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Ferrari F1 problems

Is anyone following the problems Ferrari is having this year. I know the team says it is going to have major upgrades to both engine and aerodynamics, but will it help??? It seems the problem is the tires and their lack of early grip. Anyone out here in the know as to how Bridgestone can screw something like this up?
Apparently bridgestone have made large strides in testing in the last few weeks. They have discovered a much more grippy material to use on the tyres and hopefully ferrari will get access to the new tyres for imola. They will soon start making the tyres out of rubber instead as they have been doing since last season, out of wood.

Seriously though, last season too the difference was obviously the tyres. You only have to look at san marino last season where for the second half of the race Michael Schumacher was a full 2 seconds a lap faster than the rest of the field and he climbed all the way up to second behind Alonso but was unable to pass him for the win. The tyres just aren't consistantly good like the michelins, and i think that this stems from the fact that bridgestone only have 1 leading team to test their tyres compared with the several that michelin have.
I don't think i agrew that they have problems. They are not superior anymore, face it. Their problems in Melbourne was because they had bad tires in the first half of the race, and later none of them finished.
Personally I think it's good for the sort they are not winning all the time anymore, Schumacher is such a diva.
However, Bridgestone DO need to give them better tires for the next race.
The package is simple not good enough at the moment. But I believe they will get back after a few races to win some Grand prix . But I don't think they gonna any title . After the big years , Now the less big years.

jostor wrote:

Personally I think it's good for the sort they are not winning all the time anymore, Schumacher is such a diva.

Is then good that Renault wins everything at the moment??
it seems to be mostly about tyres this season. look at Jenson on sunday. Guy couldnt warm his Michelins and Alonso (also on Michelins) was able to pass after the first SC. Then he was passed again, and again. but I think at this stage that's Ferrari's main problem. because After Shumi's tyres kicked in before his second pit-stop his pace increased. It continued to increase after the stop with fuel on-board. He had the third fastest lap when he kissed the wall. He was fastest in testing this week, so they seem to be making progress

So if they can sort out their tyres they should be competitive. Toyota also seemed to have problems with their tyres. Aparently after the Bahrain race their tyres where were clean and smooth with very little wear - indicating a serious lack of grip. They seem to have that under control. But with Gascoyne gone, I don't know how long that will last.

I want Kimi to pick up where he left off on the last lap in Oz. I need to see my guy kick some *ss - show Nando why he was voted driver of the year last year.

Hating aside, Renault is the form package. What I don't understand is what the hell is wrong with Fisi? "Bad luck this, bad luck that!" I am sorry. That is some serious bull-hockey. They unluckiest guy on the grid is Kimi and we all know it!! I think Fisi is simply inconsistent - like Montoya (although Montoya is also certifiably insane) If Fisi was on form teams would really have something to worry about. Renault's main competition is Mclaren and Ferrari. Let's not forget Williams if that Cosworth can hold up two races. Honda... I think it has qualifying pace, but not race pace where it counts. And what's up with Rubens. i am actually part of a very minute minority that subscribes to the very unpopular school of thought that Sato should be brought back! Yeah that's Right!!! We want Sato back with Honda - just piss everyone off!! especially Rubens and Schumi Razz

Obviously I am being very serious Wink
Michael Wilson
2 wins from the last 14 races. Now they know what it feels like to be a Greenbay Packers Fan.
If I was Ferrari fan I would be cautiously happy right now. Yes Schumi won Imola BUT
1) Ferrari always does well there so it was pretty much expected.
2) Alonso was outpacing him.

So I wold be cautiously happy because I don't think this is the Ferrari resurrection they have been waiting. Not by a long shot. Look at last year, Imola was the only race where they were truly competitive. And then it was back downhill from there. It probably won't be downhill this time around, but it's not the resurrection either. I think we will really see where they stand at Nurgburgring, where one can actually overtake if they have the pace.

but good Schumi on getting the record pole and his career billionth win!!!
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