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a strange story

i am talking with my uncle who lives in italy and he is telling me that the sun was shayning half hour before now and now there is a lot of rain..

his boy had played soccer before it was raining and he needed to ran home because was a strange rain....
Umm... that happens all the time here. Heck... I've had it pouring down rain while it was sunny. I've had it snowing and the sun still shines. However, that's just normal Kentucky weather. We can be 20 degrees and snowing on day, and 80 degrees and storming the next. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but Kentucky's weather is really strange like that. Razz

I just don't see why your uncle is making a big deal about it. Very Happy
Hum... I have to say that I don't know exactly what is so strange about this story....

In a tropical climate like in Hong Kong, it happens all the time. Maybe it is weird for Italy though.
Well, I also live in Italy but I see such sudden wheater changes very rarely.

When it rains, it always was cloudy before. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that sudden changes are weird or something.

By the way, we wouldn't have many turists if our wheater was crazy!
thats not that strange... its happened before
That always happens in Florida, all of the time it will be sunny like 2 minutes ago and then start to pour down rain. Sometimes it rains on one half of the street and when you cross the street it dry and not a drop of rain is there. Its normal in Florida.
[FuN]goku wrote:
thats not that strange... its happened before

Yea what he said. *The State of Rhode Island* gets stuff like that. Im serious the other day it was 72 degrees then the next day it was flurrying. Everyone in school was like what the... lol
actually its quite common......same happens with snow and other crap..
Yea move to PA. It can rain snow be 40 degrees in the morning and be 60 in the after noon. Sun showers are common here in PA.
Same in Mass.
We had a day where in the moring it was 60 and raining,
and then the evening was 30, Sunny, and snowing. Very Happy
yes, i agree, it seems very strange, but you know, every thing is possible, this may be happy in our real world, so i dont feel it is strange
That is not particularly unusual in Australia, although we have not had enough rain lately. Much of the country is drought stricken. The dams which supply Brisbane are down to about 30% of capacity.
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