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Email Errors Through Outlook Express

I have another problem with the mailsystem Smile

I use Outlook Express.
And I can get mails, they pop up in my inbox. But if I try to send on from there it wont work.

Error: 0x800CCC0E

So, The client connects to a port that is blocked or unavailable on the mail server. If the client is trying to send a message, the blocked port is 25, and if the client is trying to retrieve a message, the blocked port is 110. Refer to the error message for the protocol and port numbers.

Or am I configuring it wrong?

SMTP-port: 25 as standard, or have you changed?
I'm using ports 110 and 25 without a problem, so there are a few things that you should check:

Firstly, are you running a firewall? Is Outlook Express allowed access to the internet?

Secondly, are you using the security settings to "use TLS if available"? If so, change this to "never use TLS".

Third, have you set the account up correctly? Your login name is your full email addres (eg. "", not just "you")

Does this help?
Try using instead, that should work.

And your site doesn't appear to be working for some reason. I can't access through my web browser.
It's without the "r".
He, I made a typo on my own site Wink

But it still isn't working. Where do I find this TLS if available?
Omax wrote:
But it still isn't working. Where do I find this TLS if available?

Sorry... the TLS option is available in Mozilla Thunderbird (which I use). Go into TOOLS > ACCOUNTS, select your frih account and hit PROPERTIES. Under the SERVERS tab, make sure "My Server Requires Authentication" is checked, and under the ADVANCED tab, make sure that the option for "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" is not checked.

Does this help?
I've looked but not a single option seem to be wrongly configured.

Even if I open up port 25 on the router, no firewall, no AV. It still won't work :S
Can you send email and just not receive it?

Why don't you temporarily try an alternative mail client - foxmail or Mozilla Thunderbird for example. If another program works, you will know that the issue is with your Outlook Express configuration. If the alternative programs don't work, then it's likely you have a problem with the server settings.

You could also check out Microsoft's support page on this issue.
Still doesn't work with ThunderBird:S
Did you read the Microsoft Support Page?
Yes, I did that before but i only though a look at it.
It seem's that if I try a netstat -an in my computer. I don't see any port 25/110
I solved it, it seems like my ISP sucks, and I had to use their outgoing server for mail.

Thanks everyone Very Happy
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