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Ice Age

that so seems to them this movie, very good to my criterion to Guatemala finishes coming
Well, I loved this flick, very sassy and funny and cute.

Must say, if you liked this, you should watch the second,

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

It is in theaters...
then I am speaking of the second part, very good the 1 is good also but the two finish coming to my Guatemala country, and this good
I found that Ice Age 2 was really slow and frankly, a little boring.
without a doubt in the world this is one of my most fav movie of all time, i love everything in that movie, the baby is so cute and the story line up and the animation part of it and moral part of it everything is perfect in it, i am dying to see the second part of the movie, i still havent got my hands on it though Sad
The first movie was great, I like everything and it made me cry when the baby was return to his parents, JAJAJAJA.
By the previews of the second one, I think is going to be good too. The animation for those movies are really good. I wish I could make characters like those.
Can't wait to see Ice Age 2, it's in theaters now Very Happy
Ice Age 1 was just so great. Best part was the extinction of the dodo's Very Happy
I'm also curious about the second one. Didn't notice the first one when it was in the cinema, but later on saw it on sale as a DVD and gave it a try and liked it. Ice Age 2 might change my common habbit if watching movies on my laptop for once and lure me to the cinema again for the real experience...
LOL! Yeah, the extinction of the dodo's was funny....the "Lord of the flames" part, too. Laughing

I really enjoyed the first Ice Age.... and I'm very much anxious to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. The trailer seems funny, but I dunno. Expect the unexpected. Wink
i got the second part of Ice Age, Meltdown, i will watch it right now and let you guys know about it....i am damn sure that it will be better than the first part, first part just rocked...
Do you have to see the first one to see the second?
I loved the 1st one. 2002 was a great yr for animated movies. I can not wait to see the 2nd one. The 1st one was so lighthearted, funny and fun all at the same time. The trailer for Meltdown looks just as good if not even better, so I can't wait to own it. Scrat is so cool that he should have his own flick where we see him do everyhting in order to keep his acorn! Smile
a nice movie , not good like the earlier version.
Ice age2 was a very nice and funny movie. I d' like it more than the earlier version (ice age 1)
Like Ice Age a lot - have not seen Meltdown yet but looking forward to it.
Ice age was suprisingly good, not on par with Monsters Inc which was released at the same time but good nontheless. Scrats Antics were probably the best thing about the film. I have yet to see the next installment but according to reviews it isn't as good as the first.
it's a funny movie. i like both of the movie
Ice is a wonderful movie. Sid is too cool to watch. I enjoyed the first one. Yet to watch the second one.
I must say that Ice Age is in a battle with Mulan for my favorite animated movie. I just think it is a cute movie. And for me certain parts are real tear jerkers. I will definetely see the second one when I have a chance.
Yeah It's rock Very Happy I love any kinds of movies like this.. Fresh and can kill my Stress Very Happy

Well.. About the Ice Age [the first] I lov it, it's have a touching drama and.. one precious story.. the end of Dodo's Bird Very Happy, I just know that they a;; die because of 3 Watermelons XD

The second one...
I like it Very Happy, The scene when The Super figuran (who always chasing for.. emmm... (what's that.. ) ) fight with a gruops of Piranha.. That's sure rock Very Happy and who will know that he will save the world Very Happy

I hope there will be the 3rd, maybe Ice Age 3 : Refrozen XD
this movie is so very funny especially that small weirdy animal
The humor gets me and I can't help myself laughing at 2 but I like part one best. Its funnier.

And Sid is just crazy. Remember that tribe thing. But I think the best feature is the squirrel. He doesnt have any relevance on the main character's story actually (but rather the main cause of the catastrophe. He should be killed.) LOL
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