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President's next state of the union address

Tired of all the Bush haters on this forum, I decided to make you see the truth, in President's own truthful words.
Here's a sneak preview into

President's next state of the union address -

"My fellow Americans,

The world has become a lot safer place since we began killing thousands of them ragheads and maiming thousands more.
It's become especially safer for Americans, regardless of the car-bombs that go off outside my hotel everytime I go outside America.
No sir, no American was this safe ever before.

Lets freedom-ize just a few more oil rich countries and we'll be the safestest (remember, I never said that oil had anything to do with it).
This is what those ragheads really want anyway.

Our so called "torture camps" are far better than those ragheads' own homes. Infact, them Iraqi-stanis never had it so good. In our camps, they can even play out their wildest sexual fantasies, I bet they couldn't pile up naked with dozen other men at their sand houses, now could they ?
I just don't like the way they go take pictures and put them on the internet. perverts.

Anyway, as I was saying, the reports that our soldiers used WMDs in Iraq are all total lies. We were only testing raghead resistance to white phosphorus to ascertain the presence of Saddam bin laden's WMDs nearby. Too bad they all died and the experiment failed.

So don't you believe all the civilian massacre or torture camp bulls**t that the evil liberal media wants you to know.
The best place to get unbiased news is the whitehouse. Infact the vice-president's office can get you the news before it's even made !

My super-duper brain had come up with a great plan during my last month-long golfing vacation (and you thought I was not on duty, Hah !).
Per my calculations, by cutting down only slightly on the kevlar our soldiers wear, we can minimize the effect of these freedom-izing wars on our economy.

By the way, Saddam bin Laden ...errr... Osama Hussein ...errr... that evil-terror-dictator-guy shall burn in hell for all the ...umm... for all the threat that he posed and all the WMDs that I'm almost sure he had. Yeah !

In the end, to all those who didn't vote for me last time -
I know what you did last elections. Trust me, I know.

Thanks you ladies and gentlemen.
and God bless America."

p.s. - If you don't have a sense of humor, just think of this as a joke.
p.p.s - I try to back all the points I make with facts from reliable sources. Please try to avoid looking like a fool by keeping quiet, if you don't know what you're talking about, or if you think your opinion is a fact.

note to mods - the above is not copied text.
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