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Anyone manage to watch much wrestling these days? I'm a die-hard TNA and WWE fan. My favourite supersta is Chris Jericho, but I also like Daniels. I dispise Cena. Comments?
Always have been, and always will be a big fan of Benoit. The guy is a machine, he plays no games in the ring, and goes after it like none other, night in and night out.

The same could have been said for Flair but his time is just up. He is just getting too old. Hogan saw the light why can't Flair. Loved him in the eighties but once the Horsemen disbanded that was it for me.

But, there is one group from old school who revolutionalized the way tag teams went at it and that would be the Freebirds. Does anyone remember them?

As for nowadays, I really don't like to many of them. Other than Benoit.
my favourite heavyweight - cena
all time heavyweight - the rock

cruiserweight - mysterio
all time cruiserweight - mysterio

womens - torrie & melina
at womens - trish

tag team - mnm
all time tag team - HARDY BOYZ ( best tag team ever alive and always will be)

i lyk tna but havent seen much of it.
i used to watch the old wcw when booker t wasnt an a-hole and suger shane helmsley was cool. shannon moore i lykd him too.

i hate randy orton hes too cocky and triple h is annoyin.

i lyk benoit and EDDIE GUERRERO (R.I.P) they have always been top class in my mind.

what has happened to chris jericho i havent seen him in ages??

undertaker and scsa and the rock have always been awesome Smile
I love Shawn Michaels and John Cena..... They always find ways to piss of the McMahon's, but I guess thats the whole idea.

Undertaker going back to the old routine is nice to see again!
I USED to love to watch. I dont think I missed an episode of Monday Night Nitro. It's like Soap Operas for men. Now I try to watch, but with no talent ass clowns like John Cena as the champ, the WWE doesnt make it easy to be entertained. The guy has zero personality and less than zero wrestling ability. At least Flair as charisma. The Rock is I guess one of my favorites, but I miss the NWO/WCW/Wolfpack days. I have watched a TNA PPV and it was like watching paint dry. I didnt enjoy it at all. I am told that they have Sting now which is a plus however. I have seen a RoH PPV that didnt totally suck.

Oh yeah and ECW WAS the best there was. I miss Sabu.
Good point ECW was the best...........
i watch raw and smackdown..

smackdown is better (better fights) ut raw is also good and about john cena.. he is good.. he beats up triple H.. oke i now its al played.. no personaty.. look at his moves when somebody is KO.. i love it

oke guys like rick flair (get away from WWE ure to old) he was at WM22 in the ladder match.. he was nothing

i just love it

on smackdown there is now the king of the ring.
fryday is the 1ste match about it.. kurt angel vs randy orten:)

i realy like it.. cant wait until fryday
oo i m a die hard fan of WWE

mark calaway (aka undertaker) is the best of the lot!!
more than 14 years and he still rules the wrestling world

some of my other favourites include stone cold steve austin, chris benoit and the immortal hulk hogan!
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