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American Inventor

Anyone ever see the show American Inventor? I think it's great! Unfortunately, the preliminary round is over, so I don't know how much fun it will be now.

For those who don't know, it's on ABC Thursdays at 9PM and it's produced by Simon Cowell, the obnoxious judge from American Idol. It's similar to American Idol, but it's for those of us who could't care less about the next big teen singer. It has people pitching their inventions to judges and to America in hopes of becoming the next AMERICAN INVENTOR.

Like American Idol, there are several elimination rounds which whittle down the amount of contestants until they get to one person who will win, in this case 1 million dollars (and probably help to get their product developed).

Like American Idol, there are judges (four in this case) who determine who should pass through the preliminary round to the next. For an invention to proceed into the next round, they have to get 3 "yes" votes. The judges have been categorized to a specialization, Business, Product Development and Manufacturing, Marketing and adertising but it's their personalities that put them on the show. There is one woman judge who seems to give a yes to almost every pitch, an obnoxious, yet witty brit, a hard charging obnoxious know-it-all guy who says no to almost everything because it goes against his experience and an everyman who seems to go on his instinct and says yes to things that he thinks will appeal to consumers.

BUT IT'S THE INVENTORS AND THEIR INVENTIONS THAT MAKE IT FUN. Like American Idol, they show the funniest and most interesting pitches from the preliminary round. You see some goofball ideas and inventors, some tearjerking stories and of course, it's all edited in a way that you get think some of these people are either insane and deluded or upstanding good people who just need a break.

Some great inventions from the show:

The disposable kitty litter box - basically it was just a cardboard box. That was rejected.

Disposable Bedsheets - As the Brit pointed out, "It's just paper!!!!" - for some reason, it got approved.

A bra for women with breast implants - all three presenters looked damn fine, but alas, it got a no.

A frisbee-like life preserver which has a rope attached to it which unspools as it is thrown - They edited this to make it look like the inventor was a bit "impatient" with the judges, so alas, it was rejected (as the product specialist said "I've fallen into the arctic ocean. Have you fallen into the ocean?!?!? You know nothing about this subject!!!). I thought the device was brilliant and I'm sure someone will approach this guy to have it developed.

Anyone else see it? What's your favorite invention from the show?
I just saw a little piece of the program, of a woman presenting here product. But the product was already made. She was so upset.
Sounds like an interesting tv program....
I saw that it was on and started watching some of it, but I got bored really quickly. Maybe it was just a boring part that happened to be on at the time, I don't know, but I didn't particulary enjoy the show.
I must admit I was disipointed. I only watches a couple of the episodes but from what I saw with Shovels, Cages, Suits, Air conditioners. I not saying I was expecting like a robot but I was expecting invetions that actually work, and do some good to mankind.
Its a great show and I think some of the better inventions where made with little bit of money. They ones made with a lot of money most of them sucked.
You know,

I'm pretty embarrassed if I turned any of you onto the show. The second round was off to a lame start. This time, they're not just rating the inventions, but they're rating the inventors also. What gives?!

I couldn't care less if the inventor wasn't telegenic (oooo, 4 syllable word) as long as their invention was cool and useful. Luckily, it looks like most of the inventions were pretty useful (I still think that guy who keeps crying on tv got a pass for his crying). Also, when they were telling the people who would advance, they were playing some sappy lite-radio ballad inthe background. Hallmark TV at it's sappiest.

Tonight, should be good and lame though. Good because it's a two hour show and the first hour is supposed to show the best of the original invention auditions, a la American Idol. Lame because it looks like the second hour,...well,... they're not going to show the best of the auditions. Confused
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