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Immigration Reform

For those of you living in the U.S., or watching curiously from abroad, it is difficult to avoid hearing about the huge immigration reform debate. I'm a personal fan of Media personality Lou Dobbs, who seems to be one of the few on the news these days to ask the difficult questions and pose potential answers in an educated, graceful manner. Anyhow, I guess I'm curious to hear what others on frihost think. The debate is most directly associated with illegal immigration from Mexico. I think we can safely state this. I have a strong interest in Mexico for its culture and language, which I study and speak. I suppose my opinion of the matter resembles the aforementioned Dobbs in many ways. The most influential and wealthy country seems stuck in a rut of being proud for what it stands for, but each day contradicts more and more those noble things. The status quo doesn't seem possible to budge. This is evident with the illegal immigration problem. Its not that we are unable to dramatically reduce illegal immigration, but those in power either have their hands tied due, are thinking more about trying to be politically correct, or simply were bought a long time ago by those benefitting most from this cheap labor. Yes, corruption is as widespread here as any place on earth. They are exploiting these people, and certainly don't want to lose their huge access to cheap labor. I say no amnesty. Potential newcomers should have to go about it legally from the start. Borders need to truly be secured. Laws drawn to punish those emploing illegals. And a strong smack on the hand to the Mexican government for their double-standards, and support of these broken borders. What do you think?

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