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Has anyone got an Awardspace account. I think it's great but just found out that you cannot upgrade to a paid account. I need this as with the free account you don't get SMTP for emails. Dose anyone know when they will have their paid accounts up and running?
I have only tried their free service. I think it is very pathetic! Most of the time I found the DB server Down. I have abandoned my plan to host my forum site with them, you can see the installed but abandoned script on my site here:
If they manage to solve their server errors, then I think this would be a great service, except disabled SMTP. everything else is fine, like large space, 5 Subdomains which lets you host multiple sites with 1 free account.
Also, their sister service is a good HTML only service. It is fast and I never found them down. I hosted my site there with the name:
It is upgrading and maintenance the equipment in april, so sometime is down and unstable. I think the is ok now.

It not only have SMTP disable but also 500kb file size limitation on free hosting account.

Other than that, it is an excellent free web hosting.
Ya, I think they have improved a lot. Now I never find my site down at , I think it is of no effect if they have file size limit of 500KB if this doean't count the database files. But it sure is a disadvantage to have SMTP disabled.
I tried it and was very difficult to login the ftp ...

The server is down again ....

All such servers have the same problems ... ( no need to name them )
I tried it too the are often down and youre pics wont show up
on youre site, the tell you too turn off your firewall Confused
the speed on youre website is slow and a 404 error will end up
on a website about Google Mad
Not sure how this has stayed under the radar as long as it has, but even though an number of posts in this thread have indicated the lack of quality at those other hosts:
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