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X-Men 3 Splash (On Photoshop 7)


Comments? I'm an amatuer on Photoshop, this is probably the best I have made so far. I have used brushes, and a premade logo, along with the X-Men font Slash.. R/H/C/
wow it seems really good...if i were i would continue drawing they...and you can sell the things(banner,signature etc...)in the marketplace good chance...
I'm not really interested in the money, I mean I always do freebies for people. (Smaller 350x150) sigs. I suppose my plan would be (when I get older, I'm 13) go to Art or Design College taking my Photoshop knowledge with me..
That awesome man, nice job. Only thing I would look into changing is the font for the line "take your stand". Picking and working with fonts suck, i think that tends to be one of, if not the, trickest things.

Great work man.
If you look at the majority of my banners or posters they all have pretty lame text.. Mad lol
Nice work Smile Definitely keep at it.
nice work man . Surprised .. it's so expressed
Thanks people, I'm gonna open up Photoshop, and work for some hours, I'll post results later..
Good use of photoshop on this one! especially like the lightning on the blades. However the font style seem a bit out of place for me, I'lld rather have a more 'stiff' and standard font for an x-men theme. Just my opinion thou Great work Cool
Azzer wrote:

Comments? I'm an amatuer on Photoshop, this is probably the best I have made so far. I have used brushes, and a premade logo, along with the X-Men font Slash.. R/H/C/

I like it , Good job. I'd say switch the spots of the text so that movie title is at the top and release date is at the bottom.

Also the brush work is nice on the top right and top middle, but the rest of the brushwork needs worked on, not enough depth.

And for the look of the text I'd change the color to a shade of blue and then change the blending mode of the text layers to color dodge or color burn or something that looks a little better than normal.

Also maybe change the fonts but definitely change the font of "Take Your Stand".

Still nice work there, and good luck in art school.
Definitely a beautiful piece; however, I would only suggest one thing. Seeing as this is your first real one you say you have made, and it is good, so that is commendable, you should however change the font at the bottom to more correctly align with the image message. It is a nice font, I just think you could bring your piece out more with an even better font, one more jaggy or edgy instead of so crisp and smooth... If you could, make the font similar to the texturing in the background with contrasting color... that should make it stand out and give your piece an even greater affect than what it already has. Congratulations though on a job well done.
Nice grunge background I must say. But your font is disturbing me a little. If you can, maybe will be good idea to change it to other one? Maybe Visitor or something else looks like machine typewrighting...
My opinion...
I agree with the others about the font.

Otherwise I think you did a really good job, it looks cool. And for only 13 years of age I think its great so just keep going.

By the way png is a great format but use jpg when showing pictures online. It doesn't mean you have to compress your image to pieces of course but it was very slow to load your picture.
2 Sokken: Age is not the point. It doesn't matter how old are you. I'll give you an example:
Mister X is 30 years old, but started studyng photoshop a few months before, made some artwork.
Teenager Y made his own artwork after three years working in the same program, but took Mister's X idea.
Who'll create better pic?
I think teenager will take the first place Wink
If you want, you can change teenager to a child.
wow man, cool, i like how you re using PSD
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