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A beautiful Mind

A beautiful Mind

The best movie ever is A beautiful Mind, its about this teacher who see people, its mad, and won 4 Oscars ever seen it?
I LIke... a great movie!

Good movie, a bit confusing at times.

You have to really pay attention to whats going on so you don't get lost.
This is one of the greatest movies I have seen. Russell Crow at his best. I heard its a true story about a noble prize winner.
This movie is based on a book by Sylvia Nasar about mathematician John Nash. He is still alive and has a website at Princeton.

The movie is quite a departure from the book. The first time I saw it I was a little disappointed. I have seen again and it found it more compelling. The need for visual delusions was a necessary creative device to bring this complex story to the screen.

His nobel prize was for his work on game theory.
it was a bit boring, but i still liked it.
very well scripted and casted movie. 10/10
It' a great work
I deliberately watched 'A Beautiful Mind' without doing any prior research into the story of its subject, John Nash. And, for the record, it's not because I couldn't be bothered. Well, not just that, anyway.

We all know that Hollywood has a tendency to skew real life. Whenever you read the caption "based on a true story" you can generally assume the "based on" part carries substantially more resonance than the "true" part. So the fact that this Ron Howard-directed biopic of a Nobel Prize-winner turns out to be pretty darn far-fetched hopefully doesn't detract too much from what is in essence a very good film.

The string of gongs this movie picked up in 2002 included Oscars for Best Supporting Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. To me that seems a little excessive, especially given the at-times clunky screenplay and overly-melodramatic closing third. But what really lifts it way above the average is Russell Crowe's outstanding display in the lead role. I've never been a fan of the seemingly self-enforced macho exterior Crowe prides himself on in the likes of 'Gladiator' or 'Master and Commander,' but after seeing his performance in this one I've developed a quiet respect for his indisputable acting ability.
i heard some rumor about that movie. one of them, theacher in movie (jhon nash ) is a gay in real life. i do not know is it true ?
That's a great movie indeed. Just imagine living like that. Someone tell you that the people you know are not real. Well people that was really happening. On my last page of Economics there is his name as noble prise winner.
I don't like this movie, even if it won some OSCAR awards, I don't like this movie, it's boring in some way.
I've heard many good comments about it, I absolutely want to see it. The first comment I heard was from a pshycologist, complaining about the movie and the image projected about people being able to drop their medication. I felt empathy for that, I think that sometimes patients needs other kind of options, when a life free of medicines can be possible.
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