHP and template work though. However I mostly do graphics and chat on forums during my time on the computer
Harmony wrote:

I try to learn at least one new thing a day, all i have to do now is try to find out how to use all this tech stuff i am learning.

What kinds of things are you learning about?

Anything you're personally interested in? Because thats how I started with all of my networking/computer tech jobs, I found I was interested mostly in building computers and making servers, and wrap it up with networking, from one class I took a few years ago.

Definately Videogames.... Designing Web pages.... and Writing... Very much so writing. Hopefully I'll have a place somewhere on my new web page that I can post stories.
programming, web thinking of starting retail internet business.
programming, blogging
My computer obsessions would be web designing, blogging, gaming, and random web surfing. I think the places I visit the most would be Amazon, Yahoo, and Google. x]
RMXPing and Web Designing.

Crying or Very sad Watching the viruses dying XD

Wink Basically, screaming at it for no reason

~Dopey Criz
My biggest computer-related obsession is Internet speed. Ever since I started using broadband, I can't stand any link with a incoming bit rate of less than 256Kbps. Trouble though, is that I am able to stay at high speed for 10GB of data transfer, and after that I'd be slowed down to 64Kbps. When that happens, I feel very stressed whenever I use the Internet (my connection is shared with 4 others).

I even coined a name for this condition, and I call it "Dialup syndrome" Very Happy

Also, whenever I defrag or do a full virus scan, I tend to stay in front of the computer and watch the whole process....
Sabz wrote:
Oh I KEEP checking my emails 10 times a day, and checking the forums I'm active in!! :? #-o

Wow ! This is really obsession of most internet-people.

Always @ it !
Smile I would say that my favorite thing to do in a computer is playing games like Call od Duty. I also like to try new things like creating websites and well changing pictures. Animate, well I don;t know how but I wish. I can play and use the computer day and night.[/code]
i spend hours playing games on my computer
Programming is on the top. Its my profession too. i love to see the things work from programming.

Next best thing is blogging. Its the best thing that came up with internet. I often blog in different subjects.

besides these, i love surfing, instant messaging. Forum browsing, and looking for fun..

wander here and there... in the internet...

of course now a days computer without internet seems dull to me.
porn. definitely porn.
Wow, so many technically skilled people here... impressive...

Like the previous poster, I am not so skilled. However, I am broadly able on my computer.

Things I love to do:

Collect songs
Record my own songs (acoustic guitar mostly)
Collect and retouch family photographs (using Photoshop, et al.)
Write stories
Connect with others like you via forums and the like
Research whatever comes to mind using the incredible resources available on the Internet.

That's about it! Wink
Most of the hours i spend on the computer are writing music... cant programme Sad dont surf the net much anymore and msn is past its hay day.
lol porn... Laughing
my computer obsessions is that
I love to make 2D games with Rpg maker XP.
Im apart of Ive made my own forums, but they went dead since some1 left my team.....that was my other Leader with me, sad....But if you want to try and revive it feel free XD

So far im trying to make a website with this webhoster to host my mmorpg soon. It should take a week or 2 to make my game online Very Happy

I also love to play warcraft III FT sometimes. I love RTS games also XD

I love to listen to music also Razz

lol porn... get a life dude! And a girl friend Razz
Final Fantasy XI

my computer obsession Very Happy
My main computer related hobbies are photography and building my own logon and boot screens.
My computer-related hobbies are..

Oh so many..
I feel like I can't live without the object called computer (I still wish to have a laptop), of course the computer must be fast and quite updated.

I love..
-doing research
-reading mangas
-creating images, my own blogskins or wallpaper
-listening to music
-playing games
-digital scrapbooking
-writing (reports)
-karaoke (heheheh)
Definitely video editting. When I go trick (combination of martial arts, gymnastics and some breakdancing) alone or with my friends, I always have a camcorder with me to film our stuff. After a while when I'm pleased with the amount of footage I create a video, add some music etc. Often I have to be inspired and motivated to make something nice though, just cutting the raw footage and adding clips won't do. Everything's gotta fit with the music and stuff Razz

Um yeah... furthermore I watch a lot of Naruto which I have gotten into a little while ago.
I mostly like restoring old, REALLY old Pc's. I find it fun and interesting. I also love taking them apart. Linux is also my passion, messing with the terminal, customizing it, playing around.

