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Teaching English Abroad

Hi there, I was trying to find a forum about this subject, but was unable. I figured there's gotta be at least one other frihostee aboard who has taught English to speakers of other languages or who is intersted in pursuing this. I recently returned to the U.S. after a stint in Costa Rica earning my TESOL certification and gaining experience teaching authentic students of English. I am now passing my days researching for a position in Japan. Do any of you have advice in this arena, or better yet connections? Or just info. about Japan itself?? I think this would be a cool sub forum if enough people are interested. Guess we'll see!

There are many sites to get this information. Google 'ESL Jobs'. You will find many of these sites providing free services. You can post your resumes with them and start receiving job offers within a day or two. Pls. remember - all genuine recruitment services for ESL jobs are free. They charge from the employers. Dont waste your money on paid services.
I lived and taught in Japan for about two years. One of the best things I've done. I enjoyed it enough that I came back to Australia and got my high school and ESL certification. Europe is next. Take a look at for jobs in Japan. Some employers will help with visas and accomodation but once you're over there finding work is a breeze.
I was looking into this. I'm an American, but my wife is from Poland. She has a masters degree in finance, but basically has to start over in the US due to the different tax system. I went to Poland last year and really liked it. We were talking about living there for a while/long term because she could find a good job alot easier than in the States. Plus I am always up for trying something different, experiencing new cultures, countries. So this led me to look at some options for myself. After some research I am under the impression that you have a good chance of finding a teaching job in a non-english speaking country if English is your native language. In Poland (which I mostly researched) it even pays really well, in relation to the cost of living in Poland and value of the dollar there. From my wife's experience (spending the first 27 years of her life in Poland), I think that being an American actually gives you a considerable advantage for a job like this (at least in Poland).

Reading this topic has got me thinking about this again, thanks.
While I was one of the countries we went to was China. China has a HUGE market for ESL teachers. When I hit the bars I would often find atleast one european/north american person in the bar. I would usually walk over and ask if they spoke english and if I could join them. About 75% of the people I talked with were there teaching english. Out of all of them there was only one United States Citizen. The rest were from Canada, the UK and australia. The U.S. guy told me that he had a hell of a time getting the job because he was from the U.S. They told him that the U.S. has too many accents and they will only hire teacher from one country. So school x only hires canadians, school y from the UK, and school z from Australia. That way their students wouldn't get confused from learning. He said he eventually convinced someone that he did not have one of the very americanized accents and that it would be hard to tell him appart from a canadian.

I do know that Japan is WAY easier to get into because of U.S. Relations with them. I have 2 friends in Tokyo right now that are essentially ESL teachers. They are mainly there as missionaries but they get paid to just go talk with groups of people. There is some kind of an "english bar" where japanese people can go talk in english to other people. *shrug*

P.S. from what I heard from most of the people in china they all taught at colleges. And they didn't really teach like we think of it here but they did like a conversational english class. So most of the students knew basic english to begin with anyhow and the native english speaker would just work on correcting verbal grammar and pronunciation.

Good luck!
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hi, all

Actually I am a Chinese student in the far east:) and I want to give you a concrete and clear discription of the English teaching market in CHINA.

First of all, the teaching skills will be very different from what you use in other countries, because Chinese are not so open as westerners, they are litter shy to speak english and perform themselves in many people, so i think the first step you need to take is teach one on one or in small scale.

The second part is encourage and patient, you should better encourage with your students and be patient, the Chinese thinking way is quite different with westerners, so you should not make your conclusions very quickly, and try to understand the Chinese thinking way, you need to be patient because usually your work may not effect very quickly on your students' studies, it is very common, and you just need to be more patient.

Third, do not mention your accents. maybe some of the foreign english teaching schools want their teachers came from one same contry, but I dont think this is a big problem, you do not only teach english skills, and more you teach the western thinking way, which is the most important thing during your teaching process, the thinking way will greatly help you and your student to understant whatever you both thinking and want to communicate, no matter your accents.

So, I hope this will help you to be a very good english teacher in China, and I want to say "warmly welcome to CHINA" to all of you, and I believe you will have a great time in CHINA, if you want to ask more concrete question about teaching and living in CHINA, you can send me emal at, you could also visit my web at
Here in Japan, if you have at least a bachelor's degree (it can be in anything, not just English), English is your first language, you have a working-visa, and you do not have some social-disorder (ha!) finding a job for teaching English would be quite easy.

There are large chain-businesses that hire teachers to travel around within the specific region of Japan you live in, have "virtual" classrooms, teach in regular classrooms, or one-on-one language exchanges (look at Nova, ECC, Kumon...).

There are also many private english schools, some small some large, that hire English teachers. You can also work for a program like JET, which will probably have you teaching at some public elementary or middle schools in a region. Or you can go free-lance, for a lack of a better term, and just put an ad in a newspaper and say you are open for one-on-one tutoring under your own name. That may be a bit risky since so many people do that part-time, and alot of people in Japan like some business name to go along with it so they know they are getting a good deal.

One thing you should know though, is that you cannot make a fortune teaching English here (no matter what anyone says or how popular you become!). Pay is probably just enough for cost-of-living, because rent's a bitch in Japan.
There are many sites to get this information. Google 'ESL Jobs'.
ESL .. I want to do this when I get older, but it seems like so many people are going into this business Sad
This can be lucrative when planned to the utmost detail; many schools are fraudulent and do not pay their teachers or make false promises to rope em in. Research the school CAREFULLY prior to making ANY committments! Also...the UPSIDE is teaching on the side...there are numerous opportunities to teach English in homes, to business people and do voice-overs, etc.

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