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Apple + Microsoft

Did you all hear about the news? The new Apple Notebook Pro may be having a new feature: letting you choose between two operating system(i think is Mac OS tiger and windows XP) to boot from when you start up your notebook. This is awesome. Shocked

why are they all retarded?

why do they assume people want to pay 4x the price for hardware so it can run the same thing a just-as-good cheaper computer can?

wouldn't it make a LOT more sense to get stinkin windows able to switch over to mac? grrr.

and don't tell me macs work better than intel computers. i've used both extensively, G5's in design labs, and my windows computer at home for the same purposes (all but final cut pro, of course). Let's try to guess which computer cost 5x more, at least. Confused
Mumpay wrote:
and don't tell me macs work better than intel computers. i've used both extensively, G5's in design labs, and my windows computer at home for the same purposes (all but final cut pro, of course). Let's try to guess which computer cost 5x more, at least. Confused

You can't compare the G5s to the Intel Macs. The Intel Macs are much, much more powerful then their predecessors. Plus, the Macbook pro also happens to be the fastest Windows laptop in existence. Cool

And for another thing, Macs don't cost 5x as much. Wink To get a Windows laptop that gets close to the Macbook Pro in performance, you're not talking that much difference, around $350 at the most.

So I went to and spec'd out their 15" Core Duo laptop to be equal to the higher-end Macbook Pro in specs only, and here's the costs.

Dell Inspiron 1505 - $2,327
Unique - Has shared RAM, not as good as dedicated RAM. Does not come with much in the way of software.

Apple Macbook Pro - ~$2,670
Unique - Non-shared RAM, better graphics card, runs OSX, Windows, and Linux native, and comes with a bunch of really useful software.

With all that, even if I weren't a Mac enthusiast, I can recognize a great deal when I see one. The Mac. End of story.
{name here}
Try the Lenovo ThinkPad. I don't want to bother calcuating the price right now versus the mac, all I know is its much more customizeable on purchase and services for a much wider audience than a Mac. Mac laptops are decently priced, I'd agree, but their computers are still underpowered(thanks to AMD, though I still am not going to get an AMD computer for a while) and overpriced. I can get a Dell PC for $299 and have more power than the $499 - $799 Mac Mini, with just as much customization - none!
I own several Macs and have been an avid Mac supported since the begining. I think this move will benifit Apple a lot. For us Mac OS users that would like to play a game or two now and then will be able to play every game avaliable to the Windoze world. For work, Windoze only apps can now be run on our favorite machines. I believe this will definently sell more Macs, if users know they can still run all their old software until they get Mac native ones. Good move to something inevitable. Hopefully we can get it inside the Mac OS, that would be great. But for now, dual boot will do. Just my thoughts.
i like MAC's skins but PC's are really usefull and devolops easily...So if it will relase i would get it but i'm not sure...
this can be good for mac. If macs can run windows xp. and macs look better then dells gay silver and black cases. Then this may attract people to buy macintoshes. In return lowering the price on mac hardware.

A 300 dollar dell is a celeron stupid and has no power compared to a 800 dollar mac mini dumb nut.

not only is it the apple notebooks it is all apple systems running on Mac OS X 10.4.6
They are just insane!

Why the heck did they even think about that?

The whole point of Apple's mac was(yes, was) that their computers were like 'console', but not for games.
Why do they have to ruin the tradition?
Even worse, why do they allow such crappy OS like windows to be installed on the Mac?!
MAC OS X is 10x better than windows. I say that because I tried, tested and compared between the two.
I have to say that it's even faster than some Linux distros I used.

This is such a stupid idea!
Plus, the price is just ridiculous!
You can buy a new PC with 2 times better hardware for less money.
With some effort, you can even install MAC OS X on it(don't do that '
cause it's illegal, but possible[i've tried and it works]).

Very, very bad idea.
Apple's heads should drink a cup of coffee, relax and think about this.
Helios They still have to have Mac OS 10.4.6 to make it work.

It isn't as easy as install the software and never worry about mac again.

To use windows on mac hardware you must first.
Get the least version of mac. (10.4.6)

Install bootcamp and windows.

Boot up your mac. But don't forget to hold down alt to boot into windows or you will boot into mac.
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