I also own a mac, on which I love to make movies and/or Audio/Image presentations. I have to say I recently got a mac and fell in love with iMovie and iPhoto. I also do photoshop a lot, and like it much better on Mac. I often make logo's and stuff for peeps on myspace.
I am very addicted to online gaming. I have several friends that play with me across the world every Friday and Satureday night.
Would have to say 2 games:

Microsoft Flight Simulator, and
Football Manager 2006
Well, there have been lots of interesting addictions on here so far.

Mine kind of alternate between web server administration, online chatting, reading articles in the news or on wikipedia, programming, and of course making web pages. I'm also addicted to linux. If linux didn't exist I wouldn't even use computers anymore becaue I don't like anything else.
Hummm... addictions with the computer... well there are several and most are all linked together with one... I love to work with graphics... creating and editing... most of the work I do with them is for my website(s) which all are related to my online hobbies (or addictions if you will... Razz)... I do all my own work on the website(s) I use html, xhtml, css and a little java right now but am starting to learn some about flash too... so my whole addiction/obsession will probably get worse with time... but that's okay... I also play in a could of online RPG's and a virtual pet community... I keep myself quite busy while online... Laughing
I spend most of my computer time on forums and using msn messenger.
When im doing something technical, its usually tweaking the wireless lan (to make it work... stupid thing)
I used to build pc's and keep improving them but recently have had more important things to do so got a laptop and stopped maintaining pc's.
I have an idea, I will create a general discussion section in my tech support forums ( ) and I will continue this discussion there, if anyone else has anything to contribute, or if you see something you would like to add to the content in my forums, you are more than welcome to.

Thanks all for the feedback

my main obsession is probably just surfing the web. ive been getting into the mmorpg's. mainly the free ones that i get from this site. im trying to motivate myself to teach myself python. (im getting there). also trying to enhance my visual basic knowledge(took a programming course at my HS last year). other than that i want to learn more computer graphics for web design but im atrocious at photoshop. cant do a damn thing. o well. art was never a strong point

All medieval games and also going on the internet.
Instant messengers, surfing the web, creating websites (though I focus mainly on design than the programming side), blogging and posting.

Though I guess it is because my work is also connected to so much research online that I get so in tune with the internet. Very Happy
Chatting, since I am a mod for one. Photography and learning to make websites.
mine would have to be coding/irc/games/security/torrents.. I used to do games alot more when I was younger like CS.. I barely even play them anymore because my computer sucks so much :*(. mostly I chat on IRC and code.. while torrenting about 500 things. the internet is a great place and I think im going to be on it till I die. Cool
The Czar
I Love Python (I am still learning it) And Operation Flashpoint. I Like My Dragunov While Playing Flashpoint. A Headshot at 800 metres is like a relly nice thing.
screwing around with my site and trying to teach myself to use PHP/MySQL/Flash and the like, and also playing around in Photoshop. Smile and then, entertainment wise...going through my music, and spending way too much time playing Everquest /grin
Web designing and warcraft
I'm constantly checking

for the latest news and distribution releases of GNU/Linux, BSD, etc. I live in fear that I might miss the newest, frestest and tastiest distros by hours or even (shudder) - days!
I keep on refreshing on my desktop background, I dont actually know the significance but I am obsessed with that and I know someone who does it more often.
Oh yea, there's also the constant checking of emails. I do get a lot, spam or otherwise. Smile
I'm into forums and downloading. I also like tickling photoshop but I'm not that expert. I still have a lot to learn.
I love gaming and working in Photoshop
I make everything. TV-Homepage-Download-Fireworks.....
i like to use my computer to make music. I have started writing a lot of songs, the computer allows me to record and arrange lots of stuff without having a band.

also role playing games, unfortunately they eat up all my time. Rolling Eyes
Well, I mostly like aerialdreams cg AND now i fell in love with pixelling. I also have fun with designing layouts. But only graphics Smile I usually show them then to my older brother, and he writes HTML for them Very Happy So I just LOVE everything connected with graphics:)
I kinda got into webdesign lately.

