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What is the efficiency difference between PHP and ASP

I use ASP for my website for a long time. But it is too expensive for me to host in such a server with ASP. I am going to shift it to PHP. But i dont dont know whether it is worthwhile or it is too difficult to learn.
If someone can give me some suggestions, your kindness will be highly appreciated.
PHP is easy to understand, fast, has got a HUGE community and gives you the chance to do everything you want. I never used ASP for scripting and I never will - PHP satisfies all my needs.
There are millions of tutorials out there - just google for it and you'll find what you're looking for.
You are familiar with server-side scripting. So PHP will not be hard at all for you. If you have experience in C or Java, the syntax will also be familiar. And (as Ducksteina said) there are a lot of communities out there - in fact, one of them is right here - willing to help you.
PHP has the advantage that it is free and can be used on nearly all os.

Also php is very simple to learn and is an amazing resource for help on anything.

I would recommend that you seriously think about changing to PHP from ASP.
ya PHP is free
PHP is easy
PHP is good
{name here}
PHP is a scripting language worthwile to learn. It is a staple in web design, and it will only gain in popularity while ASP begins to dwindle. PHP hosts are often cheaper, and easier to find than an ASP host, so I suggest you get your own server or start learning PHP & MySQL for server side content. It'd also be a good idea to learn some flash and javascript, too so that you may have all the elements of a professional website.
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