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Eye opening reading

Just putting this out there in case anyone is interested. My background is US military and served in combat during the first gulf war. I'm a patriot and believe in our freedoms. I was concerned about our countries security, especially with the state of the world right now. I recently heard an author on the radio by the name of Peter Lance, who is an investigative reporter. It was interesting because he was talking about the FBI near misses and mistakes in the 12 years leading up to 9/11. SO I went and got his book. I must say, it was a very eye-opening look into our security services. I highly recommend getting it. I won't post a link to it here or the title, I don't want to be accused of advertising. But if anyone is interested, PM me and I'll get the info to you so you can get the book, or info. The related website has alot of the info and timelines.
I'm not saying the book isn't true or right but you should remmember that all the times FBI/CIA/NSA were succesful in their missions, it wasn't published. You know only about the flopps and not about the succesful times
I know they stop more trouble than they miss, but what a comedy of errors with all the times they were so close to the links that would've tied it all together. The worst part is that most of the problem stems from the lack of information sharing between agencies, and having political types in charge of units at street level.
I was in the bookstore a few months ago and looking around I spotted a book under new releases and after reading the back cover, I found out it was about the FBI/CIA/etc. etc. and events leading up to 9/11 and whatnot, the book not only talked about the failures, but it held logs of meetings, phone conversations, letters, etc.

All names and places were blacked out, for confidentiality.

Sounded pretty interesting, I forgot the title of it T_T
The problem with the Americans, they have all the latest toys to play with, but they dont have the brains to use them.And I would tend to think they have many more misses than hits. There is a Big I in Inteligence. After all Bush was re-elected ?????? Erm!
intel said there were no weapons... bush said i don't care, i want to bomb them because of the oil... the country was bombed.. oh look.. no weapons.. guess we were wrong! no, bush, you were wrong.. you knew better and you still did it...
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