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Zone Alarm


I was wondering how many people here use it? Just because I think it's a great help, it shows any programs requesting internet access, for example the first time I used AOL it asked me if I wanted to block it or allow it to run...
I use it cause it's free and really good.
I have just installed it several minutes ago. It's very good, much better than firewall contained in Service Pack 2
I got the security suite and let me tell ya its a pretty nice peice of software. I reccomend it, though Im using trend micro 14 right now, Zonealarm was awesome.
Mac afee is better than zone alarm if you are willing to fork out some money. But its really worh it.. I used to use Zoen Alarm but I found out that MAc afee was better.
Yeh but it never says it's an Anti-Virus program just a firewall thing, I think the pro version is an Anti-Virus though. For my anti virus I'm using Norton right now..
I use it together with Norton Antivirus 2005 and I'm very happy. Of course, in some cases (with some special sites and/or applications) you have to do some special settings. But Google, Yahoo etc. always for your service Very Happy
I use it and it is the best. U has a very easy mode to configure your programs, if u let those programs to access the net etc... It block's it and show's u a alert msg. U can choose if u allow that action or not. It has automatic configure...if u are some kind on noob Wink). has update's at the main program but also at it's own spy detector and some expert features i really really like. And it is not that expensive for what is does.
Norton slows down computers big time, I dont mean to argue with you but I wouldnt recommend it...
Gotta uninstall it soon anyway, 10 days left before it runs out... Crying or Very sad
I'm using it for about a year now
I love Zone Alarm. I wouldn't ever connect to the internet with out it. It has great blocking capabilities, easily customized, and IT'S FREE! How can you beat it? It works great for me and I've had it for at least a year. Recomend it to anyone. Very Happy
I just had to reinstall zone alarm because I got a virus and I had pc-cilling internet security 14 on...and it didnt do diddly squat. this changes what i think of trend micro a lot. screw trend micro, screw it. but fortunately i was able to shutdown the processes and do scans + remove the problems
Solid Snake
Im using Zone Alarm(internet Suite)
Its a very goog pogram, mine includes Firewall(triple Protection, Anti-Vírus/Spyware, spam blocker) I recommend This pogram to everyone..
I also use Zone Alarm for a long period of time. It is a wonderful software. It encorporates simplisity along with funtionalities. It is a powerful firewall, much powerful if configured well. But very dangereous if it is not configured well. I experienced several cases. But they are common in all firewall programs. Zone alarm is the best among current generation software firewalls.
i've been using zone alarm internet security suite for quite some time now
its very good as compared to norton, it does not hog the memory and also while scanning you can do your work
wrt the firewall, its free and perhaps the best that i've seen however i do hve the paid version which is even better
I'm also using ZoneAlarm (Security Suite) and I find it the best firewall available. I don't use its antivirus though, because I have Norton Antivirus 2004 running.
its a good firewall but everything that you are about to do it warns you with an alert.. so i uninstalled it Twisted Evil
Rank-1 wrote:
its a good firewall but everything that you are about to do it warns you with an alert.. so i uninstalled it Twisted Evil

True, but its for your security. You can tune down the settings so they wouldnt pop up as much but yea if you already uninstalled it nvm
NEVER rely on Norton. Many freeware Antivirus utilities have found things that it cannot, and it is a resource hog. I use Zone Alarm, and I've found that it does an excellent job compared to the Windows Firewall.
I'm using ZoneAlarm suite for about year now. It's the best software I've ever owned. At first it will want to block almost any activity you do, but as the time passes by and the learning curve of the software increases you'll find it teriffic.

The suite got: antispan for mail, anti-spyware ( which is very poor, don't relay on it) anti-virus and of course great firewall

I used ZoneAlarm in the past, now Im using Kerio. ZA is still good but Kerio is probably better. Wink
It is good, it protected my from hacker attcak once. And blokling spyware who sending info from computer. I recomend it to use. It is really great!
zone alarm is brilliant and i was using the free version for a while but because it was so good i now use the full version. it is class
get it.
i have used it before; both basic as pro version
they are very good in my opinion Very Happy
Even after several years, Zone alarm continues to be my favorite. I have tried some other firewalls but none of them meets my requirements. Zone alarm is simple and elegent.
I'm using it for about 3 years. I'm very happy with this firewall, because this programn warner me by almost every acces to internet. And this great programn is also FREE!
I use pro version, its great.

Use it together witn Nod32 Antivirus Wink
I don't linke Zonealarm.
I'm using bitdefender security suite...

I am using Zonealarm Security Suite.

I don't want to install so much software in my computer such as Anti virus, firewall, Anti Spyware. They make my computer running out of memory. So I use Zonealam Security Suite which is all in one and most reliable software.
l support this product enough to buy the pro version (even though the only pro feature l use is one of the blue skins lol Neutral). lt has saved me much time by preventing viruses from connecting to the internet to download more trojans, and in combination with Bit-Defender has kept my system totally clean for about 3 months now (not a single spyware, malware, trojan, virus of any sort, nothing! [l have ad-aware to protect from spyware])
I used to use it but don't know. I dislike how the default option for ZoneAlarm is to hide some images which a couple of months ago got me into a major hole here at frihost Embarassed
i use zone alarm with bit defender.though extremely good zone alarm does,at times,conflict with other applications.especially p2p ones.
Haf been using ZoneAlarm for years, and nth has gone wrong since. It is quite a good firewall. Altho Norton might have been more secure than ZA, but Norton is really resource hog and it slows up my startup which is why I hate it. I hate comps which startup slow. ZA doesnt slow down startup as much as Norton. I only use Pro, and use Avast as antivirus coz I don't like antivirus and firewalls being packed into a suite. prefer them separate. Everytime I reformat my comp, I would ensure it is installed first before plugging my ethernet cable into my computer.

However, altho it is secure, online gamers might find it irritating. I had lots of troubles with ZA when I tried to play dota online. In the end, I decided to disable it temporarily and switch to Windows Firewall when playing dota with my friends...
I used it before and didn't quite like it. It is a bit too complicated to use. However, it does its job quite well though. It reported a lot of internet activities.
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