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Video Game Collections

My collection

Yeah, I've got quite a collection. Smile As you can probably tell, I'm definitely a Nintendo fanatic. I've loved Nintendo ever since I've been 10 years old, and I'm still loyal to it. Nintendo just makes great games IMO. Also, note that I'm not against PS2 or XBox, and I'm not out to start a console war. The XBox and PS2 are great consoles with great games, it's just that Nintendo has the games that I'm looking for. Smile
Yes, I also have a large game collection, spanning about 20 consoles. I love Nintendo because they have been the mostinnovative of the four (nintendo, sony, microsoft, and sega).

My favourite part of my collection is that I own every Lord of the Rings Game ever created Very Happy I'm going to get Lord of the Rings Tactics when I get a PSP
and i'm also have a good collection but not as yours...i have typical(usual) games and i play games only which includes my interests...

It hasn't been updated in several months, but then again, I haven't bought any games in several months anyway.
I have a little collection to, mostly NES.
I haven´t got a list yet, but will probably make one when i got time.

I guess it´s about 30-40 NES, 3-5 GB and 3-5 PS2, But I will have to count them to be shure :p

I was a great Zelda fan before, but my lack of money made me stop collecting Sad
Wow, thats a huge collection. I have computer game collection with me and not video games Very Happy Very Happy
I'm a Sega guy. I have almost 100 Sega Master System games (8-bit), and over 40 Sega Genesis games. I used to have Sega CD and 32X and Game Gear as well, but I did not have the room to keep all that stuff. I also have a few PSone games, but when I buy games for collection, I focus on Sega stuff. I also have the ROMS for just about every video game that is pre PSone. And for legal purposes, I own the originals of all those games as well Very Happy
I'm fan of computer's games, my fav is CS (I have a lot of different versions), WoW, and rest of pc games Razz I very like playing and I have a lot of games for different situation (for example - I have FPPs when I'm a bit nervous, etc.)
I'm a great fan of Nintendo, I love especially Mario games, I also like alot The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon! I'm really waiting for The Legend Of Zelda The Twilight Princess! It will be a great hit I think! I'm also waiting for Revolution and the new Super Smash Bros game and Mario 128!

Laughing Very Happy

Nintendo is just so great, also I enjoy playing Tales of Symphonia, it a great game by Namco! Wink
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