I mostly love ALL open source software...My frih site is a canvas off things from source forge or freshmeat! I absollutely love messing around with my ubuntu which I reinstall every two days lol! Hopefully one day I'll actually know what i'm doing! But still my abbsolute favorite remains open source. I have the deepest hate that exists for Windows and its users...jk...well not rly
it used to be downloading all kinds of fonts.
Yikes I had so many of them.......
and then i realized that caused my computer process go slow.
Thesedays...I stopped but I still sometimes get urge to start again. Laughing
Hehe so many:

Blogging (occasionly)
Digital Art
Movie Editing
3d Modelling
Web Design
My first is digital photography/photoshop
Programming HTML/CSS and a little bit of Javascript/php (all that I can do)
And also visit forums/blogs/photoblogs
Vectoring images
Trying out every OS I hear about >_>
Don't do much gaming on the computer, mainly a console guy
Blogging (generally a pathetic online diary of computer related items)
Recently, I bought the game Oblivion, from the elder scrolls series from Bethesda Softworks, and I have to say that is my most recent obsession when it comes to computer games. I Loved the last game in the series, Morrowind, so I bought the newer game, expecting the same game style, just a step up in graphics, but wow, that game is MUCH better than morrowind. The only thing about Oblivion that kinda turns me off is that it takes such a resource-rich computer that it was hard for me to find a computer to buy cheap that I could play it on.

Anyone else play this game and find it as addicting as I have?
computer freak
computer security
trying out OS like Windows, Linux, BSD

i think i like this
I fall into that catagory of having more than one computer related obsessions.
Web design, Graphic design and editing, Neopets and Second Life. Those are the main four obsessions right now and not necessarly in that order. The order of them changes from day to day, the last week or so Neopets has been at the top of the list but that could all change tomorrow depending on my mood at the time... Smile
Meh, I use my computer to BOOM-HEADSHOT basically - in every aspect. I p00n every n00b out there, who has every set foot in any game I own. I make nice gfx - you can request a sig anytime or w/e. I hate manga/hentai.
Graphics design is pretty much my life on the computer. I run it raw with photoshop, iTunes, email, MS Word and games all open at the same time. [my compuetr and I have a love hate relationship]. I have never built a computer before [sounds like too much hard work for me]. My other major obsession is livejournal and forums. I love that I'm not just stuck talking to the same narrow minded people that I go to school with evey day. I can talk to people from everywhere who do amazing things and who i admire. PLus livejournal is the bets place for me to rant.
The Czar
Modding Red Alert 2 ... I love making new AI for Red Alert 2 ... Infact its now a fulltime project for me ... SSAI V.0.1
Collecting and refurbishing old hardware, then giving it away to people that can use it. The problem is, I'm running out of space in my house which is getting overloaded with hardware. There's so much out there! Anyone paying money for a Pentium 1 or below is crazy, unless it's completely installed (in which case you pay for the effort not the machine). Because you can get free ones all over!
wat to say about my obsession. i am online for about 20 hrs a day.
currently, I am into downloading a lot of ebooks and public domain information... since those are free. LOL
My obsessions are 3D Modelling and animation. Another one, that's almost unhealthy, is RPing online, either through IM or through a message board site.
Same, I am doing 3d modelling and animation. Just started recently though and so far things are looking a bit crappy. It can be some complex, most of my time is spent sorting out how to make the application do what I want it to do. I alternate between doing that and banging my head on the desk.

But it is rewarding when you finally figure things out. It's a great outlet for creativity and I am keen to spend a lot of time on it and get good at it. Here's hoping I can stick to it. Wink
I have many Razz

-I create entire Single Player mods for the games Elite Force and Elite Force 2. (my website is dedicated to this actually)
-I create 3D models (for use my SP mods or other things, short movies, other games, etc)
-I like creating webpages, but don't have time to do it often.
-I do some graphics work, but not much.
-I edit short SciFi films I make, add special effects, etc.
-I play games, mainly First Person Shooters, some simulation though.
-I am constantly tinkering and reworking my home network. I just find it to be very fun for some reason Wink
-I also build/mod computers. I've built one of my computers entirely from scratch and have modded the cases of two others.

Hm, yeah, I think that's about it. Very Happy
I have a confession: I can’t stand waiting for a computer to un-boot and make itself ready to “save your friggen settings” and power down and go out of the loop of cybernetic existentialist horse-poop, so I just yank the power cable out the back. Please forgive I’m a very bad boy.
Rad Ultima 2
I cannot lie to this one. I've been addicted to a game called Tibia for over three years now. Thankfully, I'm finally retiring from it now that college work is getting in the way. Smile

Web Design
Recording Music (I get pretty frustrated with the editing, and always takes me longer than expected lol)
Well I play unreal tournament, FIFA, and bowse net. Sometimes i try to help people by writing in forums...But i have not been active here much...but its great the free webspace
Linux, definately Linux. I cant do programming, but I can set up really neat stuff, and whenever I have perfection, I delete it all, and go for another setup Smile i love Linux Very Happy
computer graphics, computer graphics and more computer graphics !!!

