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What (musical) instrument do you play?

I play the viola,
And the harmonica
And the fiddle
Very Happy
bass clarinet
acoustic guitar
Bass Guitar
Lead Guitar
I'm in the concert band here, and I play the trumpet. It's really fun, even though I'm not that great at it. Razz I'm mostly just in band to be with friends, though I do actually care about playing (unlike some of my friends). Smile
Thundr n Lightning
Violin. I can get around the viola enough to try out friend's instruments, and I can get around the cello enough to doodle during breaks at orchestra.
Mr Smith
Erm... I have been musically talented most of my life... If banging pots and pans when I was five counts... :/

I can play:

  • Recorder - When I was 8, played this for four years
  • Flute - Started at 9, played for three years
  • Electric Guitar - Failed
  • Drums - Brought a seven piece kit, learnt well. Have been playing for five years and counting (Still playing).
  • A. Guitar - Just got it, slowly learning with a steel string.

I dont play at all.
But my girl plays with piano.
Piano for me Wink
Guitar Acoustic/Electric
I play a little of piano (took it as a child), and now I play flute. I tried to learn the piccolo but my air support is rather capricious. @_@
i play cello (7 yrs) and recorder.
i'm in to it now
i have my basic lessons at primary 2-6
and i picked up it again now and joined the school recorder band
I play guitar electric or acoustic
i can't play anyone but i want to learn...i hope so i will get my guitar...
Guitars- both electric and acoustic

Bass- electric

Drums-all sort of percussion

Keys-limited but still can do it.

Vocals-I sing with a horrible noise.

Kazzoo-yeah baby.

I tried the Friench Horn and Violin but moved on to flashier things.

ooo and recorder which i learnt in school lol
Interesting benji, me too.

Started getting into keyboard but haven't played for quite a while now.

And oh yes, the old school recorder, even played at a school music recital once. Laughing Laughing Laughing
i used to play the flute, but i quit when my band director became to much of a jerk. i enjoyed it, but it's been so many years that i would be utterly lost if i tried to pick it up again. it was fun tho!

my current instrument: the radio. lol
i play classical guitar and flute...
I have played the trumpet for almost 11 years now...
I have a piano in the living room so I can create some hearable music on it.... mostly FF music.....
I also have a mini guitar and I can play the drums aswell
I should have added this at the top--

How did you start??
--School Smile
I played violin for 7 years. classical guitar for 4-5 years. and a little bass here and there.
I play the flute, but I'm really anxious to get a job so I can afford to buy myself a violin. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember, and I only picked a flute because my elementary school's band didn't have strings. =\ I was very sad that day.
I play guitar & bass ( both badly ) , only for my own amusement and pleasure really.
Violin, viola, a little (very little) bit of cello, and piano. I can sing as long as it's in the shower or in my car.

Which reminds me of a joke....

How do you get a musician off your front porch?

Pay for the pizza.
My brother plays just about every instrument there is Shocked . I'm not as musically talented, but still play the violin (5 years) and flute (since 5th grade, on and off). I play in the university orchestra. It's loads of fun Wink .
Guitar and drum
I did percussion for years often doing mallets. However, after seven years of singing and playing drums, I just stopped when I got into college. Sort of weird but there isn't much opportunity unless you are in a band or whatnot.
I'm learning to play electric guitar and my friend is learning to play drums.

We started just basically listening to all this cool music and we decided to buy instruments and learn them then maybe one day start a band.

We can also play a bit of piano/keyboard between us.
Keyboard and Piano

Editing audio with music studio's and recording is really like a musical instrument. If you understand MIDI you can play anything.
Thundr n Lightning
jabapyth wrote:
I should have added this at the top--

How did you start??
--School Smile

I started through the school in 4th grade and didn't get a private teacher until 7th grade
Electric guitar / bass players, please visit "The Guitar/Bass Topic" at the music forum... Let's talk about our hobbie!
Not now, but for years played chello and piano. Short term bass guitar Laughing
I have started a month ago to play the acoustic guitar and I am going on an intensive course Wink Its so much fun to kbnow to play the guitar...
I play the trumpet in my school's band.
Right now I only play the piano but I have been trying to gets ome free time to learn the guitar, i love stringed instruments a lil more than keys.
I used to play the piano quite a long time ago. For now I just love listening to all kinds of music.
French Horn
Piano (a little)
I play the piano, as well as a little guitar.

I really wish that I hadn't have quit the piano in 5th grade. I have a few classmates who are absolutely incredible at music theory, that is, sight-reading and the ability to play whatever song they want from improvising and their knowledge of the chords and progressions. I can barely read a song anymore Crying or Very sad

The piano is a great way to relieve the stress of a hard day at school too, as you can really let your emotion flow in time with the rhythm.

If anyone who reads this is thinking about quitting, I suggest strongly against it. An instrument is an opportunity you may never have time to learn again

Not to mention that youtube makes it very easy to learn popular songs now a days. One can simply youtube search for tutorials
I used to play the drums in middle school..........
I have a Yamaha LL6 acoustic guitar
Elixor nanoweb strings
John Pearce ebony armrest
John Pearce brass bridge pins
NS Design double action capo
K&K Pure Western Mini pickup

and a Yamaha G171SF Classical nylon string guitar.
piano.. i've currently got a korg sp500. btw, just played my first wedding yesterday and it was a success.. btw, i played the wedding w/ no sheet music, i improved everything
I play the computer drumpad. Whoo. That took a lot of thinking to write.
I can only play the electric guitar. I have a B.C. Rich Warlock which looks pretty cool but the quality could be better. I taught myself how to play by using Guitar Pro.
Used to play the piano, then stopped towards the end of high school because of exams. Then it become one of those things that I haven't really picked up again, because I wasn't fantastically brilliant at it. Sight reading, I think, was the key falling down here. Without good sight reading, the time it takes to adequately learn a song such that you get the payoff becomes much greater, and so the reward is much less, the motivation less, and yeah, you get the picture.
I use guitar and drums rock on !
I played the trumpet for about five years. I stopped about seven years ago. I recently tried to play one, and though I remembered all the valve positions for the notes, I couldn't for the life of me get a proper sound out of the other end of the instrument. Must have taken a while for me to get it back when I began, too.

Anyway. I've been playing piano for about a decade now, and only took up tuition a couple of months ago.

I also play a tiny bit of guitar.
I play the guitar (mostly acoustic), which I've done for around 8 years. I've recieved no formal teaching, but well, I kinda feel the talent has been there nonetheless. Currently I use it mostly for procrastination and getting my stress-level a little down in relation to my college-studies.
I played the recorder for 2 years, clarinet for 1 and I have been playing the guitar for a few months. I'm not that good, but some day...

I also enjoy making music in FL Studio.
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