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The Best PC out?

It think it would have to be a Alien ware, for games and rendering things.
What about you guys and galls what do you think
That is agreeable but I still have to say a custom computer is the best you can make it how you want and for less than the cost of any other yes you can spend the 9 grand for a alien ware computer or spend 900 and build one faster and better than any other out there. So spend the most u want on a computer or build one its all the same to me.
While not a "PC" in the general sense of the word, I think that the Mac is the best Personal Computer or any computer for that matter. Smile
Alienware is just ONE OF THE BEST PC. The best PC depends on how your going to use it... if you dont want get experience spywares, viruses and hardware incompatibility, use a macintosh computer the only problem that i know is there are less game developers compared to Intel based PCs. if you want a PC for gaming, you can get Alienware or you can assemble your own PC.. Wink

Alienware, or, if you are looking for Mac, the Power Mac Dual 2.7 Ghz.
alienware is just a made package of goodies.

I bet that you can construct a nice box with a good ASUS motherboard, some 4 gigs of ram, dual gee-force 7800 or radeon x850, a nice creative sound card and a 1000watt power supply..

beast indeed..
My PCs are both homebuilt. They're outstanding, and they were cheap to build too. Smile
Alienware is still the best. You can't find any better PC deal. Arrow
If you are shopping for a laptop, I highly suggest a Sager machine. Cutting edge and unbeatable price for the power.

or a US vendor:

They are heavy, but nowhere else can you find the features. Mine has a Intel PentIV 3.2 CPU, built-in subwoofer and four speakers, two hard drives, 17" screen, up to 2 gig of ram, 256 mb of memory on the video card (which has an ATI 9800 chip), can read/write any DVD/CD media, has every I/O port you could possibly want in a modern machine, and a built-in video camera.

I love it.

Oh, and I also love it whenever I come across a Mac user with a Powerbook (since Mac is still in the "Superdrive" mentality) they invariably get so upset when they find out that they spent an average of $1300 more for their machine, but the Sager laptop can still eat theirs for breakfast in every app we have sparred within.

Mac "supercomputer" fixation is annoying. Wink

Sager machines are well worth looking into.

Oh, did I mention the full-size keyboard with full-size number pad AND that the I/R port can control my TV?

Pure love.
Yeah alienware is one of the best for games but other brands such as Dell, Compaq(HP) are also not bad. I have a compaq desktop myself and I find it good.
the best pc's out thier are probly custom built computers cause thier is no limits of what u can have or do only thing limiting you is your motherboards max standards if you want the best build a computer you can get great and cheap parts from built my whole computer from the parts i got from thier Smile
My Specs:
Intel P4 2.8 Ghz w/ HT Tech Overclocked to 3.06
2 x 80 GB IDE HD
1.512 Gigs Of Ram
Nvidia 6800 gt
all on ECS 865PE-A Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard
alienware charges a 15% premium for the label AND NO LONGER USES PREMIUM COMPONENTS. But if you like throwing money around you can paypal me.

Learn about the components and build it yourself. NEVER overclock. NEVER intentionally buy AMD: it's only an intel emulator.
It`s depend how you gona use it.
THE11thROCK™ wrote:
Alienware is still the best. You can't find any better PC deal. Arrow

o.O Screw the nice flashy cases. I can probably find better prices around the web, but i'm a little lazy this morning. And building your own computer is much much cheaper than any dealer out there.
If you're going to get a computer then i would suggest a dell. I know people who have purchased compaqs and hps and have had a lot of problems. As for the best one, I would recommend looking at the dell XPS series.
It really depends on what you're going to use the computer for. Personally, I would get a Mac, or wait until the new Intel Macs comes out. Or, if you like to game on your computer, get... Urgh... A *indows computer Rolling Eyes . Or, wait until "Windows Vista" comes out and get one of it's seven versions...
Don't buy from dell. Like others have suggested, the only way your really going to get "the best" is to whip it up yourself...
NEVER intentionally buy AMD: it's only an intel emulator.

This had me laughing very hard. I guess firefox is just a "IE Emulator" fanboi ftl Laughing
ya alien ware is the best you can buy pre-built, but really for probably half the price you could build one yourself that I bet with careful buying could be as good or better than alien ware (except for their laptops of course :drools:)
What about the new Powermac Quad G5?
- two dual-core 2,5 Ghz G5 processors
- up to 16 GB of RAM
- you can put four videocards in this thing. FOUR! If you put 4 NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500's in it, you can use up to 4 30-inch displays, or up to 8 23-inch displays.