I work day in and day out on it and my single most obsession if you ask me would be photoshop. Geez, i can't keep track of time when i am at it. My specific interest include web design and logo design and stuff. I like this career.!!
anthonygerbils wrote:
yes typing quickly is very important and comes in handy but so does being able to type without looking at keyboard which is something I am trying to do now nearly have it


I just want to say something. Some ppls will get offended. Ok, so I'll target only young ppl that work in office environment. I see many young accountants and admins who can't type without looking at keyboard. I think they should learn to look more professional! Am I the only one that thinks so? OH, let's say you are a great great programer, and you can't type home position style? Isn't that a shame? It's not some skill that I'm very proud of, so you can't say that I'm arrogant.

My hobby is pretty much Linux. In a spare time I would do what nox-Hand does.

Linux, definately Linux. I cant do programming, but I can set up really neat stuff, and whenever I have perfection, I delete it all, and go for another setup i love Linux

My computer related obssesion is the internet in general Laughing
But i'm also really interested in coding and graphic design.

Computer related obscessions...

Let's see, I would say that would be posting in forums. I have ended up spending countless hours posting on different sites... I like this one and they let me host a website which is really cool, because it lets me take care of my second obscession... tinkering with html code and website design.
I'm not very good at it and I'm pretty rusty and not up to date on the most recent stuff mainly because I keep myself busy with a full-time job that is not computer-related and don't get to "play" on the computer near as much as I would really love to. When I get on the computer it is very hard for me to walk away like some sort of addiction.
I also like searching the web for unusual news and information as the web is so full of unusual stuff, nothing overly weird just non-mainstream media which can be pretty interesting sometimes.
That's really about it; although, I used to really like to do hardware upgrades but now with all the different types of memory and all the increased complicity in putting them together I don't upgrade or even try to build them anymore, at least near as much as I used to love to, especially around the time Pentium II was going to Pentium III. I'm sure I could still work it out but really it doesn't interest me nearly as much as it used to so it doesn't really count as a current obscession... That's it.
I almost forgot, I get really into sim games; I've spent DAYS on SimCity I know that's alittle silly, but I really got into it, as well as the Sims for a while.

I used to really like games such as Quake but I got burnt out on it and my video card can't handle the really new games that are heavy on graphics. I guess I need some newer hardware, but for now ...
Currently I'm studying viral marketing using ebooks and such to promote more traffic to my blog. Smile
well, i have spent countless hours on my forum, and also in other forums such as this one!!!

next to this, i love making Gfx mainly in Photoshop.

Also, i make webpages from time to time.

I also have more than 16 blogs, out of which, i update only one!!! Wink

well, there are many more interests or obsessions of mine related to computers, which cannot be named in a single post!!!

so long.
I have to clean up everything, it's an obsession, I have to keep everything clean, extremely clean, as clean as the... I keep rearranging stuff around, not only on the desktop, but everywhere, I keep emptying the Recycle Bin, the Temp, the Prefetch... I'm obsessed, I'm insane.... could anyone help me???
I'm also trying to learn how to make ebooks. Does anyone know what best program to make pdf files with? With images involved?
Programming in Java, C++, PHP(learning it now). Upgrading, at least I wish I could do this more often. It costs too much upgrade with every new generation of hardware!

Browsing Digg is way up there too... I think I spend too much time on that site also...
Now I'm trying to learn how to use Illustrator. I want to learn vector based program for a long time so I could make images for printing on shirts. Very Happy
- Play Conquer Online
- Play Hentai Games
- Play play play .... with msn !

I like to do games. Building something that is working make me feel very good. Very Happy Only god have the power to create a world but in the computer I can do it myself. Funny creatures or a whole world with it's own desteny and history. Yeaa! It GREAT! Smile

It can be boring too... If things won't work as they should or something. Then its good that it excist other game programmers that make games I want to play. And perhaps get new idees how to make a good games.
I play a lot of games, need to train a lot to pwn even more.
But i am also interested in 3d and 2d graphics, i might even become a profesional graphic or something like that in future.
I am not that good with programming.

And my abilities with computer did change.

My hobby is genealogy. Every info is digitalised.
So setting up a webpage was a small step. A first webpage in html was easy, but all the data made 1000s of html pages. My current page is in php and mysql, but I don't know how to program in php. I managed to set up my webpage, with a little help; but learning to program in php might help me in the future.
Gazing the internet, finding additional information is also part of the hobby.