Is this thing even considered to be a pc? (It will cost you big though: the thing i mentioned costs around 18000 $ without displays)
what i think:

There's no such thing as a bad computer. Only bad users.
AleanWre is very bad price/performance.
I better like AX Power Tower
2 Tb HDD
2 x GeForce 7800GTX
and so so
Price 6000$
It is real hi-end Wink
well you cant really define 'best computer' on its own. More like how much you can afford.

You want the best computers EVER?
Check out this site >

Your gonna have to be rich if you want one from there though.
Check out some of the specs:

- 4.2GHz* Accelerated Hyper-Threading Intel®
Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPU w/ 2MB L3 Cache
- 512K L2 Cache
- 2MB L3 Cache
- 950MHz System Bus
- 667MHz DDR-II Dual-Channel RAM up to 4GB
- Up to 16GB Total RAM with optional RamDrives.
- Up to 4 Terabytes of Colossal Storage Capacity

I will assume that you're talking about "The best avaliable computer for home use."

I think, assuming the above, the specs should boil down to something like this:

CPU: AMD ATHLON(tm) 64 FX-57 Processor San Diego Core*
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB Version SLI 2x*
Motherboard: nForce 4 Chipset based, SLI.
Memory: 2 GB DDR400, CL 2-2-2-5*
Hard Drive: 300 GB Hard Drives with 16MB Cache.
Sound Card: Highest end Creative Audigy series
Mouse: Hard to say here, preferabble 1600 DPI mouse w/ USB interface.
Keyboard: Whatever works. USB interface required.
Extras: Should include a TV Tuner, Webcam, etc.

*The FX-57 is faster than Intel processors. Check out Tom's Hardware Guide.
*The 24 pipes 7800 GTX 512MB version on SLI will grant 1 GB video memory, virtually impossible to use up.
*Memory timings are important. Though only DDR400, CL 2-2-2-5 is extremly fast and makes up for the losses over DDR2.
gonzo wrote:
alienware charges a 15% premium for the label AND NO LONGER USES PREMIUM COMPONENTS. But if you like throwing money around you can paypal me.

Learn about the components and build it yourself. NEVER overclock. NEVER intentionally buy AMD: it's only an intel emulator.

i always find that AMD are better performace for your money..

if i had the money id be running a nice overclocked AMD with a watercooling system...

SLI is definately the way to go if you want gaming performance.

Scan 3XS AMD Chameleon is a nice bit of kit.. but its like £5000 (about what $8,500) with no monitor or anything.

Slammer: you do realise that that Go-L site is a scam*, from what ive read in other places they rebrand their laptops at about a $1000 mark up... like its the same spec with a different body paint / logo .. also in a lot of cases there is come serious discussion about some of the technology they mention basicly not being real

Also the "multiscreen" monitors on that site are fake.

*not nessesarily a "you will get nothing" scam, but i think if you bought something from them then looked very carefully at what you actually got in terms of hardware there might be some issues. Ie it not being what they claim.
gonzo wrote:

Learn about the components and build it yourself. NEVER overclock. NEVER intentionally buy AMD: it's only an intel emulator.

Overclocking is OK as long as you accept that you have to pay for whatever you break.

AMD was an Intel emulator ... more than 10 years ago... they came out with 64bit x86 processors FIRST, and by and large are ahead of intel (right now, intel was ahead when P4 Northwoods were out) except in the laptap arena.
Technically most of the 'PCs' out there are actually computers and not personal computers as windows has changed into a more multi-users OS therefore it's not a 'PC' but a computer,

Although alienware are good, if you want a high spec computer to your design I suggest building one or paying someone to build one for you,
Alienware are not the best computers out there. They are pretty expensive for their specs, The best computer is a home built computer and it's always cheaper, way cheaper.
There is no "best" PC out there.
I personally don't trust PC makers like Dell and Hewlett-Packard. As you can see by my name, I build PC's

It all depends on the hardware.

I just finished building a decent PC:

AMD 64 3500+
DFI nForce 4 SLI Mobo
eVGA 7800GTX
2x 200gig SATAII Raid 0
Swiftech WaterCooling
2Gig Dual Channel DDR400 Corsair XMS
Hiper Type-R 580W Modular Power
Custom Clear Acrylic Case
There is a best PC out there, its just that its replaced every 32 seconds.
lol, true, true

The best for VALUE on thats oyut now is this one:

ocalhoun wrote:
There is a best PC out there, its just that its replaced every 32 seconds.
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