As a designer, working and knowing Autocad was another addiction.
After P3 and AMD AThlon I definitely quit with knowing the latest info about parts and programs... everything goes so fast that it is too hard to follow.

And after a dull working day or hours of trafficjam... simply racing at my computer at excessive speeds 200 ... 300 kmh and above Very Happy The Need for Speed, Yeah. Really Liberating.
No need to play all the Doom-alike or rpg games, too time consuming.
Currently I'm learning how to use publication softwares like InDesign. I'm really getting the knack of it since I tried to apply it on an ebook I'm doing. Very Happy
Captain Fertile
At this moment in time I am obsessed with this forum (I only came here for the space but spend most of my time here at the moment) and P2P.

I am also messing around with Dreamweaver, Photoshop and now Flash.

The Captain
Studio Madcrow
My computer-related-obsession is Computer History. I love old hardware, old games, old programs, even old operating systems. I'm especially fond of the Commodore 64 and the Japanese (mainly) MSX.
I like to make DVD videos and photography.

Making a DVD from your own video is very time consuming though to edit the video and sound tracks, build titles and credits and then build the DVD menus and sometimes subtitles.
Sakam da igram igri, filmovi i da surfam i da gledam goli zenski i porno
I love to photoshop pictures, create websites and playing CSS..
software and tutorials.
I'm not a programmer, but I know just enough html to be the webmaster for my workplace. I like digital design and would like to do some digital art. But I don't have the skills yet.
I just love anything about computers to do with the written word. I love creating Websites, tinkering on them, I love Excel, Word, PowerPoint. All the inventions that help the written word along in creative ways. I love what it allows me to do with numbers in spreadsheets. Also Frihost is great! This is a nice forum and one can easily get addicted to it Very Happy
I tend to just be on my computer doing anything, that is my addiction, the computer itself... Shocked

It's starting to ruin me though, my grades suffered and then relationships suffered and yet I still cant get off of it... Rolling Eyes

But I guess I also gain alot of other skills from it when I'm programming, although I havn't done alot of that lately lol
Mr. Green
Browsing what is happening, stumbling, playing chess, playing games.
I like manipulating photos and such to make avatars, signatures, smilies, web layouts, etc. I am somewhat good at HTML and CSS, I know how to edit very little JavaScript, and the easy scripts at that! lol
I like playing games, making forums using SMF, XMB, and others. I've made several boards using different forum software. I like SMF better than XMB.
I also spend time watching videos and reading articles and debates over my favorite topic(s). Which would be philosophy, religion, and science. =]
I've probably got way too many obsessions that are computer related... -_-

Including (but most certainly not limited to!):
* Web Programming (Like the CMS I've been working on recently and perhaps will be hosting here would I receive hosting)
* Regular Programming (Mostly Python stuff, although I do have decent knowledge of C, as well as some basic C++)
* Networking (Yes, I too am very guilty of this Internet phenomena. I can barely keep track of all the websites/forums I'm registered to. And my inbox (that contains all these websites) is well over 30 entries long...)
* IM (Instant Messaging, I find myself online on MSN and IRC more often than not)
* Drawing (I also draw quite a lot of things during days when my desktop computer is working properly (using my old Wacom Volito2))

Really, it can't be healthy having all these obsessions, though I'm amazed that I still keep a healthy social life hanging out with friends and family fairly often (as in more than five days a week).
downloading movies,anime and japanese pop music..that's my computer obsession and I love it Laughing
My computer-related-obsession is 3D graphics, CAD and downloading songs... its what I do most of the day....

now I just need to find a job in that field...
I like programming! But I must say that I’m obsessed with cleaning my system, organizing and sorting files, scanning registry and hard drive… Everything has to be perfect so that I can concentrate on other thing... Rolling Eyes
I don't think i would classify what I do on the internet as "Obsessions", but here's my routine on the internet.

1. Check all 3 or 4 of my emails (can't remember how many really).

2. Check an online gaming site for the latest gaming new and videos. Plus read what the fanboys are ranting about (doesn't really change, just the same argument but different words).

3.Check how many hits on my website.

4. Check out the bbs rss feed for the latest news.

5. Finally i leave my pc alone.

seems simple but it usually take about an hour or so to do all this. But If I have nothing else to do, I will stretch the 5 points for the whole day.
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